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Old 2013-01-01, 12:14   Link #2461
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Originally Posted by skullheart View Post
Now that i think about it, i think the anime changed how the "emotion transmission" worked. They were suppose to also feel the emotions of the one transmitting it too not just hearing their thoughts. Not sure if they ignored that part or they just can't animate that.
Eh, i think they just decide to skimp it. Ye can't really animate how a character feels another's feelings anyway.
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Old 2013-01-01, 12:20   Link #2462
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Old 2013-01-01, 12:24   Link #2463
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I enjoyed the last flurry of episodes. After all the group as been through in terms of body-swapping, kidnapping, fighting, and so forth, you wonder what the future holds. As the group goes their separate ways as they grow older, will Balloon Vine/Heartseed finally allow them a measure of peace, or find a convoluted way to bring them back together under the pretense of more drama?

Inaba and Taichi make a good couple. Iori has her issues but seems to be mending. Due to the guy/girl ratio being odd instead of even, one character was inevitably going to be left out.

Great series overall. The unbreakable bonds of nakama. It's the reason I watch series like this.
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Old 2013-01-01, 12:52   Link #2464
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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The phenomenon this time around was a bit too similar to the previous one where they were forced to blurt out their thoughts. It still made for a very entertaining watch, especially since the thought transmitted were not chosen randomly at all (Iori was right on that account).

I laughed at the way Aoki was treated in this arc. I was very surprised when Heartseed came to him and thought he was finally about to become relevant but... nope. All Heartseed had to say was that he was useless and the least interesting of the group (felt like he spoke on the audience's behalf). Poor Aoki. Forever irrelevant.

Iori's "emo" phase went on for a bit too long for my taste, thankfully she managed to snap out of it at the end. It seems like her problem is finally solved. She realized she should follow her own feelings and disregard others' expectations. This way, she'll discover her real self eventually.

The love triangle has also been resolved and didn't leave anybody with bitter feelings. Taichi and Inaba make a good couple. It kind of sucks that Iori is now the only one of the group without love interest, but she doesn't seem to mind.

Very solid arc overall, perhaps even the best of the series. It's a good place to end the show, as well. The ending is pretty satisfying as it is.
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Old 2013-01-01, 13:53   Link #2465
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At least C-kun would now know how a certain super tan would act like in super deredere mode.
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Old 2013-01-01, 15:23   Link #2466
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I liked these last 4 episodes for the most part. This phenomenon was probably the best one in terms of how it was used and the impact it had on the characters and their development. Only thing that really bothered me was Nagase's issue seemed to be the same one she had in all the other archs, it was like she needs to keep being told over and over again to just be herself because she only has a month memory span or something.

As a actual ending for the series, it was good but it left too many questions for my taste. It wrapped up most of the character issues so on that end it was basically perfect.
Spoiler for characters:

The problem with this being the end is it leaves too many questions are Heartseed (or Baboon Vine or whatever he is actually called). The series seemed to be building up some kind of mystery around him, even more so once a second one appeared, and then they basically just tell you to forget it and roll on. I get the series only had 17 episodes to work with so they didn't get to tell the whole story, but that isn't really a excuse.

Overall it was a good series and I really enjoyed the ride, the characters were better then usual, the comedy guy characters actually played a slightly active role for once, the concept was cliche but with a twist which made it refreshing. Biggest drawback was the fact that some of the phenomenon were not well used and no answers to some major questions (although this can be slightly forgiven). Overall 7/10 , have a nice day
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Old 2013-01-01, 15:29   Link #2467
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I'm much more satisfied with the conclusion of Michi Random than I was with most of the previous arcs. The kidnapping subplot bears mentioning for its goofiness, but everything else came together nicely by the time it was all over.

Iori is the star even when she's being intolerable. Three fantastic moments that stood out to me:
- The one-on-one conversation with Yui
- Flying off the handle when her friends become collateral damage in the Setouchi situation, even as she tried to push them away
- Her pitch-perfect Reason-You-Suck speech to Inaba. This was what was sorely missing from Kizu Random. Inaba may have done the "right" thing by being true to herself, but it always rubbed me wrong the way Iori never dealt with how bad the whole deal sucked from her perspective.

Also, as a big Inaba fan and even with this being an Iori arc, the whole thing felt like fanservice aimed directly at me. And I'm just going to go ahead and be totally fine with that.

Greatest confession response ever: "HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~EEEHH~!!"
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Inaban... so... fuckin'... cute... hurrrk-!
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Old 2013-01-01, 20:27   Link #2468
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It seems a lot of people want to know what or who heartseed is.
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Old 2013-01-01, 21:41   Link #2469
Azuma Denton
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A very good arc this time.
The character interaction is very intense.
Kudos to both Aki Toyosaki and Miyuki Sawashiro for their performance in voicing Iori and Inaban.

So in the end, Taichi choose Inaban. A good choice if i may say so. Both of them are really tuned to each other in recent episodes.
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Old 2013-01-01, 22:03   Link #2470
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14-17 were pretty good, the level of seriousness here should've been present much earlier in the series. If the development earlier was as good as these last episodes, then I would've given the overall series a much better rating.

It was really annoying seeing Iori act as if her case is so special and rare that there is no point in talking about it. She took the words right out of my mouth when she called herself a "tragic heroine." I found myself calling her that while I was watching her be so emo, it was getting on my nerves. Then Inaba comes in and says almost exactly what I wanted to say to Iori, basically she's doing it to herself rather than what she believed to be things being done to her.

