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Old 2011-03-19, 16:17   Link #21
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I listened to Fairy Tail OSTs and they are good. Vol.1 is even very good, vol.2 seems less fresh and redundant in some parts though. In both vols many slower tracks could be removed w/o any greater loss IMO. Overall feeling is that Yasuharu Takanashi did a great job. Celtic (and even a bit Irish) touch combined with rock fits Fairy Tail well. If you haven't tried these energetic tunes yet, then you should. It maybe won't hit everybody, but this stuff is highly likeable, I tell you.

It's not only my opinion. You can read Burning Lizard's nice review of first OST - I'm mostly agreeing with it.

Here is my TOP15 in track order (~30 mins in total).


01 FAIRY TAIL Main theme
02 Erza no theme | Erza's Theme
03 Mahou Hatsudou | Magic Invocation
04 Dragon Slayer
13 Natsu no theme | Natsu's Theme
26 Salamander
28 Mahou Taisen | Magic Duel
30 Akuma Deliora | Deliora the Demon
31 Titania no Yoroi | Titania's Armor
36 FAIRY TAIL Main theme -Slow ver.-


01 Tetsuryuu -Kurogane- | Iron Dragon
02 Shishi no Seirei | Leo
17 Natsu no Mahou 2 ~Karyuu no Kenkaku~ | Natsu's Magic 2 ~Fire Dragon's Piercing~
23 Erza no Mahou 2 ~Tenrin no Yoroi~ | Erza's Magic 2 ~Heavenly Wheel's Armor~
28 Tokihanatareshi Chikara | Released Power

OPs and EDs are much less interesting, at least ones I heard. Why? Because they lack FT spirit built by BGM, i.e. you can use them in a lot of other animes - they're just typical OPs and EDs. It's double-edged sword, because apparently majority like that kind of music. I not severly dislike it, but I prefer if something is highlighting the show. They are not, IMO.

I have not heard Character Song Collection Vol.1 yet, but Vol.2 is not for me - too sweet (especially Happy part. just like Lucy no theme from OST Vol. 1).
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Old 2011-04-25, 11:41   Link #22
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Just listened to FAIRY TAIL Character Song Album Eternal Fellow. Looking forward to see the lyrics.

I feel that the VA had done a great job in singing their respective character songs being in character as such.

Gajeel as expected had the "can't sing" ability. Wendy need some confidence. Happy and Charles have a really cute song (Male-cat and Aye!). Erza gave me a feeling that she is training up her voice for the play again.

Natsu, Gray and Lucy are performing their usual singing capability. I feel Gray's other character song "Frozen Soul" sounds better. I could appreciate Natsu's and Lucy's songs as it is the OP and ED of the OAD and the songs are catchy.

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Old 2011-06-26, 08:56   Link #23
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just caught up to episode 84. Very very impressed with the BGM of the last few minutes when Charles and Happy were flying down to the capital. Waiting patiently for the 3rd soundtrack!

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Old 2011-07-06, 13:41   Link #24
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Listen to some track of OST 3: awesome.

Epic tracks: 1,3,4,5, 25, 28 (ERZA VS .... track!!!)
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Old 2011-07-09, 02:47   Link #25
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Yeah listening to it now, and thankfully the tracks i wanted seem to be on it. Especially those emotional pieces from the current arc.

Track translations for those that want them.

Mahoukyou no Tabibito 魔法境の旅人 (eng. Traveler of the Magic Borders)
Sannin no Dragon Slayer 人のドラゴンスレイヤー (eng. Three Dragon Slayer)
Shippuu Jinrai 疾風迅雷 (eng. Like a Whirlwind, Quick as Lightning)
Hagane no Hakunetsusen 鋼の白熱戦 (eng. Fierce Battle of Steel)
Rengougun Shuuketsu 連合軍、集結! (eng. Alliance Force, Assemble!)
Charles no Kokuhaku シャルルの告白 (eng. Charle's Confession)
Oracion Seis Arawaru! 六魔将軍現る! (eng. Oracion Seis Appears)
Gunyuu Aiutsu 群雄相打つ (eng. Warlord's Strike Phase)
Midnight Mezameru ミッドナイト目覚める (eng. Midnight Awakens)
Dokuryuu no Cobra 毒竜のコブラ (eng. Cobra the Poison Dragon)
Nirvana no Hikari ニルヴァーナの光 (eng. Nirvana's Light)
Heikou Sekai Edolas 平行世界エドラス(eng. Parallel World Edolas)
Fuyuujima no Tami 浮遊島の民 (eng. People of the Floating Island)
Mystogan no Theme ミストガンのテーマ (eng. Mystogan's theme)
Tenkuu no Miko 天空の巫女 (eng. Sky Maiden)
Tsubasa aru Mono 翼あるもの (eng. Having the Wings)
Chou Akuukan Mahou Anima 超亜空間魔法アニマ (eng. Super Dimensional Magic Anima)
Exceed Tachi エクシードたち (eng. Exceeds)
Kieyuku Maryoku 消えゆく魔力 (eng. Disappearing Magic)
ICE BOY アイスボーイ
Tenshi Senmetsu Sakusen 天使殲滅作戦 (eng. Plan to Annihilate the Angels)
Tenshi no Kunou 天使の苦悩 (eng. Angels' Anguish)
Ryuusahou 竜鎖砲 (eng. Dragon Chain Cannon)
Gekitou Mahoujin 激闘魔法陣 (eng. Fierce Battle of Magic)
Seirei Gassen 星霊合戦 (eng'.' Celestial Spirit Battle)
Seigi no Chikara 正義の力 (eng. Power of Justice)
Erza vs. Erza エルザvs.エルザ
Doragon Fosu ドラゴンフォース (eng. Dragon Force)
Inishie no Mahou 古の魔法 (eng. Ancient Magic)
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Old 2011-07-14, 15:21   Link #26
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The new OST has some pretty good tunes. PANTHERLILY and Erza vs. Erza in particular are pretty awesome.
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Old 2011-07-18, 19:01   Link #27
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Not sure if Gray would be happy or sad, actually a track called Ice Boy .

