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Old 2006-01-11, 01:54   Link #1
Join Date: Apr 2003
English guide for Share P2P?

I've heard that SHARE is the newest (well, not really that new anymore but...) P2P app, replacing Winny for sharing JP raws and such. Does anyone know of a good guide for it? I don't know if I was firewalled or what, but I couldn't seem to get any results out of it.
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Old 2006-01-11, 02:09   Link #2
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I have been using SHARE and never got most out of it. Its great and all, but meh.

Here is an excellent guide to help you with Share. It's pretty simple and straight forward...

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Old 2006-01-11, 08:04   Link #3
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The thing some people forget, is that need to search in japanese language.
The easiest thing to do is to visit, or simliar,
where they list the anime with its japanese title.
All you need to do is to mark it, copy it and paste it into share.
And of course you'll need to share some stuff.
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Old 2006-01-11, 20:41   Link #4
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As an ex-raw provider, let me also make a request to anyone using these networks: don't share your English files on there. Please. I found fansubs being shared once. I even found some raws titled with the "[1337-raws]" tag, which I found pretty audacious at the time. I consider search results like those to be garbage, and I can see why it annoys native Japanese users with "foreigners" start using their networks.

If you like the program, become proficient in the cluster system and stick to English-based clusters. It may sound a bit elitest or stuck-up, but P2P is currently segregated in a manner based around language. Many people who share English files seemingly don't really think about it: please consider it.
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