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Old 2006-01-07, 21:54   Link #121
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Originally Posted by boou28
i think this is part of the problem in america, at a young age people are given the idea that its ok to stay where you are on an intellectual level. Its true that you are able to make a living here without being an extraordinary student, but sometimes i think that it makes life more worth living just because you can remember that you've worked hard to get where you are.
this is exactly how i feel. True, there isn't any perfect system that i've been exposed to yet. I feel a much more structured and forceful education, similar to the japanese ideal, through the primary grades, pre-6 is very important. By 7th grade all the students should have solid study habits, and more importantly, found interests and or things they are better at. This is when things should start to specialize towards a more US mindset that lets the students push towards those things they want. the solid foundation will let them excel in their chosen field of study.

back on topic:

I'd spend ten years in the following wolrds as long as i could hook up with the listed girl.

1st choice: Sailor Moon - Ami-chan!
2nd choice: Slayers - Lina
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Old 2006-01-08, 02:02   Link #122
Mass Dictionary Lookup...
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Tens years in any anime? Marhoraba and Shakugan no Shana would be nice... Shakugan no Shana is chosen if I am a torch about to fade away. Or in any situation where a little known character is about to die...
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Old 2006-01-08, 02:05   Link #123
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Any anime where i could get into a giant robot and proceed to stomp idiots into a bloody mess would get my vote.
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Old 2006-01-09, 00:48   Link #124
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Personally I wouldnt mind living in Happy Lesson starting at the point right where Happy Lesson the Final ended cause im all in for Mutsuki (stop looking at all the teachers as mamas and only her as a companion).

other option is Da Capo with either Kotori or Moe

Hanaukyo Maids - without that much ecchi because too much can be a bad thing and its kinda an easy life once you know how the business works and you do the paperwork also you have the super computer on your side. A calm life with mariel is nice.

My opinion about the education system:
Well I live in Southern California and am a currently senior at a high school getting ready for college and personally the education system isn't that great from Elementary to Middle School but in high school and college its if you take the responsibility and effort in it.

However the Education System is crappy for a reason

If you have a true grasp on the situation in life and know how tough the world is and and that we live in a CAPITALISTIC country then you know that education is a factor to making a more than suitable standard of living.

The education system is designed merely to supply the worker needs of Capitalism.

We have the people at the top middle and at the bottom (the upper, middle, and lower classes)
In the american economic society we need people at the bottom and a good amount in the middle and a little at the top.
Those who fail in education and are unable to get a well paying job or involve themselves in some sort of trade are the ones at the bottom working in physical labor. And those are the people who the people in the middle class and upper class take advantage of.
Those who make it to the top usually have some part in a business such as running one or investing in one.
In this world we need people at the bottom to be making money for people at the top. Businessmen with little low wage paid workerbees producing to make you a profit.

If the education system was designed so that it would make everyone a intelligent and successful then there is too much competition between ourselves.
Can you imagine for example if everyone in america had the skills and knowledge of all high class professions because of a great education system. Who'd be cutting your lawn, selling you fast food from a restaurant, collecting your garbage every week in a gigantic vehicle.
Immigrants would but once they get into the perfect education system they'll be the same as you.

The education system is designed so that if you want to take the responsibility and effort then its all up to you to do it. If you dont then I'll be seeing you at McDonalds in your mid-40's standing behind a cash register or excited about your new position Manager of French Fries.
(No offense to people who actually work at McDonalds but really McDonalds shouldn't be the job that you have for the rest of you life. It should be the job that supports you while you are getting an education in a trade or skill. Some places like community college offer courses in a trade doesnt require you to have a High School diploma. All you need to be is 18 or older. However there are few exceptions like one of my friend's mother who's working at Del Taco because shes a widowed immigrant with limited english abilities and is at the point where it is kind of late to be going to school especially with limited english and she has to help support her son whos going to UCLA.)

Pretty much we need failures in life to do the hard physical labor no one else wants to do. If you want to be lazy and drop out of high school or stick to a low paying job for the rest of your life once you get a high school diploma then thats fine cause you'll be making the person you work for rich and they'll have an easier life than you. Also over time physical labor starts affecting the body and then you'll have to goto a doctor and might end up taking medication for certain ailments and then because you have to goto a doctor they make money off of you and then the corporation that makes the medication makes money off of you. Also along with that most medication provides only a temporary relief to whatever problems you have so then you have to keep buying more and more which then gives more money to those corportations and the consumers are the millions and millions of people who work in low class jobs

The education system is flawed for a reason and its never going to be fixed. Why? you might ask. If you havent gotten the idea by now its because we need poor little suckers working to make other people rich.

Personally I'm a first generation with parents in low paying jobs so i know how much money means in life.

I think thats all
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Old 2006-01-09, 02:06   Link #125
Mr. DJ
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Originally Posted by Thyrz
Back to topic, I wouldn't wanna be in any anime cuz animes for me are way too fake.
I think I got dumber reading that...

anyways...any anime for 10 years? hmm...probably Love Hina, c'mon now, what real life guy wouldn't like a bunch of women fawning over him, even if a couple were in denial and admitted to it l8r ;D
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Old 2006-01-09, 02:44   Link #126
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10 years in an anme world is a pretty long time. Being in "just an average harem" would be pretty tiring. Especially if it's one of those shows when the main character gets physically abused all the time. >_>
If I had to chose a world to spend 10 years in I guess the world from Naruto would be pretty nifty. Or maybe the world from GTO. With a little luck I could probably become atleast half as cool as Onizuka during those ten years...
The best world to live in would probably be some kind of fusion between a harem-show and a shonen fighting. Being the chosen and ultimate fighter while having girls chasing after you all the time. That would be fun!
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