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Old 2012-11-26, 17:30   Link #101
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Meet Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi ... aka ‘Morsillini’:

"You can call him “Morsillini,” if you concur with what Twitter users are nicknaming
the Egyptian president following a recent power-consuming decree announced by
the leader.

A portmanteau of Mursi and Mussolini, the new tag is just one example of how
Mursi’s decree on Thursday drew fire from international commentators.

With the “revolutionary aim,” he claimed, of sacking the state prosecutor and
demanding a retrial of officials involved in the 2011 protester killings, Mursi
awarded himself powers that inflamed a standoff with the country's judiciary.

“Numerous comparisons abounded to ancient Egypt, claiming Mursi had just
named himself into the new Pharaoh, and clever Egyptian Twitter users began
referring to the president as “Morsillini,” wrote Time contributor Ashraf Khalil."

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Old 2012-11-26, 17:41   Link #102
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About Mursi, I have already seen that movie.
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Old 2015-12-05, 21:40   Link #103
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The Middle East as It Will Be:

"We are in the early or, at best, early-middle stages of a vicious cycle of

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Old 2016-10-17, 22:55   Link #104
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The Kingdom Loses Its Magic:

"For decades Saudi Arabia evoked images of wealth: sheiks shopping in London, princely
yachts anchored on the Riviera, and bottomless donations to politicians in Washington.
Now the reality is changing. The KSA is losing a foreign war, facing internal unrest, and
nearing actual bankruptcy. Tim Worstall says in Forbes that unless oil prices rise
substantially in the next two years the kingdom will go under. Broke. Oil revenues are
down and look to stay down due to the fracking revolution."



Admiral James Stavridis (Ret): A Deadly Confrontation Is
Coming With Iran, If Not Immediately Then After The Election:

"“The next step in this is going to be the need to use deadly force against the Iranians.
I think it’s coming, it’s going to be a maritime confrontation and if it doesn’t happen
immediately, I’ll bet you a dollar it’s going to be happening after the presidential
election, whoever is elected.”

—Admiral Stavridis on why a deadly confrontation with Iran is coming sooner or later"

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middle east

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