Although I know these past few episodes were about Iori, Inaba, and Taichi, I really can't help feeling deprived of the lack of Yui showing some affection. I never liked Iori and didn't feel any attachment towards Inaba. However, I really did like seeing her going all dere, and she didn't try to deny her feeling towards Taichi even when it was exposed in such embarrassing ways.

Originally Posted by skullheart View Post
It seems a lot of people want to know what or who heartseed is.
Why wouldn't they want to know what or who Heartseed is? If it was the kind of setting in which aliens controlling the minds or something of earthlings were common place, then that would be entirely different. But what we have here is some alien thing show up and starts doing stuff without any explanation. Of course people are going to wonder who the heck, or what the heck, is this thing. I also wonder as to why Heartseed is around doing these things. But that in itself does not affect my personal rating of this show, it's the execution in some areas that bother me.
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Old 2013-01-01, 22:37   Link #2471
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Episode 14:

Ah. This episode really reminded me of everything I hated and loved about this show as it was airing.

First is Heartseed. Now, I'm well aware that he's just part of the overarching setup, but the way the supposedly random phenomenon just triggers at the exact moment that would amount to the most possible drama is even more obvious than it was in the last three arcs. I still think it's bad writing, but I'll let that slide. The interesting thing here is that Iori confirms something I've been noticing since the second arc. All of them (aside from Iori) have this bad habit of dissociating themselves from their experiences under the influence of a phenomenon. They tend to absolve themselves of any responsibility for their actions under its effect. But what makes that any different from blaming the environment for how an individual turns out? While such may be true to an extent, but that solves very little. It's just escapism. There will always be some element of personal choice, no matter how small, that has some say as to what kind of person an individual becomes.

All that aside, this phenomenon (emotion transfer) strikes me as another curious social experiment as to how a person can survive without wearing masks. After all, everyone lives in society wearing different facades to suit different contexts. If that capacity were to be taken away in the case of someone who depends on these masks for survival, like Iori, the results would be disastrous, as we've already seen. It takes away that small pretense of privacy that keeps us sane as individuals. This, along with the second one, is probably the most cruel game we've had so far.

I'll post on the others soon.
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Old 2013-01-01, 22:52   Link #2472
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I need to rewatch this in english maybe they should of made this at less 50eps or at less 25 so it didnt play out so fast and see why Heartseed did this as well to see Taichi to help out more girls
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Old 2013-01-02, 00:02   Link #2473
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Instead of oneshotting this arc- I'm going to take it one episode at a time so as to not overdose on moe as Inaban's Persona evolves into Dereban I'm going to let it melt slowly over time like the chocolate theme of this arc.

Speaking of which; God I could watch that chocolate scene over and over just to see Inaban's reaction and response when Taichi praised her

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Old 2013-01-02, 00:17   Link #2474
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Episode 15:

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

This episode illustrates that adage pretty well. While I understand how everyone is sincerely doing their best to help Iori in her time of need, all they're doing is pouring salt on the wound. They're merely forcing their ideal image of Iori on to her. It's unhealthy. Heck, it'd strike me as a tad bit hypocritical if a person comes to saying that I'm not acting like myself.

Well, it doesn't exactly help that Iori is going about the whole thing in an overly-dramatic manner, but her issue is understandable. After all, what's the point of keeping up a facade if people can see right through you to begin with?
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Old 2013-01-02, 01:02   Link #2475
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Originally Posted by Theo View Post
No, about the kidnappers like they said they would when they got there.
I uh, I didn't see the last episode when I replied, I'm sorry.

Now that I HAVE watched all of it...damn, that was seriously awesome. Loved it, and how tense things got. I had good faith these last four episodes would serve as the proper ending for the series, and for me it did the job.

I Scream Chocolatl has become my second favourite Kokoro Connect ED of all time as well.
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Old 2013-01-02, 01:25   Link #2476
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Spoiler for Michi Random:
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Old 2013-01-02, 02:25   Link #2477
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Episodes 16-17:

That outburst from Iori was beautiful and cathartic. It contained all of the things we've been waiting for her to articulate since the first arc. It was like seeing her for he first time a character. The episode would have indeed been a great one if it wasn't ruined by that ill-timed kidnapping. Seriously, what the heck was Himeko thinking there?

Fortunately, the second half of the final episode had better things going for it. It was nice to see Iori recovering her own self. Yes, her true self is nowhere as wonderful as the image the people had in their heads, but she's not a horrible person either. It's just that her excesive focus much on her negative qualities, in addition to the unintended prodding by Taichi and company, caused her to snap. Now, she's free... well, relatively free, if you're cynical.

A Taichi x Inaba end seems quite fitting now. We've gotten to know possibly the most about her throughout the series, and we're just still getting to know about Iori. A nice, feel-good ending is just about right, I guess.
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Old 2013-01-02, 03:45   Link #2478
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Originally Posted by Qilin View Post
A Taichi x Inaba end seems quite fitting now. We've gotten to know possibly the most about her throughout the series, and we're just still getting to know about Iori. A nice, feel-good ending is just about right, I guess.
It's pretty ok since...

Warning: Not safe to view at work or school!
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Old 2013-01-02, 04:29   Link #2479
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wow. this anime totally flew under my radar. i had the last week off from work, and decided to see if there was any anime adaptations worth to watch. i finished episodes one to seventeen in two nights. what a roller coaster of emotions that was! too bad about the controversy surrounding this anime though, and the chances of it getting a second season. i now have a sour taste in my mouth after reading about it when i finished watching the anime a few minutes ago.
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Old 2013-01-02, 04:51   Link #2480
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The real question is, season 2?
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body swapping, comedy, drama, romance, shounen, slice of life

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