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Old 2012-09-20, 23:40   Link #1581
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Good Cover > <

full pic for Lan and muganami coming later

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Old 2012-09-21, 00:40   Link #1582
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Originally Posted by gaiar31 View Post

Good Cover > <
ho yes very very good cover *O* there is the same with Lan??
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Old 2012-09-21, 22:56   Link #1583
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Out of curiosity, has anyone seen Kamogawa Days yet?
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Old 2012-09-21, 23:56   Link #1584
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I saw
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Old 2012-09-22, 08:25   Link #1585
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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Pretty solid climatic ending. Nicely intense and theatrical while still staying very true to the core ideas and characterization already established in this show. I never had that much doubt that Madoka, Lan, and Muginami would earn their happy ending, and now I have no doubt at all about it.

However, the final fate of Dizelmine seems questionable to me. It's very hard to see how this narrative could make him continuing on as King seem acceptable (Dizelmine has kind of crossed a moral event horizon here, imo). OTOH, they did give a slight touch of redemption to Dizelmine this episode in that one flashback scene that Madoka witnessed.

So here's my guess (and my hope) as to how Lagrange ends

Spoiler for Pure Speculation:

This anime will have a nice and tidy end. Girls had a picnic in the middle of hell in a giant bubble made by their magical robots.

Happy endings all around.

My guess...

- Monster from the Rinne will appear
- Moid and Asteria may stop it together
- Yurikano comes back
- Dizelmine and Yurikano get together.
- Muginami gets name the governor of UGO and both Le Garite and De Metrio agree to help her out.
- Lan gets made temporary ruler of La Garite while Dilzemine is doing his thing
- Madoka gets offered a job by Asteria, if Asteria survives. Asteria gets her into a good school.
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Old 2012-09-22, 09:34   Link #1586
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Finally caught up to episode 23... Reallly? Lunch while Dilzemine powering up in the background. Think that's the first time I seen something like that.

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Old 2012-09-23, 09:51   Link #1587
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And so in the end, it's not a punch or a kick that saves the universe, but a song. And not just any song, but the Jersey Club song. It looks like Madoka really can turn the Jersey Club into a career, by making it a general helper force throughout the universe. With branches on De Metrio, Le Garite and of course, Earth. Overall, I can say that I really, really enjoyed this show. All the elements fall into place. Madoka's a great character - strong and honest, but not without some flaws to offset it. The chemistry that she, Lan and Mugi have with each other is wonderful to watch (and if by "chemistry" I mean "yuri", of course I do.)

Of course, there are also robots. The designs of the Vox and all other related mecha were pretty cool. Streamlined and kinda retro-futuristic looking, and able to perform some incredible acrobatics because of it. No bulky walking tanks here. Most of all, besides the characters or the metallic characters, the overriding sense of idealism in this series is what got to me the most. Madoka believes that peace can be had, and while she more often than not stumbled into it, that somehow made it even sweeter to me. There was always a joke or two waiting around the corner, even in the middle of a serious situation, like Lan's filibuster.

Excellent work from all parties.
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Old 2012-09-23, 10:12   Link #1588
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End Card
Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

A nice final image for the three of them.
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Old 2012-09-23, 10:40   Link #1589
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Madoka move Jersey club to universe site.

Lan become Queen of Polyhdron.

Muginami is freeland.

Dizelmin .....change to Shota!!!

Moid .. Yes!!!! take by the Memoria = = b

Yurikano regroup with izo kirius and arrey.

TT TT Final End for this series............Good luck everyone.
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Old 2012-09-23, 10:41   Link #1590
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I wonder if this would have been more popular with the otaku if the producers didn't make this into a "sly advertisement" of Kamogawa.
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Old 2012-09-23, 12:14   Link #1591
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And the end has come and the series has now passed. Nakama power forever and to the extreme - very nice. Madoka continuing to help others is the only way I could see her living and moving forward in the future. The bros living a different life is a good break from their angst in positions of power. Moid got what he deserved. And Kamogawa continues to shine as the magical beach city/center point/launch point of the action.

