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Lightbulb How to create your own Openings, Endings, and extract images using VirtualDubMod

Process is pretty easy but I see this asked alot. I have also added at the end of this how you can extract image files that you may use in a gif animator to make animated gifs using VirtDubMod or avatars as an added bonus! Hope you all enjoy this step by step tutorial

1. Download virtdubmod and open the video in it.
2. Move the slider to the start point of the song or video and click on the next to the last button at the bottom.. that will select start point...
3. Move the slider to the end of the song or video and click the last button to select the last point.
4. Now select File menu then save as and select direct stream copy. Wallah! You now have a small video opening clip...

Now if you wish just to have audio than just do this...

1. Open the small video clip you just saved
2. Select menu Streams than Stream List
3. Click on demux button

this will split the all the tracks... video, audio, and subtitles if it's in a container file but if it's just an avi file like magikano than it will ask you to name the mp3 file.

Just a small demuxing tutorial for all of you that wish to be able to save your own openings and endings.

Now let's go one step further you can grab a sequence of image frames that you could than convert in a gif animator or that to make your own avatar.. Directions to do this isn't too much different.

1. Open video file
2. Select the start and end point
3. Menu Video > Full Processing Mode
4. Menu File > Save Image Sequence (set output directory and output type targa, bmp, or png)

Now you have the images from the clip you selected take the images you want and convert them to the size of gif you want and add them into a gif animator software and you now have an animated gif for an avitar.

Now their is a great sticky here on using imageready but I know not everyone has Adobe so you can do the same with Gimpshop which is an open source software with most features of photoshop for free here GimpShop
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