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Old 2012-08-23, 21:00   Link #21
Different & Unique~
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: Imaginary Maze~
what made me interested mainly were the outrageous artworks, animations, and effects

at first, i always thought if anime were just a cartoon made by japanese, honestly back then i didn't even understand what make anime very fascinating

but then, what really drew me was Haruhi Suzumiya no Shoushitsu lol
saw that movie by accident, before i myself realize i already finished watching
then I thought : '' Hell yeah, this is cool. Amazing animations, I never expect before if a cartoon can be like this ''

so, here I come
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Old 2012-08-24, 00:04   Link #22
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2008
I loved watching Gundam Wing wayy back online. The first anime I watched religiously on tv was Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Seed, and Inu Yasha on Friday nights. After finishing those, my life has never been the same.
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Old 2012-08-24, 09:55   Link #23
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Saimoe Planet
Back then, I just watched what was available on TV at that time. Here came Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing and Inu Yasha. I started borrowing CDs from my friends a little later but I really got into anime until 7 years ago because of technology.
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Old 2012-08-24, 11:47   Link #24
Otoshi-gami in training
Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: Germany
Age: 26
Like most people I got into anime when it was broadcasted on our national tv, starting with Pokemon when I was like 9.
A few years later, when I was about 13, they started airing shit like naruto and it got super popular. The other anime they aired weren't much better sadly, and so I started do think that most anime are generic shounen shit aimed at 9year olds and completely ignored the topic for the next years

Fast forward to last fall, I was 19 now and somehow Haganai got my attention, in retroperspect I'm really wondering how it came to this. Anyhow, I was flashed after the first 2 minutes - I never expected anime could be this awesome. I watched SnI next and was fascinated again, it baffled me how much better this shit was than the usual us tv stuff I watch

Since then I watched almost 100 shows, got huge into akb and pretty much spend my whole time on anime, eroge or idol stuff... Can't even remember when I watched or listened to something non-Japanese the last time
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Old 2012-08-24, 16:35   Link #25
~Official Slacker~
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Age: 23
Huh.. I was sure I posted in here before.. Well anyways, I started getting interested in anime after watching Lupin III, Gundam (thanks to brother), and various other animes that aired on Toonami, and Adult Swim at that time.
Freyja Wion from Macross Delta!
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Old 2012-08-25, 17:01   Link #26
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
I was already big into cartoons, and I was curious after channel surfing and finding Sci-Fi's anime block. I was fascinated by movies like Galaxy Express 999 and Robot Carnival.

From there, I branched out, but yeah, my pre-anime background was watching shows like Gargoyles, Transformers Beast Wars, Tiny Toon Adventrues, and Animaniacs.
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Old 2012-08-25, 21:37   Link #27
The Dark Slayer
Join Date: Aug 2012
When i discovered dragon ball and the rest is history.
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Old 2012-08-28, 16:24   Link #28
Sky Knight
Darkness Is In All Of Us
Join Date: Dec 2011
Location: Somewhere In The Depths Of The Endless Abyss
well I didn't care for anime much before, I watched it when I was in front of the tv (I would get hooked on certain shows like Inuyasha my first official anime addiction). It wasn't much to me though, until I met 2 mad girls into anime and they would read mangas and everything, then one day they made me read manga and watch a whole bunch of different anime.....
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Old 2012-08-28, 18:11   Link #29
Infinite Zenith
Operation sneaky sneaks
*IT Support
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: Hic et ubique
I was originally intrigued by the art style and presentation of stories I rarely saw in more local presentations, although I did not really get into things until I was introduced to Gundam 00 by a friend back in 2007.
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Old 2012-09-06, 05:56   Link #30
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: In line to confess his sins.
Age: 30
The first anime that I watched on my own initiative, knowing that it was anime, was Neon Genesis Evangelion. As much as I adored that show, and as much of an impression as it made on me (I loved it then, and it remains possibly my favorite work of fiction to this day), it still didn't make me start liking anime. Not as a medium, anyway. I watched a new series now and then; perhaps 2-3 each year, but for some reason, there was never that domino-effect. One show never lead directly to another, I viewed them all as very separate entities, and thus I never got heavily into anime. It's a little weird now, looking back at it.

Some 5-6 years later, when I was around 19, is when I first developed a substantial interest in the anime medium. I hadn't watched an anime for years, and I really had no particular desire to either; it just wasn't on my radar. One of my friends kept pestering me about this show called Death Note, and how he was on the edge of his seat every week. I shrugged it off for a while, but one bored night, I made myself some Chinese food and gave the series a spin. That really got the ball rolling. I was captivated, enthralled, by the tension and tightly woven plot, in a way I hadn't been in years. No live-action television show had given me this before; and only the best movies I'd seen could match its suspense.

While Death Note did get the ball rolling, I'll actually give quite a bit of the credit for my now huge love and appreciation for anime to this very forum. After I'd finished Death Note, I didn't immediately go out and look for more anime; I went out and looked for people to talk to about the show (and by that, I mean that I sat on my butt and did a Google search), and this is where I ended up. After many a discussion, both heated and friendly, I finally started browsing around the forum, searching for something else to sate my new-found desire for quality entertainment. I found it in spades, and I credit shows like Higurashi, Claymore, Shakugan no Shana, Zero no Tsukaima and Code Geass with showing me the diverse and wonderful world the medium offered. Since then, my taste in anime has certainly broadened, but I still love and treasure each and every one of those shows. I wouldn't be here without them, and I wouldn't be here without this forum.

