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Old 2012-10-21, 23:41   Link #61
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Love the humor, no other anime does it like Fairy tail. also, the voice actin and sound track are simply incredible!

For those of you who like the strong female characters, I recommend checking out an old series: Black Lagoon, and read Claymore (it's all female :P)
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Old 2013-01-19, 02:48   Link #62
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The sound track is unparalleled, It takes the anime to a whole other level, bringing out the emotions in certain scenes. And the recurring variations of the main theme make sure you know something is about to go down!
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Old 2013-01-19, 19:40   Link #63
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I agree, great soundtrack. I like FT for the characters and their camaraderie. That's also the reason I like One Piece, but it has fallen a bit by the wayside due to the annoyingly outlandish characters Oda is cranking out. Between that and the constant stupid laughs for people FT has eclipsed it as my favorite shounen. I just hope FT doesn't spiral into that level of wackiness anytime soon heh.
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Old 2013-01-21, 19:48   Link #64
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Seems to be the safe haven for former H VAs to go mainstream, HA!>V<, just kidding, they're all awesome talent .
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Old 2013-01-26, 13:52   Link #65
Disputatio exaro nex
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Erza, Happy and now Kagura. Oh and great soundtrack.
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Old 2013-01-26, 18:02   Link #66
Join Date: May 2012
Age: 40
i like many things letīs start

- comedy, too much fun without need go to ecchi route or abuse of the fanservice(only little times they abuse) or too much cliches and awesome jokes.

- crazy and overpower characters, i love character who are crazy and funny at same time, this make awesome the anime/manga many times if used on the right way.

- not a true ecchi just some random fanservice on the right time (ok sometimes they make some excesses but nothing who gona turning the manga/anime in a ecchi one)

- the amazing fights - most of the fights are hyped, but i like this

- the good guys aways wins - some ppls hates this but i like, i dislike animes/mangas too much tragics with deaths and too much sadness who we dont see here happen too much only very few times

- lightheaded - something who peoples from any age can read/watch and like

- even if not the manga focus the romance without goes to things like harem, square/triangle romance (ok we have a love triangle with gray x juvia x lyon but this is just for fun and jokes nothing we can take serious), almost every couple is almost "seted on stone" we already aware of "who gonna end with who" without follow some complicated/unnecessary route.

- and last (ok i'm a few pervert but who is not?), boobs, prety girls(again without need using ecchi only some fanservice), i'm not a lolicon >.< girls like wendy, levi or mavis not are for my taste i prefer types like lucy, mirajane or lisanna, i fear erza(omg she can be a sadistic)
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Old 2013-01-26, 21:45   Link #67
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Lately I have far more thing that I dislike =/

Though what kept and still keeps my interest are mostly characters for I love their interactions. Besides anime tends to improve some of the manga minuses.

Also current arc has some nice foreshadowing that I want to see though I start to have bad feeling about it...
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Old 2013-01-27, 05:22   Link #68
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I actually don't like that much, it's pure mediocrity from nothing but the previous past cliches animes and manga's have established in it's most exxagerated shallowest form. Alot of it relies on old and various cliches to make it uncreatively formulatic to garner a anime and a running shonen manga.

It's really sad how most creative popular manga/anime these days are ending and this is what we are getting from the new breed of creators of the new age of manga and anime. Fairy Tail is one of these sad concepts that doesn't really bring about a new groundbreaking idea that sets the mark for a new generation of manga readers. It just recycles old and domestic trite that others have done with better exectution.

Hell it's nothing more than riding on the success of One Piece as a basis. Stupid main lead with a random bunch of rag tag pals going on a journey to make a ruckus with no logical explination but for friendship. The kicker is, it's all DB's idea. But unlike DB, FT has no sense of point or expectation. It all is bundled up in it's idea of magical warriors being the best guild with the best moral ethics, it falls flat on it's ass when the plot is sporadic like that with only using one theme to power it's entire plot and pace.

Natsu is the worst shonen hero I have ever read about, no he's the worst protagonist to have ever existed in this age. If ripping off Luffy wasn't bad enough, he is completely a waste of space as a hero and a main character, his character is completely static and unrelateable. The dude has no purpose aka principles outside his guild, does nothing but size up the characters he fights like a big bully, and has the least amount of plot focus I have ever seen. How Mashima created this guy after making Haru Glory makes me question if he's smoking crack.

The plot has no build up, depth or edge, a coherrant scale of it's mechanics aka magic, character cast is based on nothing but simple one demensional anime types seen everywhere, all the plots like the dragons and the god slayers are paced out of the blue for the sake of dramatic build up which is forced, and the guild that the story focuses on is always on the matter of team natsu doing nothing but talk endlessly until Natsu brings up fighting some random douche.

