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View Poll Results: Your favorite Higurashi character Pt. 2
Maebara Keiichi 73 17.18%
Ryuguu Rena 157 36.94%
Sonozaki Mion 66 15.53%
Houjou Satoko 15 3.53%
Furude Rika 68 16.00%
Sonozaki Shion 46 10.82%
Voters: 425. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2009-03-26, 14:00   Link #261
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But I want to praise Season 1 Akasaka. When he was still full of YOUTH. He was very worthy in season 1. He basically stole the main character spot from Keiichi for a whole two episodes and he did a damn good job with it.

Now what bugs me is that Keiichi should have been treated more like a main character in the last arc. What did he do of importance in the finale? I don't remember him doing anything of value. *sigh*
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Old 2009-03-26, 14:09   Link #262
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Last arc of this season K1 does a bit even as the focus is on Rena and starts to show the shift towards Rika as the main character.

If you mean Kai...well with Kai, Rika is the main character.
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Old 2009-03-26, 14:51   Link #263
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I meant Kai. K1 does quite a lot in the last arc of this season if I do say so myself
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Old 2009-03-26, 14:57   Link #264
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K1 got his fair share of attention throughout most of the series, he was active in Kai but since it was focused more around Rika and how the story all comes together... there wasn't really any need to make him the main focus anymore. Also that probably would have hindered the story a bit seeing as we had to rely on the point of view of other characters to see it fully unfold.

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Old 2009-03-26, 15:14   Link #265
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True, but he could have been given a bigger role and he should have given the final speech not Mion. He is "The Magician Of Words" after all. >_>
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Old 2010-12-11, 08:51   Link #266
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I voted for rika!!
but my fav. character will always be rena
because she's awesome in so many ways!!
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Old 2012-07-31, 14:41   Link #267
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Nothing seems to have happened in this thread for quite a while, but still I couldn't resist. It's really hard for me because I love Rena, Rika and Mion nearly all the same. Rika is very mysterious and impressive due to her double personality. Rena has such a fascinating dark past and bandwidth of emotions. And Mion is the one I finally chose because I love the way she struggles being the next Sonozaki head even if it's really hard for her sometimes and she has to suppress her emotions, towards Shion for example. I love the gentle and shy girl hiding behind all her tomboyish and dirty attitude.

Even if this is about favourite characters, the only one whom I dislike from time to time is Keiichi. He's supposed to be the "Magician of Words" but mostly I keep asking myself why his speeches do convince so many people. They are funny and sometimes bizarre, so I understand they entertain people, but I can imagine myself only laughing at them but not being convinced. There is one scene I really dislike and I praise the anime for leaving it out. This is his speech on the rooftop at the end of Tsumihoroboshi which I not only dislike because of him, but also because it makes the whole scenario look like a made-up theater play rather than a real and emotional story. All it tells me is that this guy is totally in love with himself, as if he already wore the magic swimming trunks from Hajisarashi-hen. I know he's really important and I feel much sympathy for him - when his crime from the past is discovered, for example - but all in a while I also like to see him suffer a bit, when his butt is kicked while being so in love with himself. As far as boys in Higurashi are concerned, I really prefer Satoshi who is shy but determined in Meakashi-hen.

I'm just reading the Minagoroshi chapter of the sound novel and it seems sometimes if it was all about praising Keiichi. It feels like half of the dialogue is about how eloquent, manly and courageous he is. This is rather annoying. Ryukishi07-sensei, whom I admire for most of the Higurashi story, didn't do a very good job in that way. If a character is meant to be great I rather like to see it in his actions and accomplishments than being told about his greatness all the time by other characters.

While looking through this thread, I'm astonished that some users name Akasaka who is a likable but rather boring character in comparison. He's just a courageous policeman, loving father and husband, but there's no depth or complexity about him compared to the other characters. Talking about policemen, I think Oishi is much more interesting than Akasaka.

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Old 2012-10-04, 11:18   Link #268
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Sorry, but I don't know where else to post this. An official character poll has been put up on the 07th Expansion site. You'll need a Twitter account to vote and if I'm reading it correctly, you can vote once every hour.
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