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Old 2005-12-26, 19:00   Link #1
Vampie Walrus. Big fangs
Join Date: Oct 2004
What Alternatives do we have?

So with the whole "alternate universe" thing going on, let's see what we can come up with.

ARIA and the Paddle of Destiny
Just as Man-Home was inflicted with greed and war, groups of pirates appear on Neo Venezia. Most are just worthless thugs who happened to own boats but then there's Aria Company, a group of three pirates with hearts of gold who are trying to rebuild a beautiful Neo Venezia in which everyone can just relax and enjoy life for what it is. This can be accomplished if they find the Paddle of Destiny, an ancient martian relic with untold power.

But with strong rivals in the giant pirate group Himeya and the new-yet-cunning Orange Planet Musketeers, how can Akari, Alicia and Captain Aria possibly succeed?

Just imagine it! You could have battles where they're jumping from gondola to gondola with bladed paddles!
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Old 2005-12-26, 20:38   Link #2
Aria Company
Join Date: Nov 2003
Sorry, can't picture the cast of Aria as pirates...

Anyway some alternative universes I'd want to see:

Mahoraba Alternative: Shiratori Ryushi is a young man who travels to the kingdom of Narutakisou to study magic. In his school are 5 sisters; Kozue, Saki, Natsume, Chiyuri, and Nanako, who also happen to be the Kingdom's princesses. As he spends his peaceful days studying, little does he know the coulds of war are gathering. An evil sorceress known only as Tamami-sama kidnaps the eldest sister! Can Shiratori save the day?

Shikamaru no Shogi: A young boy with a bit of a lazy streak is forced to join his school's shoji club when they're short a member needed to qualify for an interschool tournament. This minor event sets him on the path to become a professional shogi player.

There are a few others I'd like to see alternate universes for, but those are all I can think of at the moment.
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Old 2005-12-26, 23:54   Link #3
Join Date: Apr 2004
Eureka 7 meets (insert harem anime here):

cast --
Renton as the hapless male protagonist
Eureka as the shy and quiet girl
Anemone as the ill-tempered and violent girl
Talho as the alcohol-loving mischievious older girl
Gidget as the fun-loving carefree girl
Hilda as the older mother-figure girl
Holland as Renton's older, wiser male friend
guest starring Shana from Shakugan no Shana as the sword-toting impulsive short-tempered girl

Renton and his childhood sweetheart make a promise to be accepted at and to meet each other at the prestigous North Shore University before she moved out of his life. About a decade later, Renton has become an artist and a daydreamer, having ranked 27th from the last in the national practice exam. When his grandfather lets him leave their home for Gekkostate, he becomes the residential manager of the Gekko-Go and soon meets up with a North Shore Uni applicant who may have been that sweetheart, since he's forgotten her name. Then there the other tenants like young Eureka who was in despair until Renton helped her, Shana the swordsmaster who sees men as evil distractions, Gidget the genius inventor and the sneaky Talho.
(taken & modified from the 'Love Hina' description)
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