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Old 2013-01-09, 19:12   Link #21
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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Lots of assertions being thrown around without cites about usage numbers, power, influence.

As a general rule, monopolies aren't a good idea without extensive regulation (like electric utilities). People tend to use a product family out of laziness or wonderful integration. Microsoft has tried this for years - a lot of their products are mediocre but they integrate well. Google is trying to provide that sort of wonderous integration with better tools, that's why Microsoft is worried.

Are they good or evil? Well, that's the problem with a monopoly. It might be good this year but all it takes is a change in leadership. Google needs decent competition and regulation to keep it from snuffing out or absorbing competition (which is true of Microsoft and almost any other corporation).
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Old 2013-01-09, 19:35   Link #22
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Originally Posted by Gundamx View Post
Google = SERN!
quick! to the phone microwave! and someone turn the 42" on!
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Old 2013-01-09, 20:08   Link #23
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The world brain wouldn't work because as a computer system, it is WYSIWYG.

If it scans garbage books in, expect garbage output.

When three puppygirls named after pastries are on top of each other, it is called Eclair a'la menthe et Biscotti aux fraises avec beaucoup de Ricotta sur le dessus.
Most of all, you have to be disciplined and you have to save, even if you hate our current financial system. Because if you don't save, then you're guaranteed to end up with nothing.
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Old 2013-01-09, 20:19   Link #24
The Comet has Come
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So... in Google Brain, computer trolls you?
Dessler Soto, Banzai!
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Old 2013-01-10, 08:07   Link #25
Knight Errant
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@chrome: it is indeed now the most popular browser.

It is a fairly recent thing, I was as surprised as anyone else.
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Old 2013-01-10, 08:20   Link #26
Kyero Fox
Tastes Cloudy
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The SECOND that lady said "Google can basicly hold the world hostage" I Just planted my face to my keyboard.....Really? ...oh god, Just stick to your gun control crap and let books be viewed world wide. Wait but terrorists can read our books!.. is pretty much what they are saying.
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Old 2013-01-10, 13:40   Link #27
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Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
@chrome: it is indeed now the most popular browser.

It is a fairly recent thing, I was as surprised as anyone else.
The whole "best viewed in X" is not in fashion these days but just about every site that's built today is built for chrome first, so it's technically "best viewed in chrome." Chrome as a browser has been very good to developers. The tools are so good you could write an entire book on them, and they make all the older tools such as Firefox/Firebug look like they're from the stone age (going into IE's version of them is like traveling back to Win95). The development cycle is also pretty solid and has been adopted in one form or another by all other browser vendors.

Originally Posted by Traece View Post
So... Am I to understand that Google Chrome is now offered with every Microsoft computer instead of Internet Explorer?
FYI, because IE is such a total scrap bucket anyone using IE has been getting the "good enough to work" version for the longest time now. And you can thank IE for every site running around 30% slower because of all the "patching to work in IE" garbage that has had to be written. Expect in the future to see IE show very crappy plain page, while other browsers show shinny snappy pages, just because the gab is getting that wide. IE may be shipped with every windows box but it doesn't make much difference when it's turning into a situation of "trying to read pdfs with notepad" to make an analogy. People these days are also a lot more accepting of just having sites display differently depending on the device capabilities (or in this case the browsers inabilities), mostly due to advent of mobile.
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Old 2013-01-10, 19:35   Link #28
blinded by blood
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I used Firefox up until recently. After Firefox 13, it started having serious issues with Flash Player and has had terrible stability problems. So I switched to Chrome, which doesn't have these issues.
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