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Old 2012-07-25, 11:34   Link #341
Der Magier
Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: Germany
Age: 20
Kizarus or Hawkins Fruit would be so awesome. I mean think what you could do in Real life with that power
I tell you 2 things.
First, I dont like jokes.
And here is another thing, I can see the Shadow of Death on your Face.
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Old 2012-11-25, 04:52   Link #342
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2012
Of course it would be the "Suke Suke" fruit, Invisible man!!!! I could do "this" n "that" ooohhhhhhh LOLOL
Yeah Sanji, i feel you man..... T_T
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Old 2012-12-02, 16:22   Link #343
Kizoku Keenan
ばか =)
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Age: 32
The "Sake" "sake" fruit would be mine. It would be a logia type where my body is made from pure vodka, rum, whiskey and beer.
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Old 2012-12-03, 14:39   Link #344
Senior Member
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Location: 1431 Highland Drive
Originally Posted by Kizoku Keenan View Post
The "Sake" "sake" fruit would be mine. It would be a logia type where my body is made from pure vodka, rum, whiskey and beer.
A food type superpower. Very interesting. Though the only setback to this would be if an alcoholic addict were to try to consume you.
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Old 2012-12-03, 16:58   Link #345
Kizoku Keenan
ばか =)
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Age: 32
Originally Posted by Rainbowman View Post
A food type superpower. Very interesting. Though the only setback to this would be if an alcoholic addict were to try to consume you.
CRAP....Zoro wouldn't need his swords to destroy me =(
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Old 2012-12-04, 11:14   Link #346
( ಠ_ಠ)
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Somewhere, between the sacred silence and sleep
Suke Suke, rob banks, laundry the money, throw it all in a swiss account, enjoy life. *toast*
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Old 2012-12-04, 19:40   Link #347
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Originally Posted by aohige View Post
Suke Suke, rob banks, laundry the money, throw it all in a swiss account, enjoy life. *toast*

....And I suppose that list also includes peeping, yes?

As for a DF power I'd like..... personally, I'd want the Door Door fruit. I dunno, it just strikes me as one of the only fruit powers that would have the most practical use outside of battle. Like imagine being able to create your own private bathrooms at just about any public facility without having to worry about being seen/caught. I dare you to tell me that wouldn't make for a damned useful power.
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Old 2012-12-13, 09:13   Link #348
ANEGO Worshiper
Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: By the vending machine, drinking tea.
Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
....And I suppose that list also includes peeping, yes?
If you steal tons of kinda won't need to peep anymore, you'll have plenty of women throwing their panties at you willingly (Brook's dream).
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Old 2012-12-13, 22:22   Link #349
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2008
Location: KJs nightsmares
Age: 29
Mythical Zoan
3 tailed Baboon

You grow 3 tails can hold various weapons in each

Stage 1- You can split into 3 separate people each is strong but you cannot reach stage 2 or 3 in this form