So, thanks.

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Old 2012-09-10, 00:34   Link #31
Clow Card Master
Join Date: May 2011
Location: Maryland, USA
Age: 29
Technically, above all else, I must admit my first anime was actually Speed Racer. My father used to watch it when he was younger and when it was on Cartoon Network, we'd watch it as a family sometimes. I was probably around 7 or 8.

What really sucked me in was Sailor Moon when I was around 9 or 10. Add me to the Toonami collective - it was my mission to get through the school day and come immediately home to watch Sailor Moon. I was obsessed - I was buying the VHS tapes, dolls and figures, t-shirts, the music CDs, the wands - I even gave Sailor Moon Valentines to my classmates. It was basically anything Sailor Moon I could get my hands on.

This included when we got the internet in our household for the first time - I can't tell you how large my Sailor Moon picture folder was. And it was because I was always looking for Sailor Moon pictures and visiting Sailor Moon fansites that I discovered what Sailor Moon actually was: an anime.

Little did I know that other series some of my friends and I enjoyed were also anime - Pokemon, Cardcaptors, Voltron, Dragonball Z, and others. I found that out by looking up more and more fansites. I also discovered that many of these shows were being heavily butchered - things were being censored or episodes were being cut entirely. At first I didn't think much of it, but the more I thought about it, the more it made me sad - what was I missing out on?

This inspired my first purchase of a subbed anime - I bought the 6th volume of Pioneer's release of Cardcaptor Sakura, which contained episodes that were never dubbed and put on TV. I was surprised at how high pitched their voices were and I found it engaging enough to keep watching and keep purchasing more and more. Half of my Cardcaptor Sakura collection is on VHS - it wasn't until the 11th volume that it was being released purely on DVD, which forced my hand into asking for a DVD player for Christmas.

Then another series I was watching at the time - Saint Tail, being dubbed/subbed by Tokyopop - stopped getting dubbed and the last half of the series was released purely on DVD and subtitled. So in order to enjoy that series, I had to watch it subbed too. So, in a way, I guess you could say I learned the hard way that not everything will be dubbed; subs are the way to go if you want to see more.

I liked reading subtitles. I liked hearing the Japanese voices - I'd never experienced a movie or anything with subtitles and a different language before, so it was fun to me. I liked being able to know about episodes that were never shown or parts that were cut out. All of it felt rewarding, somehow.

Plus, I was watching cartoons and experiencing something that wasn't like regular cartoons - like the art: the characters had pretty eyes and all five of their their fingers! Also, the characters appealed to me since they had unique personalities and circumstances that weren't episodic; there was always some kind of overarching storyline to connect everything together.

And so, with my Cardcaptor Sakura DVD collection building and all the merchandise I had from loving Sailor Moon, it just started to grow. I looked up recommendations from other series and went from there. Then after reading about manga for a while, I picked up the Sailor Stars manga since I knew the final season of Sailor Moon wasn't going to air in the US. Then I picked up the Cardcaptor Sakura manga and the Saint Tail manga - series I was comfortable with and for the most part had already seen but wanted to see their original source.

The internet played a big part in my discovery of anime and I never really had a guiding hand to show me what anime had to offer - I discovered it on my own and I tried new things on my own. It still fuels my fandom to this day.
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Old 2012-09-10, 16:28   Link #32
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2010
Age: 27
If you don't count the dubbed pokemon anime from the late 90s then my interest mainly stemmed from me first starting to learn Japanese. The month before or so I watched Haruhi and loved it, but it wasn't until after I started learning Japanese the next month that I really got heavily involved in watching/loving to talk about/loving anime. From there it was kind of a downward/upward (depends on how you look at it) into complete and utter obsession.
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Old 2012-09-21, 21:00   Link #33
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2004
I'm part of the Robotech generation. I personally think that show has a lot to do with the popularity of anime in the US. For me, it was the first show that I knew was anime, but it turned out to not be the first anime I had seen! I'd been watching Voltron, Battle of the Planets, and Speed Racer from as far back as I can remember.

Believe it or not, Robotech led me to Bubblegum Crisis in college, which really spurred my interest in seeking out more and more anime. A few years later I saw Viz's early Ranma 1/2 tapes. That was the early 90s, when anime started becoming available as it's own category in the video shops. Back then, anime was often in the kids section (since it was animation) and it wasn't uncommon to find near-hentai right next to the Disney tapes.
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Old 2012-09-26, 09:52   Link #34
Join Date: Jul 2012
The visual storytelling is the thing that I like the most about anime. When It's done well it can be really powerful and incredible iconic, many scenes in Jin Roh or Ghost In the Shell are a good example of that.

I know that a lot people dislike Evangelion but that anime had a lot of iconic images, so many well shot scenes. The Japanese animators are really good cinematographers, with a really good eye for composition.
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