The Jersey Club is a feel-good group of spirit and charity. Rock on, JC.

I am glad I picked up this show and watched all of it. I'll miss it. This was a fine show in this season.
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Old 2012-09-23, 14:17   Link #1592
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Everyone was seriously freaking out.
If it weren't for those three girls the world would have ended for sure.
After all that they sure deserved some easy time...
Well, most of the issues were dealt with and things got on the right track.
Nice final episode.

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Old 2012-09-23, 17:54   Link #1593
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I am sad but happy end of this season and good luck to Madoka, Lan and Muginami it is true they will really care now anyway this anime is ...

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Old 2012-09-23, 19:09   Link #1594
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You gotta love that Madoka blew off the UN so casually like that, its why I love her so much.
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Old 2012-09-23, 21:13   Link #1595
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Now that is a great ending but to bad theres going to be no more of Lan and her cuteness

8/10 Cant wait tell Viz release this
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Old 2012-09-23, 21:19   Link #1596
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Spoiler for final thoughts:

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Hmmm, overall the show was... entertaining, but not great, I suppose. The characters were rather charming and the scenery was beautiful. Especially the SFX whenever the Rinne blossomed or when shit went down but ultimately the way the show resolved each crisis that occurrs felt somewhat lacking.

Also, the Kamogawa tourism publicity was a bit heavy handed. Quite, actually. Not even Tsuritama tried bashing the audience with "LOOK, ISN'T ENOSHIMA THE GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH?". At least I didn't feel that way. Yes, not even shouting ENO-SHIMA-DOOON as a catchphrase felt like blatant advertising. Meanwhile, Kamogawa is the center of the universe. Plus the whole
Spoiler for Jersey Club in the last episode:
thing felt really silly, but that's just me not taking the overly positive vibe of the show too well.

One thing I will definitely remember Lag-Rin for: Array.

Panel taken from here (NSFW-ish). Translation/type by some /a/non.
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Old 2012-09-23, 22:13   Link #1598
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This show had an ending that was even more happy, neat and tidy than what I had speculated.

While I get the criticisms voiced by serenade_beta and Kakkou, I think this ending simply fits the overall mood and tone that Rinne no Lagrange had ever since Lan and Muginami both became parts of the Jersey Club. So while this ending would be overly happy for most anime shows, I think it's appropriate here.

And thankfully it at least had the common sense to...

1) Knock Dizelmine off the throne (leaving him as King after what he had done would have been ridiculous), and

2) Show Moid paying a final price for his crazy villainy.

So even while the overall mood is very happy and sentimental, the show doesn't get lost in it to the point that it doesn't make sense any more.

On the whole, I'm pleased and content with Rinne no Lagrange. It might have been interesting if it had taken a darker and more dramatic turn at some point, but as is, it was still a very good action-mecha-yuri show that I'll remember fondly.
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Old 2012-09-23, 22:44   Link #1599
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Overall review:

* a unique plot for a mecha show, full of optimism and happiness. Heck, everybody except Moid got happy endings.
* pretty good animation from Xebec.
* a good soundtrack that was able to combine tension, sentimentality, hope, and youthful energy.
* likable characters with understandable motivations and backstories
* Madoka in particular, is a unique mecha protagonist, constantly defying expectations and bringing levity to even the most serious situations
* She, and most of the characters in general, were very understanding and and forgiving. I don't think any named characters died, though Moid vanished on his own, and as usual unnamed grunts dropped like flies. I can't remember any other mecha show where conflicts were resolved amicably, and all the foes let go of their hatred afterwards.
* IMO the two separate season format harmed the show a bit in terms of pacing, since instead of being able to spread the slice of life episodes a bit more evenly, they seemed to have gotten clustered into the second season. Those were a little boring to watch.

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Old 2012-09-23, 23:01   Link #1600
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And at the same time, Madoka doesn't come off as Mary Sue or overpowered at all. Unconventional? Definitely so, lol , but hardly OP at all from what we've seen.
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