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Old 2012-06-26, 18:13   Link #61
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I wonder if this arc will drag nearly or longer than the HM/FT arcs? We still have to get back to the Kirge/Ichigo fight and I imagine that sometime during the conflict ...."just as planned".
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Old 2012-06-26, 22:48   Link #62
Marcus H.
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Another theory: aside from the "Bankai-carrier reiatsu theory" I formulated earlier, I think there's also the possibility of the Bankai themselves "rebelling" the Vandenreich that were able to restrain them; however, this is only possible if the Vandenreich are interested in using the Bankai to push further into the assault on Soul Society and if the Vandenreich does not use or has a weak restraint device on the Bankai.
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Old 2012-06-27, 07:16   Link #63
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498 is out, btw.
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Old 2012-06-27, 07:47   Link #64
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Originally Posted by The Small One View Post
BTW, they especially talked about Bankai stealing again this chapter. But the scene with Hitsugaya trying to talk to his sword looked more like they didn't just steal the Bankai, but the whole soul of the sword. Makes me wonder if they can still release into Shikai.
Makes sense that the spirit of the zanpakuto would be taken with the bankai. Both times we've seen a shinigami learning to release their bankai the first time, it has been accompanied by communion with the spirit of the sword. First with Ichigo and the old man, then with Renji and Zabimaru.

Or maybe the taking of the spirits themselves is the goal, and it's only when they've most openly manifested—during bankai—that they can be taken.

Originally Posted by Black-Cat-Sama View Post
Unohana's comment should be noted too. She mentioned that all the reitsu reported stolen was true except for 10th division, meaning hitsugaya. This could mean that since his Bankai still isnt fully developed, the opponents can't steal it/havent stealen if despite him thinking so.
I must be reading a different translation than what you are, as in the one I read, Unohana suggested #2, #6, and #7 had lost their bankai "as well" as #10. And given Whitey's behavior, it certainly seems like Hyorinmaru has been taken...
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Old 2012-06-27, 08:50   Link #65
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There better be a good explanation as to why Ichigo's bankai can't be stolen.
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Old 2012-06-27, 09:12   Link #66
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The thread for chapter 498 has been created. So please direct discussion regarding that chapter into its respective thread.
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