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Old 2012-07-21, 05:48   Link #1
Kaioshin Sama
Join Date: May 2004
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Rageposting problem getting a little out of hand

This has been a growing problem for me over the past season or so, where it seems every time I go to a subforum or thread for a current series and read it much of what I see are posts of people saying how angry a show made them or just generally seething at something they saw in the episode. This is all well and good, sometimes people get upset by something they don't like in an episode of the show and they post about it as a means of sharing their frustration, but lately it's becoming a lot more frequent. Very frequent I'd say to the point where a good chunk of the posts I see in more than a few threads in this very season are merely people posting in an over the top (dare I say droning?) manner about how much something made them "rage". To me this kind of falls under the no pointless posts rule (it doesn't contribute at all to the dynamic of the conversation, it isn't really pointed criticism so much as blind anger and it just makes the threads for these shows a total downer week after week and frankly a chore to sift through and filter) and I'd report some of them, but honestly there's almost too many to even report at times and it never seems to fix the problem for long.

For me personally this isn't really the forum experience I have in mind and it kind of makes me not want to bother posting in the current series threads anymore because I don't really feel like I'm having much of a conversation with people so much as hearing them rant and rave a lot of the time, which is not what I come here for. I think I should state that this is primarily a problem I see in that Current Series wing of the forums and that pretty much all other areas don't really sufffer from it. I'll say this much, if people are frustrated by the shows they are watching I'm am becoming a little frustrated by proxy from having to frequently here how frustrated they are in their rageposts and I'd hope that something can be done about it or if people just need to work it out of their system or what is even going on with all the rageposting at this point.
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Old 2012-07-21, 06:12   Link #2
Giga Drill Breaker
Join Date: Jan 2009
agreed that as much as a lot of information are here on AnimeSuki forums, its common to see post here about excessive rants about the show they watch/read

but excessive ranting/raging is common on every parts of the internet anyway, its just a matter of accepting them, more people now a days are in a high horse especially on the internet, its so easy for me to think this people ranting are just looking for flaws even trivial flaws on shows they watched/read

haters gonna hate? mehhh i want something to change too but i doubt this thread can change the trend of hate posts/criticisms

P.S. i still love this place due to abundant spoilers and up to date infos on shows i watch and about to watch
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Old 2012-07-21, 06:21   Link #3
Kaioshin Sama
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Neither Here nor There
Age: 33
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Originally Posted by j0x View Post
P.S. i still love this place due to abundant spoilers and up to date infos on shows i watch and about to watch
Not going to lie that's starting to supplant discussion as the main reason I frequent this forum nowadays.
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Old 2012-07-21, 06:27   Link #4
Join Date: Nov 2007
Age: 29
To address the issue of rageposting, please copy and paste the following statement :

It is understandable that without a real-world experience to live, it can be terrible to have an anime let you down. However, it is appreciated that if you do not like this anime, junk it and watch something else.

We are only fellow watchers of the same anime, not the producer, and we cannot do anything to rectify the faults this anime possibly has according to your posting.

Thank you for your kind understanding. See you in another thread!

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Old 2012-07-21, 07:34   Link #5
reading #hikaributts
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Isn't this suggestion somewhat same as this thread that was made a few months ago?

"Petition: Ban Negative "Utopian" Views From Series/Episode Discussion"
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Old 2012-07-21, 07:35   Link #6
Marcus H.
Toji Affairs Secretary
Join Date: May 2009
Location: the Philippines
Putting more things for the moderators to sift through?
I know that they are the mods, but there are things that are better done by the users themselves.
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Old 2012-07-21, 09:59   Link #7
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With all due respect, I think this thread is a bit silly. We do have Forum Rules against pointless and nonsense posts, and the staff do enforce it as we can. But, at the same time, we're not going to edit/remove/censor posts just because people have strong emotions about the subject matter. We try to encourage people to be more articulate, and will delete/warn/infract when people get out of hand. But, by the same token, if there is indeed some sort of trend here, I don't exactly know how to stop it. Being the arbiter of just how much substance a post needs to have to be permitted is not so easy; I'm not sure that I can so easily identify the "Kaioshin bar of Quality".

So anyway, if someone posts a pointless/nonsense post, report it. Don't just say "it's everywhere, so you guys do something about it". We have to make decisions on a case-by-case basis and deal with problems that we see.

I'm locking this thread because I really don't see what else there is to say on this topic.

P.S. Isn't this thread basically just rageposting because of all the rageposters?
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Closed Thread

discussion, rageposting

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