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Old 2005-12-28, 19:29   Link #121
Join Date: Dec 2005
Wait... if isshin was a captian in SS, that means he was "dead"/spirit (As in a dead human). So that means he was using Urahahra's reitsu sucking Faux body. (This would explain his inability to sense ghosts before? or he was just faking it...)
If he was faking it, that means Urahahra made the faux body better? or else the people from SS would be able to find him.
If it WAS the same kinda of faux body that Rukia was using, how did he retain/regain his powers?

Also, you can have children when using a faux body???
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Old 2005-12-28, 21:43   Link #122
Join Date: Dec 2005
Originally Posted by Kona
Well you never know. Urahara could of helped isshin faked his death and thats when he escaped.
i dont think isshin escaped i think he left SS b4 or maybe after urahara left... 'coz there was no mention that urahara was with anyone except yurouchi when he left SS... and its "could have" man not "could of" ehehehe
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