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Just came back from watching Wolf Children.

Pretty good. Enjoyed it alot. Plenty of touching and laughable moments. I am really interested in a second movie if it means they can continue the story <.<
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Originally Posted by Last Sinner View Post
Let's just say I've met Tim, Sly, Ben and Nathan and see how they operate and what they want the Australian anime market to be. I don't like them.

And what do you mean it's Madman or nothing? Siren Visual have gotten a decent collection going for the 5 years they've been delving into anime and are doing a decent job at making the content availabel within Australia more than just shounen, ecchi and Ghibli titles for the greater part. Heck, they were going after moe titles before Madman did. If Siren hadn't done well with Clannad and Angel Beats, I doubt Madman would have embraced it like they have the last 12 months. And Siren's noitaminA commitment is admirable. In time, I think Siren can truly make it a two-company scenario in Australia, but that may be 10 years down the road. They need a bigger collection of titles to compete with Madman and that takes time. Met Leon from Siren, he is a champ, a true anime fan of past and present but a down-to-earth guy that is honest, approachable and willing to support those who are genuine anime fans. He's that rare type of fan I wish there were more of.

And yeah, there is that other company that just got formed by Eric called Hanabee. But after the virtually criminal things he did at Siren he did before he left, I don't wish any good for Hanabee. Eric's aim is to take Madman down permanently. Good luck with that - especially if you screw the majority of your long-term business partners time and time again and only go for stuff already licensed overseas for years.
What I meant by the madman or nothing comment, was pretty much that they're the only ones to be doing these film events at the moment really. But I guess that's just because of how big they are from the monopoly of the market all these years. Maybe in due time, when Siren gets big enough and Hanabee manages to get off the ground, they can start bringing films to the big screen too.

It's interesting that you've personally met all these people working in the industry and are able to provide some deeper insight. While I can't personally say that I have the same experience, but just looking at the product packaging and title acquisitions alone, I can kind of see a trend that correlates with what you're getting at. Personally, I particularly enjoy my Siren products a lot than the Madman ones generally because of the small things like slip cases and less reliance on the flappy inserts for multiple disc releases. The small things like that just make it seem less 'cheap' to me, and appreciatively so. That, along side with the faster sub only releases do make it seem like Siren actually cares more about the more niche fandom than Madman do.

Also, was Eric or Leon the one who managed to bring Dennou Coil over? I heard the CEO or president of Siren (never knew who exactly) pretty much broke their backs and had to pay through their nose trying to convince Japan to let them do so, just because they were that big of a fan. I'd assume it'd be Leon from what you've said so far, but that's just my personal assumption lol. I also heard that whoever started up Hanabee (Eric in this case it seems) use to be the CEO or president of Siren too. Again unfounded rumours that I've just been hearing, would be nice to get clarification to help clear things up if you can lol
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