Stage 2- Become a Giant Ape type creature, great power low speed

Stage 3- Hybrid of human and Ape, larger forearms, hairier appearance, much faster than stage 1 or 2, less power than stage 2 also.
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Old 2013-02-11, 20:47   Link #350
33million Humming Brook
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Ask me no questions and ill tell u no lies
Age: 25
haha these are awesome, the best way to think of dfs is how ud use them in practical rl(i mean messing with the govments and police nowadays is a whole other story). invisibles good but theirs much better than that(dont believe me?watch heroes) "A food type superpower. Very interesting. Though the only setback to this would be if an alcoholic addict were to try to consume you" nah remember when luffy actually tried to eat/bite croc rofl, he was pissed. but oh man yeah the doa would be priceless.
Gomu Gomu no mi - Pros No more fear of blunt force physical pain/blows(pretty sweet actually), travel w gum gum rocket, strectch your face out while you tell people your a rubber man lol, your dick can "stretch" even longer than usual Cons not impervious to modern bullets at all . dick might taste like rubber, gain luffys intelligence(jk), doesnt hurt when kicked in the balls(?)
Doa Doa- pretty much almost instant travel right? to anywhere? excellent for pulling pranksand messing with ppl, never be late, best hide and go seek player. anytime bathroom, excellent safe for important items and safe place to hide. Cons-cant think of any other than water and getting bluenos hairstyle...
Suke Suke no mi-- invisibility(nuff said im sure you come up with a 101 ideas just hearing that word), great for messing with people,u could be an excellent hit man actually even for the gov)but dont kill in rl unless its a really good cause, Cons-detectable by infrared? by smell like if a dog was chasing you or any animal with good smell. dont get caught on camera turning invisible or vice versa. cuz remember in rl most lkely u wannna keep ur power a secret. people will assume uv used the power at least once to peep and assume you are a pervert. walking in a crowded place or across the street etc can be more dangerous/harder than youd think
Hana hana no mi(akaRobins)- pretty awesome power actually. killer(literally) at fights, great for pranks, spying(ex on your boy/girlfriend u suspect of shananigans, and framing people, great at being a hitman(same with the doa), you could make love anywhere, excellent for lazy people,make/control clones?, make giant body parts, always smell like flowers cons-u feel (only?) the pain (not the actual damage?) of whatever happens to any of you sprouted body parts
Chop Chop(Buggys)- cant be cut, good for a hitman, good for pranks, great for lazy people, great for joining the circus,cant be castrated, u can fly!(sorta), become a shichibukai(jk lol), meet shanks, good for winning fights, chop chop buggy cons never find captain johns treasure, hatred for luffy, and nami, and zoro, and shanks, never find one piece(wouldnt it be crazy if at the end of it all Oda makes it so that Buggy finds one piece) can still be kicked in the balls,
Smoke Smoke-never get lung cancer from smoking, blend in when its foggy outside, ur a frickin logia so all those perks(immunity to bullets and whatnot), smoke all the maryjane you want, good for fights and escaping places undetected or incognito, cons- join the marines, become high rank but somehow consistently get pwned, ur boss wears a seagull on his head
alvidas sube sube aka slip- blows will slide/slip off you(somehow), if ur a chic prepare to have a models body, awesome way to travel(go back to logue town if udont remember) cons can never have sex because you just slip off of ur partners body, slide off bed when u try to sleep, slide off the toilet seat when your trying to/halfway done taking a shi-...nvm,
Mr.5 bomb fruit- easily find a job in demolition or for the gov etc, nobody would dare f-ck with you, living weapon, immune to explosions, can flick boogers as projectile highly explosive bullets for maximum pwng, great for doing looney toones impressions when they have tnt explode in their mouths or hands, can literally call your dick a "boomstick" cons- cannot survive the radiation from nuclear explosions(right?)which reminds me what if someon in op has a radiation df ), must be careful when sh*tting, pissing, spitting and shedding hair as body is highly volatile, high expenses on repairing exploded toilets, can accidentally and literally "bang" your girl/boyfriend to death, can never finish on or in someone due to volatile nature of your "projectiles"
weight weight fruit- show those mean bullies from highschool you have lost weight, mess with your parents/doctors/friends heads and make them think your belemic one day and a huge over eater the next, mess with fat people and tell them "idk what your talking about i weigh the same as you but look much skinnier", never worry about falling hard to the ground, never worried about being kidnapped, exceelent for fights, can deliver one fatal kick to the balls, can walk and pretend like your on the moon by lowering your mass, bet people they cant pick you up for money ; rake in the dough, cause seats in restaurants to break and blame the company for ill manufacturing of chairs; claim hush money. cons-none i can think of
wax fruit- easy to get work as sculpture and other things, make a cool battle robot for yourself, cons-become a douche like mr3, become an enemy of a shichibukai Mr.0 now hates you and the unluckies will be sent to you shortly, befriend an overly young girl who is ridiculously good at painting;become suspect of pedophilia
bon clays fruit-this one is good for rl, become anyone,GREAT for messing with people, great for intel gathering, transform self into hot girl-get naked infront of mirror-win, make yourself look like bradd pitt/celebrities all the time-hit up the club, instantly gain the physical(or somewhat near?) level of the person you become, be the president for a day-if caught call shananigans and call the real obama an impostor, transform into and make bush look like even more of an idiot, cons- u r now a crossdresser(jk) none no cons
spike spike- not too many other than that you now have secret brass knuckle spikes, and you can play real life sonic the hedgehog
Mr.1- immunity to most all physical blows and extremely hard to cut, win any fight, immune to bullets, cannons?, bombs?, hit by a car etc, never waste money on any kind of knife/razor again, your are your own fork and knife, cons-STAY AWAY FROM MAGNETS!, can never get through metal detectors without making security suspicous, sex can be dangerous...for your partner, it sux to be outside during a thunderstorm, you shit metal..sometimes sharp jagged metal
