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Old 2013-01-08, 08:32   Link #181
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Originally Posted by stassy View Post
Aren't Koyomi's feelings for Tsubasa just motherly/parent love?
No OK, not reading Kizu- is one thing, missing the Bake- OVA another, but also all the dialogue in Nise-

Also, since I rewatched the four episode last night, I still think that with only the material from season one (Bake/Kizu/Nise/Neko-Kuro), Tsubasa is letting the cat relieve her stress... in the same way, Koyomi let's Hitagi superficially dominate their relationship, when "the sh*t hits the fan" both take control to stop all that "nonsense"

EDIT: Also Koyomi's overrelliance on Meme is annoying, but understandable, even though the cat made a good point about it... And another thing I forgot to mention, WTF is wrong with Koyomi's death wish, every other story arc, he is trying to commit assisted suicide by a jail-bait
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Old 2013-01-08, 09:32   Link #182
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This OVA in its entirety was amazing, way more amazing than Nisio's usual ramblings that tend to go both nowhere and everywhere. But this OVA had the kind of character study that drew me towards his zany writing to begin with.

In the end, everything goes back to Hanekawa Tsubasa's unsettling oddness as a human being. I'm not even sure if it's still fine to classify her as a "human" at this point, considering how this story paints her as some sort of emotionless machine that exists solely to act out on the rule she arbitrarily places over herself. Quite fitting how Meme refers to this, specifically her conception of "family", as a kaii in itself.

I found it kinda funny how the sawarineko was revealed to be a victim, rather than a perpetrator in this case. But I guess the fact that she can still accumulate and deal with stress indicates that she has some degree of humanity within her.
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Old 2013-01-08, 14:38   Link #183
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Well, it's understandable why Koyomi lets Hitagi dictate the relationship - it makes her more comfortable that she set the pace, especially after her past trauma. Koyomi is patiently waiting for her to get more comfortable but at this rate, he'll just let her run the show.


At least Tsubasa would needle him into making desicions first on his own rather than just drag him around at her pace. >.>
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Old 2013-06-26, 21:39   Link #184
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Hmm ... interesting.

This is the first part of this series that I enjoyed. The Curse Cat was my fave chara from the Bakemonogatari series, which I largely felt "meh" towards. (I think a large part of it was not liking Hitagi - thought I liked the Mayoi story.)

Unexpectedly, I am a little more curious to check out Nisemonogatari now. :\

Whoulda thought?
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Old 2015-07-06, 21:04   Link #185
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I finally got around to Nekomonogatari. I've also watched Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogarari. I found Nekomonogatari very interesting, but even though parts of it seem to be a prequil, some parts seem to fit into the last third of Bakemonogatari. It seems to be a little out of sync.

Would reading the light novels help me figure out a better connection, or is it like that in the novels?
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