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Old 2009-01-05, 18:32   Link #281
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Originally Posted by serenade_beta View Post
Hah~? The heroine get killed? I know there are games where that happens, but you are asking the impossible here. In that case, Estel might as well as commit suicide... Let's see the comments people have when their game's heroine dies.

Kids... Youth... It's a tough business. Ha-ha-ha (<--distant laugh)
Even if you say that, it's not like there is no reason for her attitude. Which part are you talking about? After the part where Ratatosk sends Decus and that female scientist off to somewhere?
From my memory (and I've watched the story+skits several times already), there was no moment where she switched from one attitude to another for no reason or "the next second".

Because it's a bad end. How do you expect to follow a new game+ when the protagonist ends up like that? It pretty much is just a game over.
You want to save a bad end...?


That's just the way it is. One of those "gap" things. It's no fun if every antagonist was some ugly man, right? Likable antagonists is in a way, a part of Tales, I guess.
Listed in order:

1. Yeah, you're right. Bad idea. Though speaking of herione, I really wish the "Tales of" would make a game with a girl as the lead. It worked for FFX-2.

2. I didn't say for no reason but even so, things like that...bug me...

3. I know this is going to sound completely stupid and irrelevent because I shouldn't compare (and I'm not trying to) to other games but please hear me out. Have you ever played Disgaea or Disgaea 2? In both games, there are multiple endings, including Good endings, I've-taken-over-the-world-so-I-totally-own-you-now endings and bad endings. No matter what route you take, you can still save and start over. I thought...Well...

Spoiler for Final battle:

4. That's true. Sync, Legretta, Arietta (might as well say all of the god generals), Yuan, etc. (I would add more good looking antagonists, but I'm kinda brain dead right now.)
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Old 2009-01-06, 03:27   Link #282
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Originally Posted by Mikachiru View Post
Spoiler for Bad ending:
Spoiler for bad ending:
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Old 2009-01-15, 12:39   Link #283
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I'm really a bad game player... so, you know, I didn't feel the game as short while I was playing. But when I finished, I had the sensation that it was indeed short

Despite of that, the game's really good. The skits were awesome, and the ToS characters had their chance to shine again. The only thing that I didn't like was the Colliseum...I was hoping for some cameos there >.<

That, and..
Spoiler for Alice and Decus Ending:

About Marta, she really annoyed me on the first chapters. (and, how does she dare to treat Colette in that way?! >.<) But at the end, she changed for the better.

Lloyd's side story on Flanoir is priceless. It's multi-pairing Lloyd! xD While I was fangirling for the LloydxColette version, a friend of mine was really enjoying the LloydxSheena version. So, everyone can be happy

I know some people thinks that it would be too much, but I'd really like to see another sequel. Not a direct sequel, but more like a game that would connect Symphonia and Phantasia. The time gap is too large, and ToS2 left me with some unanswered questions.
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Old 2013-01-29, 21:40   Link #284
Okuyasu the Bird
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Alice and Decus. Good lord fighting these two at the same time is a pain in the ass. This boss fight can go to hell. What annoys me even more is that everyone aside from Emil and Marta are warped away right before the fight. If I had Lloyd and Genis with me I could easily destroy these guys.

I really don't know what to do except grind some more. Decus hits so hard and Alice always fully heals herself or Decus when I manage to get one of them down to a significant point. Not to mention it's hard to make them flinch with attacks. It's really frustrating.

It's a shame too, I've been doing pretty well despite never using monsters in my party and now this fight shows up and I'm on the verge of going "fuck this shit" and giving up so close to the end of the game. Funnily enough it's pretty similar to my experience with Legendia.
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Old 2013-02-24, 15:58   Link #285
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Biggest problem with DotNW:

Alice and Decus never joined your party.

But yeah that Alice and Decus fight is a nightmare. The second playthrough I remembered to grind like mad and it was a cakewalk, actually.

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