sand sand fruit- the desert is now a paradise for you, you love the middle east and some parts of africa, ruin your enemies flowers/crops by withering them and the ground, collapse empires around the world secretly through their crops with your ability(just to be a douche), thirsty all the time, laugh to yourself everytime mr sandman/sandman is played and when people ask why just grin, when your at peoples houses cause sand to fall off of you different placs around the house so the owner later wonders how so much sand got into her house when she lives in the suburbs, order drinks at bars-cause drinks to dry up on touch-demand refill because of the impossiblity of you drinking it that fast and no evidence of spilled liquid on the ground, cause things around neighbours house to mysteriously turn to dust to freak them out-explain how it must have been ghosts that did this, cause random sand tornados to appear out of nowhere in places where its impossible-tell people it must be the end of the world, the beach just became ten times more fun, you are the best at kicking sand on people, cause people buried in the sand in the beach for fun to sink into the ground to freak them and their friends out and get beach closed for quick sand inspection, if you ever pissed yourself in public you could easily dry the evidence, same if you miss when at the toilet, cons- when people kiss you your tongue is like sandpaper, every time you get to 3rd or 4th base with a girl upon touch all of a sudden shes not wet, pee sand, anyone whose hands are wet can hit you, wet bullets will killl you, if you stay out in intense heat too long you turn to glass
Hawk Hawk fruit- YOu can Fly!!you are now balling, f- a car, f- the bus, cons- get shot down by redneck for mistaking you for rare bird, you have a strange taste for carrion when you transform, have weird dreams of being caged and owned by humanoid birds and unable to fly and be free
Munch Munch fruit-awesome for rl purposes, EAT ANYTHING, win every eating contest your in ever, "you are what you eat"(so if you ate a bodybuilder would you become muscular?), eat guns/swords/metal/and a car so you can become all in one, eat all nuclear weapons solve any future missile crisis's, use ur new found nuclear power to destroy canada, nobody likes canada, become hero jk I Love Canada canadians are AWESOME, eat all garbage dumps so more land is available for revenue, eat a television and sattelite whole, good to go for life, can make yourself slim anytime you want, never get food poisoning? cons-might get fat eating so much, you take one hellofamean sh*t, if you ever tried being belemic it wouldnt be pretty, forget its not normal to start munching on random inanimate objects like a table in front of people.
Human Human fruit-You are the next Buddha, new religions/ways of life are created from you cons- like steroids your dick shrinks
Bison fruit-you can become a bison...thats it...i guess youl b great in a fight, when in animal form(this goes for all zoan) pretend to be a sentient animal-freak out friends when everytime theirs a mystery to be solved a mysterious bison appears from nowhere and helps to solve the clues displaying human like intelligence
spring spring fruit- f a car, leap tall buildings in a single bound, have worlds best jumpshot and dunk record, cons- doflamingo will kill you, your crew er i mean friends suck
fir fire fruit- never worry about most high temperatures, heat and flames, if ur a pyro uv probably just jizzed yourself now, dare anyone that you can eat more fire than they can, when gone unchallenged eat fire anyways, mysteriously never snows above your house or on your driveway, never wear a coat even when its near sub zero outside-when asked why and what is wrong with you by friends claim it is because you are more of a man than they are, never buy a lighter or flamethrower, always be that guy who saves someones ass when realize they dont have a alighter on them, screw the gas bill, screw the heat bill, never buy a flashlight? screw the light bill? cons- your sh*ts literally burn this time, it really does burn when you pee, must take a conscious effort to stay away from gas stations, oil, propane and gas in general
Noro Noro no mi(Foxy)- awesome for rl in fights beat your opponents while they stand still and take unflinchingly-stop and walk away all cool-and watch as people are amazed by the fact that you hit the person so hard it actually took ten seconds for him to feel the effects, in an epic sword fight use powers slice opponent walk away while slowly sheathing your sword and saying something epic/inspiring/insulting/wise to opponent-time so that when you are done speaking your sword finishes sheathing and suddenly your opponents slash mark appears and gets cut, get on plane-freak people out by using powers on plane-claim it must be a new technological terrorism as plane seems to be suspended in the air-accuse the air marshal, use beam on women to give multiple Orgasms at once to them(pretend you are sex god), find jessica alba-freeze her-smack dat ass- carry on with day, use to cheat to become awesome at sports by making you opponents suck-claim people always just "freeze up" around you, freeze pamela anderson-feel tit-nvm, order mcdonalds-freeze cooking vat-demand free food for extra long wait, win every race ever, need to use the bathroom during ur favorite show/game? no prob freeze tv, wanna know how many times a fly flaps its wings in a minute?no prob, oh sh*t theres a bomb in front of you-its about to explode-no prob, cons- u have foxys fruit...u and him now have something in common with the guy who has to say NORO NORO BEAMU everytime he uses his powers and does it with weird devil horn hand guestures im sorry
Soap Soap Awe Awe-(it makes no sense it s power) never have to takea bath again, always fresh and ready to go, sweat beads of liquid soap, never pay money for bubble bath, you could beat rocky in his prime if you were a 15 yr old girl, sap anyones strength and leave them clean weak and freakishly smooth and dishapen, people will be amazed at how after you use the bathroom after eating chilli tacos the bathroom actually smells better, people wonder how everything you seem to touch on second glance is mysteriously sparkly clean, if your a clean freak youv prob jizzed urself, your farts are visible bubbles and mysteriously clean whatever they land on and touch, no stain is too tough for you, never pay money at a car wash again cons- make your own brand of soap that works extremely well...too well-you are sued, effects on people nullified by water, us bubles can be blown away by wind and washed away by water, during sex oral is out of the question as you taste like soap
rust rust fruit- your neighbour just showed off his brand new awesome bike/bmw he bought-he knows you cant afford it but hes a douche and rubs it in your face laughing-oh no whats this? the next day his bike/bmw is rusted all over-too bad the warranty doesn't cover that you say youv never heard of that happening b4 and walk away, someone messing with you? rust his arm claim insanity when he tries to blame you for it-watch as he is hauled off to a mental institution-smirk to self, oh someone is trying to mug you with something metallic haha, buy brand new clean house/car/whtvr have seller inspect with you, after buy come back and show massive rust damage and claim you have been scammed-recieve hush money-win, the little kids in your neighbourhood dont believe in ghosts-every night rust one of their possessions-claim it is ghosts revenge for their unbelief-laugh at their fear, u rusted Zoro's sword-you are a baller cons- you rusted Zoro's sword-you are a goner, get pissed when you realize your power can't unrust things
Brook's fruit-Go hard all the time knowing you can come back one more time if anything happens, do something incredibly crazy that gives you G status, die sometime in the future doing something epic-come back to life-claim to be immortal-recieve worship and panties, claim to be Solomon Grundy, get into a bar fight with a drunken man-get killed-come back and pretend to be a ghost only he can see here to haunt him for eternity with the sould remove ability, cons-you got no power till you die, your technically a zombie?and freak out all zombies are real and will one day be coming fanatics who hunt you down so they can shoot you in the head to stop the infection
