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Old 2013-01-17, 20:26   Link #141
One-Eyed Dragon
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Wow they threw in another tragedy with Mifune's past. Good job Manabe, he really is dependable. Moritani really is the worst.
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Old 2013-01-17, 21:29   Link #142
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well another day as usual til kotoura & manabe meet mifune who want them join esp club with make sure no escape from it also meet small vice pres.

give cause mifune got her reasons for it due to past cause her mom was a celebrity psychic person til people call her a fake with lead to her mom "buy the wagon for self" which cause mifune rough past.

yet there also hiyori who family run a dojo & in past like manabe til since kotoura arrive well bit hmm on it.

so esp club trying fortune tell seem fine til hiyori come in to pick on kotoura with being full HEEL saying on mind even call kotoura a monster to make her puke.

with cause kotoura get bullied again til manabe to rescue while telling hiyori stop bulling kotoura & mifune being sorry for kotoura for it.

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Old 2013-01-17, 21:41   Link #143
Guardian Enzo
Seishu's Ace
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Another truly excellent episode. There's so much to love here, starting with Manabe and Kotoura's relationship. What's clear from the intro is that it's Kotoura's true nature to be smiling, cheerful and open - and meeting Manabe has revealed it like sunlight causing a flower to open. It's only the pain and isolation her powers have caused that imposed the cold and brittle exterior she projected to the world. Manabe is an antidote to all that - honest, loyal, and totally unashamed to let Kotoura see his true nature.

If I had an issue with the ep, it was that it seemed to cram a bit too much story into one episode. Mifune, especially - while Moritani was the villain in terms of plot device, it was actually Mifune who stood out as the real villain to me because she, of all people, should have known better than to force Kotoura to do what she did. Moritani was right with her "poor thing" remark - Mifune had quite literally turned Kotoura into a sideshow freak, and at the worst possible time for her. I thought the whole cycle with Mifune - leading to her "all is forgiven, let's hug" ending - was too fast.

I completely agree with totoum that the whole storyline with Moritani felt very much like something out of shoujo manga.
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Old 2013-01-17, 22:46   Link #144
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any gif makers care to make one of kotoura as she's trying to crawl away inside the box up to after she hits something.

such a good scene
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Old 2013-01-17, 23:03   Link #145
Nekokota Festival
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Well that club entrance will scare people off and Mifune with a wonderful kidnapping of Kotoura
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Old 2013-01-17, 23:06   Link #146
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Originally Posted by Master_Yoma View Post
Well that club entrance will scare people off and Mifune with a wonderful kidnapping of Kotoura
I was waiting for a Capra demon to ambush them.
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Old 2013-01-18, 01:54   Link #147
Join Date: Jan 2009
Age: 26
Kotoura's expressions are too adorable. I want to squeeze her. Looks like they're not dropping the serious in favor of the comedy for the foreseeable future, so it looks like I'm sold on this show.

It's worth noting that CR made a rather major error around 12:40. The lines should read something like: "The president was lying when she said it didn't bother her, right?" "Yes... The memory still pains her." Hopefully they fix that.
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Old 2013-01-18, 03:24   Link #148
Lord of Fire
The Voice of Reason
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I can relate to how upset bullying makes Haruka. And for someone who is 'different' from all the others, it's even harder to just ignore it all and go about your daily life.

Kudos to Manabe for sticking up for her. He saw she wasn't feeling right, knew who was behind it, and confronted her head-on. And he definitely brought the point home when he downright stated he likes Haruka. Judging by the preview, Moritani won't take this sitting down, but if the OP and ED are anything to go by, she'll eventually turn around, become friends with Haruka and join the ESP Club.

And I wonder what Mifune really wants with Haruka. I don't think it's anything truly malign, but she seems very willing to use Haruka for her own motives, whatever those may be.
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Old 2013-01-18, 04:40   Link #149
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What a great gem of a show I didn't suspect, This may be my favorite this season
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Old 2013-01-18, 04:45   Link #150
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Location: Somewhere between heaven and hell !
Manabe is the man , great episode , love this show.

