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future naruto storyline.......

ok,the naruto story is similar in a way to dbz......but naruto is a more of a mystical story with deep secrets about the characters,magical techinks and powers,and pure demon like characters and events.

The ultimate naruto enemies will offcourse the begining humans who wish to gain power,then humans who have allied with demons or are beeing used by demons,and finaly the most power and crazy demons you could possibly imagine!

There will not be any alien type characters like dbz,or robots(althought techology seams to present in the series.....but not sophisticated electronics and computers and great weapons really).

There are references in the other world and i quess that will be the place where part of the story line will expand.(probably enemies will come from such a place or naruto will actually find his way there for some reason.......)

As far as the power of the future naruto........he will eventually offcourse be the most powerfull of ALL.

But that will not be the end of the story.......i believe we will see some new ideas in this series......for example reancarnation(old soul in new body),posessions(demonic and other stuff),and a final confusion on really what is good or bad and who is really good or evil!!!!!!!!.........which i believe will be the final point in the story line.

You might say ......but there is nothing really new in this manga then.......all these ideas have been around before,in other stories like relegions,previous manga and stuff.

I BELIEVE THAT actually the way naruto presents these ideas will be something new...............i really like the way we see the inner selfs of the characters and the reasons and the events in their life that made them what they now are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its not just a good vs evil thing....good guy vs bad guy!!!!!!

its much tries to go in deep and show why its like this!
One might say........thats too much to say about just a manga series......but i say......this manga series has ideas in it that are actually to this point ,more advanced than most realegions out there!!!!!!!!

offcourse it will still be full of unreallistic battles and show.......but i don't see it in that me its like those stuff are just metaphorical.......of some simple truths in life......and they are just used to make the underlying meaning of the story stand out.

which is......................figure it out for your selfs.......
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