Perona's fruit Holo Horo? no mi- you know that one guy/gal whose always in a cheerful mood for some reason which pisses you off?todays ur lucky day, go to bar-ruin hot girls self esteem-prey on depression and swoop in for the "kill", win any debate/game by sabatoging opponents confidence, claim peoples reactions to being around you come from you being so much better then them they become depressed thinking about their old lives, talk big sh*t to the meanest hardes thug in your town,school,office,etc watch as everyone is amazed you broke him down to crying, no one will ever want to challenge you to a roast, use ghosts to scare the living crap out of "non-believer", convince the gov ghosts are real and serious inquiry and tax dollars has to be put into invesitgaion of the phenomenon, find out secretly it already has lol, use ghost form to spy on people and freak them out cons-in ghost form u r helpless, people start thinking u r a witch
Kage kage no mi shadow fruit-awesome for real life- limited form of transportation, you have two bodies that share information between each other even through distances, can create a zombie army, if u r goth this is the perfect fruit for you, the shadows begin to feel natural to be in, if you wanted to become batman this fruit is one way to start, tap a friend on the shoulder when hes alone with your doppleganger-make it disappear-laugh at following hilarity that insues as he panics, challenge the toughest dude around with the hottest girl to a fight, sneakily cut of his shadow so no one see, emerge victorious holding his unconscious body and brag later how he was ko'ed for days, steal girl, when asked to prove how you beat him when so weak challenge other big guys to fights-take in many shadows first, kick ass and achieve more prestige, shadow box for real, convince friends zombies are real and you found a magic amulet(fake) that lets you control them, dress up as batman at night-catch a criminal with powers-as someone asks who u are say your batman and have shadow trasform into many bats covering you as you dash away, cons- you have to say "Bricku Batu" everytime u use that move, ur shadow can be douchebag sometimes
paw paw fruit- have awesome squishy soft paws on your hands, catch a punch from anyone in ur hand and amaze friends how strong you are, teleportation? gain respect/fear/solitude from people as they start to notice people who mess with you mysteriously dissapear, buy some sort of scary/weird/intriguing(like VforVendetta)mask-walk up to random people/friends and ask if theyd like to go anywhere where would it be-send them flying there at night when theyre sleeping-laugh about the stories they tell about the strange/mysterious man in the mask(who becomes legend) who asked them whered theyd like to go the day before you woke up there, have sex with girlfriend/boyfriend-when finish remove fatigue-go at it again, play a sports game-remove fatigue from body during breaks and halftime-become known for ur incredible stamina, always play goalie and d in soccer and in basketball, stuff lebron james, join army-survive and come out-in whatever you do that takes your stamina use your powers to remov ur fatigue-claim to be super soldier captain america(claim to have been injected with the same serum captain america was)cons-always have to wear gloves to cover weird paws on hands, claim it is strange genetic birth defect when discovered by others,
magnet magnet fruit-mess with the guy who ate the metal fruit, cause anything that can be disturbed by magnetic influence/disturbance to go haywire/crazy/float/fly through the air whenever you get mad, u can actually use this ability to fly if in the right place i think and wearing some metal on clothes, immune to swords guns etc so long as you are aware, convince friends to shoot you with bb gun cuz you can take it like a man-deflect bullets back at friends-wonder with your friends how the hell that happened-laugh to self inside head, pretend to get drunk-make insane bets with gamblers like how ul bet 50 bucks a car will randomly flip itself over-make happen-roll in the dough, pretend u know how to juggle flaming chainsaws when really u r using your powers, automatically know if a girl has a piercing, feel sorry for whoever tries to mess with you that has braces, ask friend if they believe in magic in a completely serious tone while driving-cause car to levitate depending on answer, be the best gold/precious metal finder in the world, easy to steal precious metals cons-u r a magneto rip off
Room Room Fruit- at the dead of night walk in with your own head cut off held in your hands with a pumpkin where your head should be into ur friends room, say icabob icabob icabob crane(or friends name), disapppear, when friend tells you story later tell him he should really stop smoking weed and eating weird things before he goes to bed late, become magician-actually saw helpers in half, own doflamingo, steal big boob girls big boobs, use room to swap ur stick of gum with friends/strangers wallet, use room to swap policemans gun with a rubber chicken/donut
beat beat?noise noise/music music fruit- learn how to rap/sing, never waste money on music lessons, control animals with music?, be awesome dj, lord true skillz over Pauly D, gain awesome talkshow/radiohost voice, literally be able to have your own theme music played wherever you go that reflects and compliments your mood and situation cons- have powers that you wont even fully understand yourself(he blew up kizaru wtf??) get weird metal braces
T rex fruit- convince national scientific comitee dinosaurs not extinct, cut tail off/saw leg off while in dinosaur state-bring to prestigous musuem sell for huge profit, scare friends by playing in the woods-transforming in secret- then appearing out of nowhere chasing them while they run peeing their pants cons- none man ur a freaking t rex
Age Age fruit?- get with member of the opposite sex-have some sort of realtions-turn age to 14-demand hush money and that the cops will never believe that you "though i was 28". everyday add a year or two to your body either up or down so that people always do a double take when they see you commenting on how they could have sworn you were taller/shorter yesterday-blame the shoes/comment on how your worried about their mental health, get with a 17 yr old no prob al right giggity, play benjamin button with ur friends and family, confide very seriously in one friend or one family member that u just found out ur aging backwards rapidly due to a curse of using a monkeys paw to wish for youthfulness until you turn back into a baby and die, ask they spend ur last day with you, tell them to keep whats going on a secret so as not to alarm your family, get them to do crazy things with you the whole day and finally at three years of age give a heart felt speech of what your friendship/familyship? meant to you as you quickly detoriate into a baby, the next day come back alive and act as if nothing happened/if questioned about the previous day pretend you have no idea what theyre talking about and look at them with alarm for their mental health, walk away with a monkeys paw attached to a chain to your pants on the back with one finger curled up and four straight lol. cons none
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Old 2013-02-17, 23:08   Link #351
Mugiwara no Kaizoku
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Talking Akuma no mi