Only thing , Mifune's apologize was kinda fast.
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Old 2013-01-18, 08:48   Link #151
Deadpan Rambler
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Originally Posted by Silverwyrm View Post
What a great gem of a show I didn't suspect, This may be my favorite this season
I kinda agree with you... This is one of those sleeper hits for Winter. (along with Girls und Panzer)
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Old 2013-01-18, 09:18   Link #152
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Yep. This show is definitely doing this on purpose. Letting me drop my guard a bit as I expect a comedy, then knocking me flat with a straight. I really don't know what to say. My main issue here is how the story shifts from awkward comedy to utter depression at the drop of a hat. The transitions are so erratic that I couldn't help but feel a bit confused by the end.

Eh. Whatever the case, I won't be caught off guard again.
Damaged Goods
"There’s an up higher than up, but at the very top, down is all there is."
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Old 2013-01-18, 10:14   Link #153
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this show tag definitely need to be changed to drama, romance even with a bit of comedy here and there...

on to the rant...the show is nice, always has 2 side, a bit of dark side (drama) and light side (romance with some comedy) and quite balanced...anyway i have great hope for kotoura, as an anime...

for kotoura, the character..the ESP even though she consider is a curse, it can be useful too in many job...she could be profesional gambler (poker,etc) anything that involve reading opponent ahead; working for the police as a detective (nobody could lie in front of her), wallstreet broker?, politics?

any more idea...?
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Old 2013-01-18, 11:31   Link #154
♪~ Daydreaming ~♪
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Director Oota Masahiko's latest anime have been Mitsudomoe and Yuruyuri 1 and 2. If you've seen them, you should know that they also alternate hilarious comedy to creepy moments.
The sadness/dark aura implied in Kotoura-san is a bit stronger than in those series, and the first 10 minutes in episode 1 do highlight that, but the base concept and presentation are the same.

With this said episode 2 managed to stand up after the glorious introduction we got past week. As mentioned by others, if there's something I need to point out is that the pace was quite fast and events were so quick one after the other, to the point of losing impact especially near the end. They probably crammed 1,5/2 episodes in one.
As for the new characters, I didn't really like Mifune (perhaps not ill intentioned, but certainly too superficial with Kotoura) nor obviously Moritani, but despite the appearances, Muroto was the boss.
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Old 2013-01-18, 11:51   Link #155
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Kotoura seems to become popular.
ESP research society just came and took her LOL
Well, that club seems perfect for her.
Just hope they won't abuse her power.
I knew something bad would happen.
Manabe really stepped up, I was surprised.

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Old 2013-01-18, 11:55   Link #156
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hao..., put off watching this for hours, dreaded so much to be let down since i loved the first episode so much >.< that with Sakurasou ep14 was the best i've seen in a long while...

Anyway episode Still has that little tinge of sadness but laced with hope now interlaced with all the comedy, like the 2nd half of ep1. It's great that they didn't forget the depth they accomplished in ep1. ah she looks so happy just having someone saying good morning to her. It seems they won't be sticking with just the light rom-com here, wow seems like there are some heavy backgrounds for our cute cast.

was really Bad what Moritani did, all that bullying, it always disgusting when i see something like that. To be fair though i think she was egged on to ugly territory by the cajoling of the two hanger-on. of course that is never an excuse, she has a mind of her own right?

OMG! I love their BUSHITSU!! from the opening i was liking it. I thought it was quaint and stuff, then to find out it's actually INSIDE THEIR BUILDING! AHAHa
oh that was a great intro for Daichi Am I the only one who thinks of CONAN when i see him?
manabe always a hoot, good choice of powers there! and great standing up for Haruka!

Anyway its good for me. hoping for more good episodes like this two.

hah can breath easy now...
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Old 2013-01-18, 12:16   Link #157
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If guys like hyoubu exist...the guys that bully kotoura would be beaten to a pulp....
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Old 2013-01-18, 13:59   Link #158
Secret Society BLANKET
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Mein Gott
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Old 2013-01-18, 17:52   Link #159
Dark Wing
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After seeing the first two episodes I have no doubt in my mind this show is another on my watch list. That makes eight in total so fare probably the most I've watched in a single season in years.
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Old 2013-01-18, 20:49   Link #160
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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Mein Gott
Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

she'll make one heck of a mother, baby will rarely cry out as she'll always know what the baby wants

( oh but then they said some crying is good for the babies(?) as in some sort of exercise... not so sure about this..)
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4-koma, drama, romantic comedy, school life, seinen, slice of life, supernatural, tragedy

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