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Old 2012-07-16, 20:37   Link #561
Carpe Diem
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I'd say we were privy to yet another good episode of Tari Tari even if this was most certainly a transitory episode. Thing were unraveling and raveling back together again from the events of last week, and it all flows well (or at least I thought it did). The VP didn't have a sudden character whiplash, the students that had been "conned" into the club dropped, bro vs. sis continues in gloriously comical fashion, and we've started bringing together the plot threads introduced. Little by little everything is shaping up to be very neatly organized and planned and, after what last season gave me for anime original, that is a most welcomed development. I was laughing and/or feeling very fluffy with the whole episode, it had great shows of friendship from Konatsu towards everyone but especially Ronery Boy, Sakai was adorable with her "me too?", and Sawa continues to be a boss and her sexiness should be illegal.

My only complaint, so far, is that Wien continues to be lacking in purpose. He's bringing lots of comedy, and each episode has given us a bit of a glimpse into his character, the good and bad, but he's not really had any role to fill yet. He just... is, and I find that a bit off, there's definitely an air of *mystery* to his role and purpose. The rest of the cast (Taichi being the odd man out as his only real character, right now, is badminton-this, badminton-that) has been getting very fleshed out but they've been the focus, so that's not unexpected. But Wien is in too *fortunate* a position to be just another guy, especially with his (as of so far seemingly trivial) place in the remedial classes.

No romances seem to be shaping up... yet, but what in the world got that reaction from Sawa in the preview!? Did our neighborhood Spaniard say something to her? I say that, given the teasing early on, we should expect something...
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Old 2012-07-16, 22:14   Link #562
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I'm really liking this series so far. It's much more enjoyable than Hanasaku Iroha. In here all the lead characters are identifiable and one of the few series where I see some potential the male characters may receive some development than remain cardboard cutout throughout the series. I would have expected a lot of corny teenage drama but I'm not remembering any. The pacing is just about right as well, no sudden mood shift and tedious scenes being dragged too much.

Production wise, everything is fluid in P.A Works quality. I do not personally dig the character design but I guess as long as the characters work, I won't complain. The soundtrack that I cannot complain also seems to fit the atmosphere.

If this series just continues to be this consistent, I believe it will be good. It has more substance than I gave credits for. So far, I was generally not a big admirer of P.A works but Tari Tari might change my mind. The problem with P.A works was that their works always started strong but towards the middle they decline in quality and by the end it was forgettable for me. I'm hoping this is not the case with this series.
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Old 2012-07-16, 22:42   Link #563
Osana-Najimi Shipper
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Upon rewatching the three episodes, I can't believe I missed all those clues. Guess I was too busy looking for romance that I didn't try to make sense of the actual story...

"Anybody can love music. For music to love you, however, is another story entirely."

So sensei is at odds with Wakana because music didn't love her, but loved Wakana's mom. Maybe still leftover jealousy from high school from when they were best friends (you know, the two female music students shown in the OP?).

The song Sawa and Kona sang at the end of episode 2? Most probably composed by Sensei + Wakana no Okaasan, as it was hand writen with the composers scratched out. Makes sense as Wakana knows the tune, and Sensei is so against them using the piece.

As for why Wakana is being chased by the spaniard. Well, it's been hammered to our heads that Wakana is essentially a clone of her mother. It's quite odd that if Wakana's mom was THAT good, why isn't the name Sakai more well known? Could be explained that she left the music scene before making her renowned, though it hasn't gone unnoticed going by what the Principal is saying. And these Spaniards are in Japan to find out what happened to her.

In the end, I'm speculating that Sensei hates Wakana's mom (and by extension, Wakana herself) because Wakana's mom turned her back on music even though it chose her. Sensei on the otherhand loves music but doesn't possess the 'spark', so she resents Wakana's mom and takes it out on poor Wakana. It's like True Tears, except replacing jealousy about romance with jealousy about talent.

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Old 2012-07-16, 23:03   Link #564
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I don't think sensei hate Wakana's mom at all. If you think and look at it again, whenever it was Wakana was was forward, she would instead back down. For example in this episode, she tossed away the club sheet. She however backed down once Wakana was the one who picked up the sheet and crumpled it. So it's not a problem between her and Wakana's mom but rather the main problem she currently have it with Konatsu. It's rather obvious that she wants to trust Konatsu and her idea of music being fun but at the same time, she's having some issues with her own beliefs and experiences.

