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Old 2013-02-03, 01:59   Link #21
I My Me Strawberry Eggs
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Hei's speech to Hazuki in Darker Than Black season 2 episode 12

"Youko told me all about the prophecy and you are here to prevent it. But I don't care. I will kill Izanami."
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Old 2013-02-03, 08:25   Link #22
Marcus H.
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This mouthful from Episode 12 from Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon:

Originally Posted by Toori Aoi
"So, I'm begging you, world! Could ya fork over the Armaments? If not, we'll go to war! We'll fight, butt heads, face off, negotiate, or whatever. I'll use whatever excuse it takes to get Horizon's emotions back. Shinto, Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Murasai, Anglican Church, Russian Orthodox, Dunhi, Outo, technomagi, swordplay, martial arts, gunslinging, cavalrymen, Mechanic Shells, Gods of War, mechanical beasts, phoenixes and dragons, aerial warships, humans, different beings, civilians, knights, musketeers, samurai, ninja, warriors, kings, nobles, sovereigns, dynasts, emperors, popes, Far East, K.P.A. Italia, Tres Espaņa, Hexagone Francaise, England, Soviet Russia, P.A. ODA, Qing(-Takeda), United States of India, money, rights, negotiations, politics, public opinion, armed forces, information, Divine Weapons, Mortal Sin Armaments, Testamenta Arma, Five Great Peaks, Eight Great Dragon Kings, Supreme Federation, Student Council, men, women, and those who have neither, the young and the old, the dead and the living, and the emotions, logic, resolution and everything experienced, when we of Musashi use these powers to oppose each other. Let's find out who, even among the many, many people I still don't know, is the strongest person out there!"
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bahamut zero
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Simon's speech in Gurren Lagann

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Old 2013-02-04, 12:18   Link #24
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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Giren's speech in Gundam is a classic.

Strawberry milk speech in Gintama.
Rize and Kaneki
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Old 2013-02-04, 12:49   Link #25
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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
Giren's speech in Gundam is a classic.
Good choice. For sheer oratory skill and sharp word choice, it was a great speech.
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Old 2013-02-04, 14:11   Link #26
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Ah, well if we're going Gundam, then without a doubt, then Char's speech in Zeta Gundam, where he sorta just barges in and speaks while everyone can't talk, because well, it's Char.

"I would like to start by asking the forgiveness of the assembly members and all Federation citizens. We mean no disrespect by taking over this meeting. I am Lieutenant Quattro Bajeena of the Anti-Earth Union Group. There is one more thing I must disclose before I say what I came to say. I have another name. I am also the man who was known as Char Aznable. I have come to you today as someone who carries within him the true aspirations of Zeon."
Spoiler for rest:

It is incredibly long, and of course, incredibly awesome as a result.
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