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Originally Posted by mahbod View Post
also since naruto has come out, every nite i watch a few episode starting frm begging to end, out of love for naruto in general, but also to repetition just incase something clicks then i repeat every nite since naruto has come out lol, i watch episodes to analyses etc , so please infuture before you say i incorrectly stated without providing evidence/sources i am offended , obito said there is on feeling at all in his right side of body what that means its Completely dead , the boulder is covering his eye aka Crushed, how ever if that was true, he would be instantly dead and not be able to talk so obviously his head/brain intact but in the context its mentioned it implies all right side body is gone is the head part of the body?( possible translation errors) due to impossible direct jap> english translations but now that i think about it that dont make sense if his right side of his head would be crushed instant death so that actually may be possibility that the eye is alive, but then the after math of the cave would end it all see them landing on his face instantly deforming it etc (anime) so unless kishi pulls somthing out of his ass i doubt it, but madara collects sharingans and has been around long time it also could be a very plausible idea that madara had taken obitos blood relatives eyes manga chapter were the incident happened in the image u can see the rock placement and around his left eye there is severe dmg(blood pouring from his "crushed"eye and none on his right eye , but this translation stats almost" thats debatable of translations

second link after math
what's funny is that in your first link, obito himself states that his right side is 'almost crushed'

just because you watch something every night doesn't make you right. you presume you know more about the show than anyone else. there's no need to re-iterate the story line of kakashi gaiden. we've all seen it...

the fact of the matter is that you didn't see obito's eye get crushed, did you? you may think you have, but you didn't. boulders are not perfect spheres. even if it was a perfect sphere, characters in naruto get smashed and battered all the time. if zetsu was right there, and we know that tobi is made up of zetsu, then I see no reason yet to doubt that part of obito was salvagable. zetsu's ability is hashirama's ability which is essentially life itself passed down from the So6P
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Confirmed spoilers have been released, so chapter 597 thread has been created. Please move all relevant discussions to the new thread.
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weekly spoiler discussion

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