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Originally Posted by Urzu 7 View Post
Really good GPUs aren't really utilized to great potential right now. Your card will play every game out there if you just scale the effects to medium and don't put on high AA and so forth. Your card is still very good for many games that have released in the last 18 months. Once XBox 720 and PS4 hit, the highest end AMD and nVidia cards currently available will start to be better utilized. 8 GB of RAM will matter for gaming then, too. And good i5 and i7 processors will be better utilized.
That was my thinking as well. I was playing plenty of modern games and having no trouble.

It was CPU tasks and such that were giving me problems.

If I notice anything horrendous happen, I'll drop a post here, but I don't expect anything. I've had a pretty smooth time.
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