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Old 2013-01-15, 08:43   Link #101
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Eustia (which is already basically a continuous story), FSN (Sakura route), White Album 2.
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Old 2013-01-23, 17:07   Link #102
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Well, I would like to see more historical based manga get the anime exposure. For a change I mean.

Otoyomegatari is really my first choice to go, but I'd also see Wolfsmund, a series that runs in the same magazine, get the same treatment. Mind you, Wolfsmund is going to be a challenge to actually get to TV without someone raising a fuss about it (as it is highly disturbing and unpleasant to watch, which only makes it all the more powerful when the protagonists manage to get a vistory, no matter how small it may be).

Historie is another one I would love to see being made into a long running show, though after Kingdom and the copious amount of really ugly and distracting CG I'm hesitant to hope for it. I would still watch it on the strength of the story alone.

Vagabond is another one, but only as a film, and also if they have the budget and even more importantly the talent to pull it off. I would love to see how they might translate Takehiko Inoue's art style (in particular his water colour and smoky style fights) into animation. Even if they wanted to just play around with it that would be fine.

Vinland Saga is another series that I would like to see, but I'm not really big on the first part of the manga (and not really that huge of a fan in general). I would really like to see where they might do with it fights wise, but only with the right people behind it, but then I would worry about how well the second part is going to be like since it is less hack and slash and more philosophical and thoughtful. Still I'll get what I can take.

Yeah, none of these is really going to happen any time soon. Still nice to dream.
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