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Old 2003-12-18, 15:59   Link #21
t3h n1nj4 1337
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yes.. there are really fanbois.. like 1337 ones too..

<segahekui> so what other anime have you watched?
<fanboi> ummm... nothing.. .. only naruto

thats the worst.. then they claim its the best cuz its all they watch xD

... also i only call ppl n00bs who act dumb.

but yeah.. i mean, naruto = thursday, or whenever they finish. if u cant wait then find em urself!
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Old 2003-12-18, 21:54   Link #22
Needs more sleep~
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Originally Posted by Segahekui
not really.. we had problems.. many of us were errr.. hehe how shoudl i put this, tricking ppl into doing !list.. not only that tho, it got out of hand from all the noobs entering that it was just spamming. so instead they kick for having fservs that way when the !list comes up nothing comes up and it only send them a warning
not when it goes up to 50 ppl a day (well, while im on atleast) asking the same things.. -.-

as for the noobs thing.. it says clear enough in the topic to do !rules to view the rules.. i just wished ppl payed attention ...
We (ops) used to kick people who do !list/@find in the channel, but we changed it to kick fserves because the kickban for !list results in channel spam:

*** fanboi has joined channel #animesuki
<fanboi> !list
*** OP sets mode +b *!*@fanboi.ip.address
*** OP has kicked fanboi (No !list/@find in channel. Go to!)

Now it's just:

*** fanboi has joined channel #animesuki
<fanboi> !list
[... wait a few seconds]
*** fanboi has parted channel #animesuki

Now the bot sends a silent notice to that user with the rule.

The annoying part is still the fanboys who come in and ask when the episode comes out. One of these days, the response will be:

<fanboi> When is teh next Naruto coming out?
*** OP has kicked fanboi (Rule #13: Do not ask when an episode is coming out!!!!)
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Old 2003-12-19, 01:29   Link #23
Queen of the Underworld
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I have started burning people who type !list and ask when the next episode of whatever is going to be aired. Who knows when the kick will come (but I predict it will soon be kick instead of burn). Be warned.
-New home for #animesuki-
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