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Old 2013-02-19, 12:49   Link #1
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*What I have* -acer aspire one D257 10.1" netbook. Originally it comes with windows 7 starter, which I kept intacted. Aside the Ram upgrade from 1g to 2g the netbook is pretty much how it comes from box tho I bought it used. The windows was genuine and working greatly, so well that I went online asked a few "tech guys" about how to strech windows from one screen to two screens without them been the same (in other words one screen is the main one the second one is a strech of the main screen) according to this "tech guys" it can only be done with W7HP or W7U and I found out that W7S will do it as well. Now what am I doign this thread. Out of no where my windows messed up. The product jey failed and my windows went ungenuine status. I did all i could and only to fail. I downloaded a new windows 7 starter from bittorrents and to much greater fail because the *$& who upload it only uploaded a windows with no drivers no key product and only basic software working, any other would be temporary activations. Currently I am dealign with such windows and My netbook feels liek it is getting more screwed up as days go by. I am downloading windows 7 home premium thru bittorrent but I far I might end up in the same situation again. Questions: Does anyone know how I can get a fully working windows for my netbook? How to correctly install it? I googled linux ubuntu, would anyone recommend this over windows, and if so does anyone know how to help me with linx instalation? My ending goal is to be able to do what I was able to do beforemy windows got all screwed up which is to use my netbook regularly for anythign I want while having a virtualbox running on a 19" tv with its own external mouse and keyboard for my family member so they can use that as their computer while i am using my netbook as well as to just havea clean running netbook. I also noticed that I used o be able to run emulators suchs as snes,nes,gba and now nothing. First it was that it would not run, now when I try downloaing it it gets blocked halfway and downloads corrupted or damaged and I am basecally seen how I am slowly havign my netbook crumble up to a worthless piece of metal. HELP PLEASE!
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Old 2013-02-19, 13:28   Link #2
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This won't be easy to fix.

1. You just admitted to using warez and I don't think the AS staff will show much tolerance to threads that deal with it (bypassing activation and stuff, using pirated software). Warez are also potentially unsafe, so complaining about pirated software that doesn't work or makes matters worse won't help at all. You practically dug your own grave with a bucket-wheel excavator, there.

2. Had it been activated on your original copy of windows (the genuine one), you could have performed a system rollback to an earlier backup, by using the in-built System Restore feature. It could have fixed whatever went wrong, but since you said you overwrote the original Windows install with a new, pirated copy, it's all water under the bridge now.

3. Some vendors DO sell the OEM DVD for Windows along with the laptops - try to see if it's not lying around somewhere in your home. If not, well, if the warranty is still active, go back to where you bought the Dell and try to reason with one of the staff members. See what can be done.

4. Having never bought a laptop myself (I'm a desktop guy), I don't know if all vendors do include the Windows key with the packaging/hardware documentation (a friend of mine did confirm it for her own machine, but I don't know if this is a universal practice). Go dumpster diving and try to locate it. Also, if the motherboard BIOS has the correct certificates and the Windows 7 install was an OEM version (and not retail), you could activate Windows without problems (technically you already own a Windows 7 license as it was tacitly included with the laptop - however, fishing around for pirated keys makes you cross the theft boundary; DL'ing a Windows DVD image is IIRC no problem, that is...until you reach the activation/key hurdle) - but then again I've never personally dealt with OEM installs and BIOS certificates, so I'll stop here before I incite you to do something really reckless and brick your laptop. Just keep it in mind.

5. Linux Ubuntu is one of the best distributions out there, but it's sometimes hit-or-miss due to hardware issues (if you have an "exotic" component that can't be recognized by Ubuntu's driver pool), as Linux has an understandably smaller driver database than Windows does. But, by all means, do consider it as an alternative to Windows - that is, if you can accept the implication of abandoning your other software (Office, etc), which cannot be ported to Linux (unless you use a virtual machine with Windows in it - some VMs do implement "fake" activation, like VMware Workstation, dunno about Virtualbox and the rest), and getting used to the Linux ecosystem.
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Old 2013-02-19, 14:26   Link #3
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Since Renegade already made a lengthy reply, I won't delete this thread. Figure it out for yourself. Thread's closed.
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