I know tis sound CrAzY but... Listen
There should be a Devil Fruit call Kami Kami no Mi
Or God God fruit i know sounds crazY and cool at the sametime but the real power of tis devil fruit even though its God Fruit is tat the user is equally to God's willpower and can do anythin it wishes like the user can punch anybody and they'll be off flying or the user can just touch them and send them away because its God no can resist...!! But according to the Devil Fruit rules tis fruit still cant swimm soo the only way to defeat tis fruit is to use seastone or drown God.. I guessed
But ill be so happy if tis Devil Fruit exist.. And ya tis is my Devil Fruit!!
われ わ かみなり。
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Old 2013-02-20, 08:37   Link #352
I am better than you
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Chainsaw fruit

Be like that dude from Soul Eater.
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Old 2013-02-20, 10:42   Link #353
Mugiwara no Kaizoku
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Its all about God the
I want Enerus devil fruit
The immortal fruit which can bring yourself alive
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Old 2013-10-10, 02:56   Link #354
Sweet Perfume Mist ♥..♪
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The Rumble-Rumble Fruit. That's about it.
It's the fruit that Eneru (Enel) ate which gives him his Lightning abilities. I don't care for the logia dodging, just the lightning abilities itself.
You Peons Must Be Content With Being Weak. So Vexing...
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Old 2013-10-13, 00:45   Link #355
User of the "Fast Draw"
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Yeah I have to say for pure convenience the Suke Suke no Mi fruit is probably my top pick. So many ways that invisibility could be useful. For modern life that's just a super fun ability. Can...procure funds without a problem...."Women's Bath"....avoid annoying people...."Women's Bath"....and such.

