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Old 2012-08-18, 04:03   Link #321
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By the way, Silica is tooootally cute I hope we see her again.

And Asuna is very pretty.
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Old 2012-08-18, 07:09   Link #322
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Originally Posted by Quadratic View Post
If we want to go on topic, we see Kirito has been right all along, because he's a smart guy ("this world is logical, therefore you can't bypass the PK prevention mechanics").
But the end of the episode trolled him by saying "you were right, but here's a ghost to show you're wrong anyway".
The ghost was a head-scratcher, I'd like to think that the show is trying to foreshadow that the game isn't completely logical like Kirito thinks and that we should expect some big surprise in the future that screws him over. I'm just hoping it had a purpose cause it was very cheesy.
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Old 2012-08-30, 16:56   Link #323
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Caught up on episode 6 and it seem everyone has already cue in regarding the lame murder of Griselda.

Too bad Griselda was not part of the main crew, she looks awesome.
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Old 2012-10-27, 13:48   Link #324
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Originally Posted by Hmm.... View Post
Hmmmmmmmm................................My impression after finish the episode is soooo what is the point of this 2 episodes arc. I just can't understand the studio's decision. Why do they need to spend 2 episode on this sidestory ? What do we or rather anime viewers get, story/character development-wise, from the last 2 episodes ? Perhap someone can enlight me.
We got far more from this then in the last 4 episodes. It finally felt like a story and not some book with half torn out pages.

Finally this show got some continuity. Not random time jumps.

Though to be honest I have no idea why they skipped all those months/years because the way this 2 episodes went felt like if only few weeks had passed since episode 2.

All those skips was a bad idea since nothing has really changed for characters. More than a year passed yet Kirito and Asuna don't even have each other on friend list -_-

EDIT: Dear GJ or whoever you are neg repper. What in my statement is wrong? Where is the development that you say I have missed?

Kirito was a loner in episode 1 and he still is one now. Just occasionally helping out.
Asuna didn't change except that now she knows how to actually play and went from noob into high class leader in just 3 episodes.
Incident from episode 3 doesn't really reflect much on Kirito. He was sulking in episode 3 and starting from episode 4 he is all good again.

Seriously what kind of development are you talking about? Especially when more than a year has passed?
My life in comparison's to theirs is boring but even I manage to have more development then them in this time period.

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