Oh and did I mention, Erza is a lameass Undertaker with a winning streak and always beats superior opponent with no sense of reason. She's the worst character in this series, her character is like a mixture of Bella/Katniss mixed with cheap Wonder Woman/Xena chesse with a hint of Samus only Other M style.

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Old 2013-01-27, 06:44   Link #69
~defying fate
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The cliche and a lot of fight interruptions made me dislike it sometimes.

But what made me keep going to read it....

One word. Erza.
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Old 2013-05-17, 13:27   Link #70
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The reason i love fairy tail is becuase its simple. You dont need to over think yourself to get whats happening. Its a shounen and has alot of explosion and big things. The soundtracks amazing. Character designs are a beauty to behold. But overral its just satisfying.
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Old 2013-05-18, 19:50   Link #71
❤Ichigo 100%❤
Join Date: Jan 2011
I like fairy tail, cuz it deliver what I want. Strong Women! (fetish?) XD
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Old 2013-05-20, 11:25   Link #72
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It's fast-paced, but still delivers. Not draggy. There's always something happening, the MC isn't the most powerful character, and the jokes never fail to make me at least smirk. Relationships between guild members gives the series some depth, taking it a little beyond the typical shounen genre, but everyone would agree that the "power of friendship" line is severely overused.

In the recent arcs, a lot of shocking twists. Things have gotten more intense ever since the Tenrou arc, when the overarching goal of "kill the awakened Black Mage and his pet" began (avoiding spoilers, of course). The Grand Magic Games arc has started out with so much unexpected plot twists and used a formula which was very different from the preceding arcs (the main conflict was curtained behind the Games, and the Big Bad was not revealed until so much later). But now that it is at it climactic battle, the old formula of "MC and Good Guys vs. Big Bad and his Minions" is again apparent :|
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Old 2013-06-28, 07:00   Link #73
Yukki Heartphilla
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I love Fairy Tail! It is very enjoyable to watch. There's some great humor and fights. I love how Natsu is always so determined to defeat someone. Also how there are god slayers and dragon slayers. I also love how they draw Fairy Tail makes it so dramatic!

Gotta love Fairy Tail and Vampire Knight
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Old 2013-07-04, 04:16   Link #74
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Story of course! One of those shounen that's actually story-driven..
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Old 2014-03-25, 04:35   Link #75
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Join Date: Mar 2014
I just couldn't get into the show that much... unless it somehow gets a lot better after the first dozen episodes...?

But yeah, main reason I checked it out at all was the unbelievably good soundtrack
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Old 2015-01-06, 18:35   Link #76
Gintoki fan
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I enjoy the interactions between the cast and the sense of humor, even better in the Anime in my opinion, breaking the fourth wall are some pf my favorite jokes.

Fights can be pretty cool, my favorites even though they get complaints a lot are the Natsu fights. The soundtrack is beautiful, that's one thing missing from other Anime I like.

Animation took a dive some what time skip part two days but still better than One Piece Animation Animation these days, it does have it's good moments.

Love the romance too, the Lucy x Natsu / Gray x Juvia ( When done right ) / Ever Green / Eilf Man are some of my favorite pairings, the Anime does the scenes better but fact that Hiro does that kind of stuff is great
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Pairings I support : Ed x winry. Ash x Serena. Endou x Natsumi. Ginta x Dorothy fan. Luffy x Hancock. Akito x Yurika fan. Gintoki x Tysuki. Boruto X Sumire.
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Old 2015-01-11, 23:34   Link #77
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Fairy Tail has been one of my favorite anime, so many things to love about the show I don't know where to begin. The characters are simply amazing because they are all unique which is partly why I love the show so much, there are so many characters with different personalities that it's very refreshing. I also love the character development, especially with Natsu, his never-give-up attitude is my favorite thing about him. Fairy Tail has made me laugh more than any other anime as well! I have nothing but love for Fairy Tail.
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Old 2015-06-23, 00:15   Link #78
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I love Fairy Tail because it's a lot of fun. It's not super serious and isn't afraid to poke fun at itself.

Spoiler for Chapter 400-ish:

The characters are also funny and the plots are whimsical and entertaining.
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Old 2015-07-09, 23:51   Link #79
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My answer is: Happy. Just Happy. He is so happy. Aye? Aye!
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Old 2015-07-28, 11:47   Link #80
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i like fairy tail because of the family like bonding of the fairy tail guild.
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