In a world like One Piece though I'd probably say Ace's Mera Mera no Mi. Going full blown fire mode against threats would be pretty cool.
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Old 2013-10-14, 15:49   Link #356
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The Umi Umi no Mi: a logia type fruit that allows its user to manipulate and create water.

The Kaze Kaze no Mi: a logia type fruit that allows its user to manipulate and create wind, and fly.

The Aurum Aurum no Mi: a logia type fruit that allows its user to manipulate and create gold, and be filthy rich.
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Old 2013-10-14, 19:44   Link #357
Redbeard Has Blood Logia!
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Outbreak Devil Fruit

A very rare, yet disgusting paramecia that allows user to control and spread diseases.
There are numerous diseaes that can be controlled and all will be extracted in the form of smoke/cloud of different colors. User will have full immunity to every possible infection.

There are personal buffs like fast blood clotting control which will reduce any kind of wound effect for a limited time. Seastone or sea water will render any kind of disease smoke as harmless as a sprinkle of dust. Effected victims will also get cured from chosen diseases when totally soaked with sea water.

-Achooo! : You sneeze, shooting a ranged green glowing smoke/salive mixture at target. In contact makes the target suffer a constant sneezing, blurry vision plus dizzyness symtomps. Also has gattling gun and area effect style attack modes.

Mustard Gas! : Once activated, You blow out a huge yellowish breath from your deadly sick lungs, sapping the power of every alive being in a certain radius within your every breath. Melee combatants will most likely drop down before getting the blow on you. Thou it does not kill, it will definitely provide a small scale Conquerer's haki effect around you. Wear your poison breath like an armor.

-Crimson Touch! : A special attack which causes you to grow a pair of round, pink tumors in your palms. In contact these tumorish growths makes target spread the virus, bleed internally and uncontrollably. Like a flesh eating bacteria, disease will keep devouring flesh and bones till it leaves nothing but a crimson dust.

-Blight!: Same growth erupts, releasing the toxins as a crimson mist, causing a massive contaminated area around you. As a huge red mist envelops around the area, any lifeform in contact will be completely destroyed.

You can inhale any bacteria smoke back harmlessly or make any liquid form of virus disappear once you are done.
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Old 2013-10-19, 15:52   Link #358
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Crystal Crystal Fruit, type Logia.
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Old 2013-10-22, 17:47   Link #359
Sweet Perfume Mist ♥..♪
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Originally Posted by Candeloro1 View Post
Crystal Crystal Fruit, type Logia.
Wow... That was hilarious.
You Peons Must Be Content With Being Weak. So Vexing...
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Old 2013-11-10, 10:39   Link #360
Professional Hikkikomori
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The Kami Kami no Mi. You become God. GG.
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