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Old 2012-03-31, 21:24   Link #1481
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Originally Posted by Excorsism View Post
I can't think of any other anime where the male lead was developed so much. Assuming the world isn't going to end, bring on the second season!
I think the world should end if there isn't a 2nd season of Chihayafuru. I mean what type of world would that be?
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Old 2012-04-02, 09:41   Link #1482
Kaioshin Sama
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Just catching up on the last 5 episodes now to finish this up. Really loved the idea behind the 20th episode that the doctor proposed and that we kind of saw play out for Taichi and Chihaya that frustration can't last forever and nobody should go too long in pushing themselves without some measure of reward. For Taichi it was the chance to get promoted to class A and for Chihaya it was finally closing in on the chance to play with Arata after all this time which is basically one of her two big dreams along with getting to be Queen. Also liked the sometimes visual metaphor of drinking nice soft cold water as well to express the idea of at long last reaching that sought after prize.

A shame that something where I can easily see the writing, dialogue and narration is carefully considered is so under-appreciated in it's own home country. Sure hope that news of a second season is true though. Maybe it has some sort of secret following over there that can't be noticed just by looking at DVD sales and how much it gets talked about on 2ch.

Episode 21:

One thing I've really come to appreciate about this show is that some character goes through some form of growth either on a personal level or in their Karuta game every single episode and even the one off opponents always seem to have an interesting story going for them. Here it's that Ririka is trying to find a place where her enormous ears can be a strength rather than something that gets her bullied. I just love that this show never wastes any time.

Also since Chihaya has now faced an opponent played by Mika Kanai (Jigglypuff) and now Ikue Oohtani (Pikachu) does that mean her next opponent will be Satomi Koorogi

edit: Just finished last night and it's a shame that for all the growth this cast has exhibited and should be allowed to continue to exhibit that they'll be stopped cold not by a lack of passion in their characters, not because they feel they've hit their limits, but because nobody in Japan really saw that passion and took to it enough for us to be able to see what happens next. Again I know I'm on this tack a lot lately but it's hard not to feel bitter that some shows can succeed and get season after season despite having no real soul or effort poured into them and characters that never truly grow just because they pander to the right crowds interest of the year, while Chihayafuru can be so forever endearing and earnest in it's execution yet go largely ignored because the current mainstream crowd isn't interested in anime with female leads like Chihaya who won't even go to the beach.

It's hard not to feel bitter, but I've long since accepted that this is the current reality of the anime market and that shows like Chihayafuru will continue to exist on occasion in some form, but they'll almost certainly fail to realize their full potential due to a general lack of interest from the public. Also there'll always be the manga.

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Old 2012-04-04, 20:52   Link #1483
Lost at Sea
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The title comes from the 79th waka. Here is the U.Virginia translation:

See how clear and bright
Is the moonlight finding ways
Through the riven clouds
That, with drifting autumn wind,
Gracefully float in the sky.

The poem speaks to the new clarity the characters are finding, both in their ability to play karuta, and in their relationships with each other. The clouds are the obstacles opening up, and the moonlight is the new insight and perception all have gained in the course of their journey together.

And so, also for us, the moonlight shines brightly over our encounter with this marvelous series and the great work of Japanese literature that underlies its every scene. The anime is extraordinary in its interplay between the traditional poetry and the show's narrative. Just as the great artists of the Japanese traditioin chose to illustrate the Hyakunin Isshu with a sequence of illustrations, which at once interpreted and expressed the poetry, so too have the animators of Chihayafuru.

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this literary discussion of the anime. I don't think I have ever enjoyed an online conversation as I have in this instance with you.

Here's hoping we will be resuming this conversation in the near future!

I'll close with a poem, of course, the 58th:

As Mount Arima
Sends its rustling winds across
Ina's bamboo plains,
I will be just as steadfast
And never will forget you.

A Blossoming Flower in the Snowy Winter
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Old 2012-04-04, 23:50   Link #1484
Guardian Enzo
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I, for one, starting my re-watch of the series - yesterday, naturally, it being Taichi Tuesday,
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Old 2012-04-10, 00:59   Link #1485
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I'm surprised how much i liked this show. I saw it on animefreaktv and just clicked on it a couple months ago, and somehow it drew me in. I think it was Chihaya and Taichi's chemistry. I still haven't seen the first 3 episodes though.

But apparently the DVD didn't sell that well. people in japan thought it would tho.
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Old 2012-04-18, 22:49   Link #1486
Guardian Enzo
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Heh, couldn't get through ep 3 again without tearing up...
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Old 2012-05-27, 01:53   Link #1487
Utsuro no Hako
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I don't understand half of it, but this is an awesome video.

If you jump to18:20, there's a live performance of Soshite Ima.
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Old 2012-06-08, 04:37   Link #1488
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Madhouse confirmed for best studio.
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Old 2012-06-08, 04:53   Link #1489
Me at work
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My day has just been made!!!

Thank you NTV!!!

I havn't been this happy about a 2nd season being announced in ages!!
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Old 2012-06-08, 05:02   Link #1490
Sol Falling
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I knew there wasn't anything to worry about. Great news.
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Old 2012-06-08, 05:23   Link #1491
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That is awesome news. Hopefully, Arata will get more screen time this season. He had so much of a presence everytime he was onscreen.
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Old 2012-06-08, 06:14   Link #1492
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I woke up to news about this on Twitter. Talk about a fantastic way to start the day!

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Old 2012-06-08, 06:36   Link #1493
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Calloo! Callay! Oh frabjous day!!!

That's absolutely fantastic news, I am SO happy right now!!!
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Old 2012-06-08, 06:37   Link #1494
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Oh man, oh man... It looks like we'll still be getting our Chihaya x Taichi ending.

*is hopeful*
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Old 2012-06-08, 06:39   Link #1495
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Hell yes! Awesome news.
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Old 2012-06-09, 11:48   Link #1496
Last Sinner
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Nice to know that huge boost in manga sales got this the green light for more. It deserves it.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” - Aristotle
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Old 2012-06-09, 19:30   Link #1497
pagan poor
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Sweet. Love this show.
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Old 2012-06-11, 18:23   Link #1498
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Chihayafuru and Tamayura both getting is good

I hope they actually keep the original OP. That one always gets me psyched before watching.
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Old 2012-06-24, 21:22   Link #1499
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Next season, there's a new anime about Karuta. It's as Chihayafuru started a new genre. ^_^

Spoiler for new karuta anime:
流麗のヒステリア Hysteria of flowing beautifully
三つ腕のリヒティ Lichty of three arms
重剣のクロエ Chloe of giant sword
天啓のシスティーナ Sistina of Apocalypse
愛憎のロクサーヌ Roxanne of distinguished love and hate
万有のルテーシア Lutécia of everything
塵喰いのカサンドラ Cassandra of eating dust
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Old 2012-06-25, 10:42   Link #1500
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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The one about the poems? It should be a must watch for some of the posters in this thread.
Rize and Kaneki
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josei, karuta, madhouse

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