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Old 2013-02-07, 11:24   Link #221
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Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
I wouldn't call it great difficulty but of course there is a cost involved: not just airfare but hotel and so forth.
It's expensive enough that you wouldn't be able to just pop over for a day or two, you'd have to make a holiday out of it. And you've got the Jet lag etc. to deal with, among other difficulties of long distance travel(and going through hellish airport security...). For a Japanese person, it's just a matter of a few hours on the Shinkansen.
There is also a NYCC of course.
My key point is that there's no single event that ties the entire American "nerd" community together. People are more likely to attend local conventions, then to attend one large "mega convention" as in Japan. Which contributes to American nerddom being less cohesive.
As for going to the UK VS the West coast from the East Coast, honestly I think the cost is almost the same. Maybe I am exaggerating a bit though. I have done both, although have never made it to SDCC, one day hopefully.
Well, I think East Coast Americans are more likely to travel to the West coast then the east. For one thing there's none of the annoyances of international flights, and an East Coaster is also likely to have family/friends living there.
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Old 2013-02-07, 11:41   Link #222
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Originally Posted by Ledgem View Post
I liked your post - I thought it was rather interesting. As I was reading it I began to wonder something if we're not making a proper comparison, though.

What are we talking about with "otaku culture"?
Anime, manga, video games, and light novels. And with video games, it's primarily visual novels and JRPGs.

That's my take, anyway.

What defines "western nerd culture"?
Comic books, video games, anything sci-fi, anything fantasy.

To the degree that western nerds embrace board games and card games, it's because it goes back to sci-fi and/or fantasy. Nobody would consider someone a nerd because they play Monopoly or because they play Poker. But if it's Dungeons and Dragons or Magic: The Gathering...

Again, that's just my take.

It's probably fair to say that "western nerd culture" is a bit more diverse than "otaku culture", but I think they're similar enough to allow for reasonable comparisons.

Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
But then you have popular series like Uchuu Kyoudai and especially One Piece that completely go against this theme.

Both these series are about pursuing dreams despite hardships in the past or despite being older and possibly expected to be settled.
I wouldn't be surprised if Japan's culture changes considerably in the next 10 to 20 years. I do think that anime shows how individualism is increasingly valued in some Japanese subcultures, and particularly the otaku one.

But for now, the older generations are largely in control in Japan due to the low birth rate of the country in recent years combined with the low levels of immigration to Japan. Simply put, the older generations have sheer numbers on their side.
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Old 2013-02-08, 03:44   Link #223
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^ There's one key thing about old people though, they're far more likely to kick the bucket one way or another.
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