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Old 2012-04-29, 23:27   Link #21
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Originally Posted by judasmartel View Post
I mean, can't we have a smart guy who DOES NOT have to lean over the dark side to win?
I'll again point to Dr. Tenma. He flirts briefly with "the dark side" but doesn't stay there very long.

If it doesn't have to be a guy, I'll nominate both Balsa in Seirei no Moribito and Shurrei in Saiunkoku Monogatari as smart, yet highly moral characters. Yuuko in Twelve Kingdoms might also qualify for this group.

Characters that are always "good" can be pretty uninteresting unless they're very well written. Shurrei is usually a paragon of virtue, but the plot keeps that part of her character from becoming boring. Balsa is atoning for events in her past, and there are a few scenes late in the show where I think she acts unfairly toward Chagum. Nevertheless she is clearly well-intentioned throughout. Yuuko starts off as a doormat lincho but grows rapidly as the story progresses. Still she faces the issue of whether her outward goodness is just a mask for a more complex personality with darker, more selfish motives.

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Old 2012-04-29, 23:43   Link #22
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Maji de Watashini Koishinasai! The hero is genius with strong comrade and the enemy insanely strong.

Next one will not miss
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Old 2012-04-29, 23:52   Link #23
this is how its done
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Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou

the hero both has the brains and brawn mostly because he is a werewolf
he is really not a monster like the villain. he hates violent confrontations but he is willing to fight if it means saving the lives he cares about the most

the villain is a physically gifted and fucking insane.doesn't give a shit about anyone he kills. he may not be as strong as the hero but he has the tools to be just as dangerous
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Old 2012-11-12, 05:07   Link #24
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how about Iris Zero. The protagonist has no power but he use his intelligence to back up compare to other character who has power.
another one is Zippy Ziggy. The main character is a smart student. He use his intelligence to defeat stronger opponent.

just start reading this one

misumaruka koukoku monogatari. the male lead doesn't like violent and his power has been sealed by his father, so he use his silver tongue and prepare strategy to settle the problem come up. unfortunately, this manga has been axed. there only 4 volume.

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Old 2012-11-12, 13:49   Link #25
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I think the second arc of JoJo (Battle Tendency) Is the closest thing to what the OP is asking.

The main character there does possess a power to use against his enemies, but they are still a hundredfold more stronger. While they aren't completely stupid, they end up being defeated by the mc's inexhaustible reserve of tricks.

The first series, currently being animated, is somewhat similar, but the villain there is probably smarter than the MC and not as strong as the enemies of the second series.

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Old 2012-11-12, 15:56   Link #26
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I think Oda Nobuna could fit this, the hero gets transported to feudal Japan and knows all the history so he knows what happens before it does
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Old 2012-11-12, 21:48   Link #27
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*cough* Check the dates, gentlemen. It's been months and the reviver isn't the OP.
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Old 2012-11-15, 23:41   Link #28
神の金槌 (ユダ=マーテル)
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OKay, OP here. I got tired of looking, because there really seems to be nothing. However, I'll still take all your suggestions to consideration, thank you.
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