Really a ton of great songs for this OST. Definitely Erza vs. Erza was great, though also like Dragon Force, Dokuryuu no Cobra, and Tenshi no Kunou.
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Old 2011-10-10, 20:26   Link #28
Bonta Kun
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Well quite late on this but what the hell.

I like the current OP, it's nice and all but I think I liked previous one more, The Rock City Boy. That one was a lot more catchy

Current ED is not bad but again not quite as good as the previous one.

Kinda surprised I found myself liking both previous OP and ED at the same as it's never happened before with this series.
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Old 2011-10-28, 02:19   Link #29
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gah love the music in this show. Some of the best i've found. Only bad thing is that sometimes it gets clogged up behind sound effects and voices and random grunts and noises.
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Old 2011-11-14, 17:36   Link #30
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The music makes the series imo.

As for OST 3, people have already transcribed some of these for piano, ie Erza vs Erza and Sannin no Dragon Slayer, playing these generated some interesting reactions ;-)
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Old 2012-03-16, 06:47   Link #31
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:O Left alone since 2011.

Anyway ..

Loved the OSTs. There were some really sad and some really hyped up ones. Only two words can describe the 3 OSTs : Unbelievably Epic.

And a couple OPs and EDs that are really good too. Towa no Kizuna & Rock City Boy from the more recent OPs caught my attention +.+ and the current one , I Wish is great too.
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Old 2012-03-20, 09:42   Link #32
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I can so see Gajeel and Pantherlily jamming out to Panther's theme - it's freaking awesome. And so it's Mystogun's...0.0.
I seriously went back and re-read 'certain' scanlated chapters with it as BG and the epicness of some of the scenes pierced the heavens...
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Old 2012-05-05, 07:27   Link #33
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Someone know when the 4th OST of Fairy Tail will be out please?
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Old 2012-05-05, 09:16   Link #34
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I'm also wondering when we'll get the 4th OST (I've been waiting to listen to the song that played when the S-class candidates were announced)
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Old 2012-05-05, 09:52   Link #35
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Does anyone know the title of the current ending song ?
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Old 2012-05-05, 11:40   Link #36
The Lost Lamb
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can anyone tell me the soundtrack which is played in episode 123, when members members of fairy tail go to the tenroujima island and finds mavis vermilion and other members of the fairytail
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Old 2012-05-05, 13:42   Link #37
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Originally Posted by Ramp View Post
Does anyone know the title of the current ending song ?
It's called Glitter.

Just gonna throw this here, I find the OVA OP better than most. Been a while since I've had one grow on me...the ED songs and the character themes are amazing though
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Old 2012-06-19, 14:49   Link #38
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Fairy tail music is so good, it has all the emotions and the epicness of the series, one important reason why Fairy tail is so awesome is because of it's music

Fairy Tail has without any doubt the best music for me, in so less episodes they have already made 3 volumes and i am guessing that the 4th volume is on it's way because i am hearing some new soundtracks in the anime
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Old 2012-06-19, 17:52   Link #39
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I heard Natsu's seiyu sung the opening for the Zeref PSP game. Does anyone know the title of that song?
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Old 2012-07-01, 22:22   Link #40
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FT Character Image Songs are nice! Especially Natsu/Happy duet, Gajeel Solo and some other few. Some of the OP/ED/Insert were by Natsu and Lucy.

Best ED song to me is still by W-inds, Be with me. The ed scene is Gray.
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