Remember that song they chose for the recital? When the vice principle first saw that Konatsu chose that song, she took the song and told Konatsu to choose a different song. Her expressions at that point weren't hate but something a bit more sad. In a way, it seems she's trying to "protect" the song. However with Konatsu's persuasion, the vice principle gave in to see if Konatsu really can do what she said. However due to the problems in last episode where the recital did not go very well according to plan, the vice principle once again became cold to the group. But as soon as Wakana steps in, she stops going against them.

As far as I'm concerned, I would say that she loved Wakana's mother a lot but due to something else that happened (possible her death or the speculations that Wakana's mother left the scene before she became famous) caused her to be the way she now is. All the scenes so far I have seen of the vice principle looks like someone who is sad and NOT someone who is angry and plain mean.
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Old 2012-07-17, 03:11   Link #565
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There's one thing I took from this episode.

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Old 2012-07-17, 04:48   Link #566
is back.
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Old 2012-07-17, 08:32   Link #567
Bonta Kun
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Originally Posted by TheEroKing View Post

I'll be taking this one, side ponytail Sawa is way to appealing to pass over!
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Old 2012-07-17, 10:46   Link #568
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Originally Posted by TheEroKing View Post
I'll be taking the angry sawa-chan. Thanks
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Old 2012-07-17, 13:25   Link #569
Julio C
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I wonder what the mexican guy was tyring to tell her about? Something about her mother?
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Old 2012-07-17, 14:29   Link #570
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Originally Posted by Julio C View Post
I wonder what the mexican guy was tyring to tell her about? Something about her mother?
Most likely if we go by that the stalker recognize the key chain and her looks which resembles her mom and if her mom is indeed popular. Though maybe they will throw a curve ball that the stalker just like her looks and recruiting her for the group thought most likely not
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Old 2012-07-17, 14:43   Link #571
Guardian Enzo
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Old 2012-07-17, 14:44   Link #572
Bittersweet Distractor
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It is indeed spanish, but I keep wondering why the hell he looks and acts more italian than anything.
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Old 2012-07-17, 14:53   Link #573
Haters. Gonna. Hate
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We also saw him singing quite well when he fixed her chain so maybe he even sang with her mom.
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Old 2012-07-17, 15:04   Link #574
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3rd Ep was hilarious, for me funniest thing was

"I can't understand. I am no money. Thank you", "I don't money"
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Old 2012-07-17, 15:08   Link #575
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Seems to me that Wakana did recognize what the foreigner was singing while repairing her bike.
The tune was also played while he was running chasing her and it was the same song young Konatsu was dancing on at the very beginning of the 2nd episode (sang in Spanish if I'm not wrong, same language as our "stalker").
The last part of the tune is also very similar to a sample from the choir song they sang in last episode (last sang part like "kagayaku egao de sukoshi ga hibi yo") which is also the part sang by Wakana's mother in her flashbacks while she was playing piano.
Wakana's mother may have something to do with this song too, or I am just fooled by a nicely done soundtrack

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Old 2012-07-17, 17:20   Link #576
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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
He's South American at least check the outfits they're wearing in the preview that's from the Andean and not Spain.
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Old 2012-07-17, 20:12   Link #577
Anime Critic
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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
He speaks castilian (spanish) but looks like Italian and probably be South American like Blaat said.
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Old 2012-07-17, 20:13   Link #578
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Bah. You guys can continue to argue what Language or Nationality the foreigner is from. To me he is under the language of "funny"
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Old 2012-07-17, 21:44   Link #579
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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
I believe she was in the Music stream and switched to the General stream, and there were some classes that the Music students didn't take, to give them time for music, so she had to make them up when she switched.
That could be..

But I don't know.. the sensei's chat last episode made It looks as if she didn't attend school for a while or was trasferred .. a lonely girl maybe.

Ese tipo es español cabrones,aunque no lo parezca por su forma de vestir
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Old 2012-07-17, 21:54   Link #580
Myssa Rei
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Dunno, I'm going with Latin American rather than old-world Spanish myself. The costumes the trio seem to be wearing in the next-episode seems to point to the former too.

As for Wakana, well, someone already mentioned that she's the spitting image of her mom. Maybe the guy mistook her for her mom?
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drama, music, original anime, pa works

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