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Old 2012-03-12, 15:10   Link #41
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Originally Posted by Freeter View Post
You sure you're not just biased? You're quick to rip on Guilty Crown yet you pardon AIC for butchering SnO's source material as they please.

They could make Astrea a rocket scientist at this point and you'd still find a way to accept it
Well, since I don't think there is a person without bias, I can't say I am not biased.
But biased of what? AIC?
Fortunately or unfortunately, I don't have that much affection for any one anime company. To be honest, until I read your post, I couldn't even tell myself which company was doing this anime. Therefore, I can say that I am not biased (in a positive way) towards AIC.
Of course, loving the original source doesn't mean I will pardon anything, so mark that off too.

So I can't really say bias answers the question(?) here.
I think the biggest factor is that the rest was good. If two anime made the same mistake (not like in your comparison though), I am bound to be more lenient towards the anime that was usually good up to this point than the one that sucked from beginning to end.

And I would not accept Astrea turning into a whole new character so randomly like that. It would be as bad as when a certain anime's (mentioned in your post...) certain character suddenly turned into... *snort* ep18 Zeta bad.
Then again, that anime's problem is far and beyond just changing (or rather, in SnO's case, switching) the story development.

Originally Posted by kenjiharima View Post
Excellent news! Man I knew it all along.
3rd season thread here:

-Blog --> (Mainly about video games)
-R.I.P. Hiroshi Yamauchi, Gaming wouldn't have been the same without you (9/19/13)

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Well one major thing I didn't like was how it seemed to spend 30-40 minutes on recap. Sure they inserted Hiyori in there, but it was still recap from the first two seasons. My memory isn't that bad that they need to spend that much of the movie just telling us what happened already.

Overall it didn't seem to be that bad (well that was until I read here about the Nymph stuff left out). That alone pretty much will force me to read through the whole manga. Terribly biased though of me to say the best part of the movie was Nymph popping up in Tomoki's bed. Had some really nice moments, before Tomoki's brain started to fry .

Did a good job making you care about a character who had only been seen a couple times before the movie. What that girl was willing to do in order to be in the club was pretty damn amazing .

Didn't think it was too bad, but only knowing the anime probably helps with that.
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Old 2012-06-07, 10:37   Link #43
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So I just marathoned the Sora series+movie in the last few days. Really fun series.

This movie did a great job of establishing Hiyori as the best girl of them all. Seriously. I was looking forward to her addition to the line up in the next season.

Then they kill her off? Then end it? Excuse me?

Fine, maybe it's supposed to be a "dark" ending.

Then I find out she was supposed to live, and of all the other changes made for the arc.

Which pretty much leaves me with a gigantic WHAT THE HELL!? at the end of it all.

I went to the manga to read the scene that occurs after the battle. Seriously, what's so hard about doing it like that? It would've fit MUCH better in the feel of the series than what the movie "accomplished". Now they'll have to pull some dumb retcon/Dues Ex to bring her back (if at all).
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Old 2014-01-30, 22:04   Link #44
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I freaking love Hiyori!
She is so sweet, awesome, very kind to Tomoki and hilarious when she do some test with Tomoki, that was the best moment so far.
The way she say she likes Tomoki, the freeze pose look for him, Sohara, Ikarus, Nymph and astraea were neat.

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