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Old 2013-02-16, 00:52   Link #1
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Should we even bother by pre ordering games?

*First time I made an thread,Sorry if I did something wrong*
If this thread is invalid by any means, remove it.

I did Pre order a few games for Example, Duke Nukem forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines...
Ye I did regret it unfortunately.

This video is from Totalbiscuit.
You may like him or not, but this video is really informative.

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Old 2013-02-16, 01:22   Link #2
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I only saw 10 mins of the video to see the guy was repeating himself. You realize people were preordering way before there were incentives to preorder at certain retails right?

People preorder back then to guaranteed them a copy. But considering online Steam, you really don't have to preorder since it's not possible for digital copies to run out of supplies unless the publisher (or site) decided to pull them off.
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Old 2013-02-16, 10:44   Link #3
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I personally preorder in order to get a physical copy of the game. While rare, there are titles that pretty much sell out in the first few days of its release, and these usually are the good niche games that I'm interested in. For example, Fire Emblem Awakening still is near impossible to find as a physical copy even 2-3 weeks after its release, and I only happened to chance upon a 2nd copy due to knowing connection from a small independent store (though they charged me 10 bucks more than normal, ie. 25% more).

Of course there's preorder bonuses that I like getting, but that's more a little something extra from something I am already gonna buy anyways.

But preordering in steam or a digital copy? I don't think I have ever, nor do I think I will ever due to my interest in niche games either getting a physical copy, or its digital copy not getting bonuses.

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Old 2013-02-16, 14:49   Link #4
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I usually do research before pre-ordering a game (whether it's a physical copy or digital copy). I NEVER pre-order no-name games or not fairly known game producers. The two games you listed there are games I would wait for reviews to come out first. Granted, there have been games that I've never heard of but looked interesting, but I ALWAYS wait for it to come out first and then read the reviews AND then decide if it's worth purchasing.

Tbh, the last game I pre-ordered was BF3 Premium since it included all the map packs.

There is no reason to pre-order digital copies (especially from Steam) unless you REALLY want those pre-order items, but as far as I can tell, most of those pre-order items suck and are generic...i.e. a waste of money.
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Old 2013-02-16, 14:56   Link #5
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Join Date: May 2009
I preorder when it comes with something cool as a present.

Otherwise I just wait until release or price drops. Games aren't afflicted by vanishing stock after release date, and I am patient, so I see no problem with waiting for price drops, or even bargain bin if they're not on my A list.
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Old 2013-02-16, 18:59   Link #6
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Preordering on Steam I've probably only done for some Valve titles to play with friends the instant it's unlocked (L4D2 comes to mind). Other than that, only titles I really anticipate. The one I've regretted was ME3 because I didn't think it was worth what I spent on it. The lesson learned there was never preorder a title from EA ever again.
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Old 2013-02-17, 20:58   Link #7
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I used to regularly pre-order. Don't any more. I've gotten burned too many times now on MMOs and games that weren't ready for the performance.

Now if they want to just say up front - we need more capital to finish this development properly, then hey Go Kickstart or offer a goodie with a pre-order.
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Old 2013-02-17, 21:15   Link #8
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I usually always pre-order titles I'm specifically looking forward to.... so stuff like Fire Emblem never happens.... y'know, it being literally impossible to find a copy otherwise. Usually the stuff I'm looking forward to comes with nice pre-order bonuses (ie artbooks, soundtracks, that kinda stuff)... so it's a nice little bonus.

Steam pre-orders and such have never made sense to me however. Usually it's as Totalbiscuit said..... special guns, maps, stuff that should've been in anyway. There really is no worries as to not being able to find a copy with that, and again.... pre-ordering online is alot harder to get any sort of refund/cancel pre-order if need be.
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Old 2013-02-17, 22:24   Link #9
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Years ago I would occasionally pre-order from retailers, if the game was pretty popular and I knew it would quickly go. This happened in my local town when Diablo 2 was first released. I had to wait until the end of June in order to get a boxed copy.

But today, I very rarely ever pre-order. Unless it's from a developer that I trust (such as Valve), or if there is a price drop & some in game bonuses. These past few years I have been buying games on Day 1 or pre-order, only to discover that they are either mediocre or just plain garbage. Even in cases like "Aliens Colonial Marines" pre-release footage may end up being different from the full release, and the full release ends up being duller than what was shown in E3 demos or pre-release videos (believe me when I say that ACM wasn't a unique case of this happening, it happens more often than we think). So anymore, unless it's from a developer that I greatly trust I almost never pre-order or even buy on Day 1. I'll wait for reviews to come out first.

I know the last game I ever pre-ordered was Red Orchestra 2. The gameplay looked very promising, but damn did it run like garbage on my PC. And people on high end PCs were also having performance issues as well. Unless it's from a Developer who you trust, I'd advise to think twice before pre-ordering even if it does come with some "exclusive" skins.
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Old 2013-02-17, 23:06   Link #10
Tumble Rumble
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I would only pre order if I knew I couldn't get it on release date where I live, or its a sequel/part of a trilogy.

For example Mass Effect 2 I pre ordered because I loved Mass effect 1 and I knew Bioware wouldn't let me down, but for number 3 I didn't pre order because of the multiplayer and how much hype was behind it.

I don't pre order games anymore unless I am 99% sure its going to kick ass. Deciding on whether Bioshock Infinite is worth a pre order All down to research too especially seeing as I am a PC gamer and I don't want half ass console ports.
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