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Looking for horizon expansion

Oh boy how to do this.... Yeah, I have seen a bunch of anime for a specific genre, but despite doing so for years I feel left out this fandom as a whole. I'm not looking for a specific series or movie or OVA, rather just stuff to know. Here are guidelines as to what I am and not looking for:

-Anime that is not particularly obscure and what I mean is there are a sizable amount of people that enjoy it. Being from the US the more exposure to North American anime fans it has the better.

-I am more for dubs as long as scenes are not cut or the script does not have either serious translation mistakes or too many name changes. Voice acting is not something I give a darn about.

-I have a 27 episode limit for any series or OVA recommended; whatever I watch I am going to trek through from beginning to end without dropping. If there are really "bad arcs" or slowly paced ones I'd like to know that in advance. In part of this please no "well the first to X episode is bad etc", first episodes mean almost nothing to me. Feel free to give spoilers as I probably will not care or remember.

-I would heavily prefer franchises with one or just a few total entries (this includes movies, shorts, extra episodes, music vids, remakes, etc), before going into a series I am going to check other anime related to it.

-Age means nothing to me, feel free to recommend older anime.

-Genres I am NOT looking for: Mecha (I have seen nearly 200 anime in this genre), hentai, yaoi, yuri, lolicon, shotacon, moe, or anything with "ai" in it. Other genres I have specific standards (if that makes any sense).

--Romance: Not a fan of it, but I don't mind it either, as long as their is a point to it I don't mind it. I'm too much of an asexual to care.

--Ecchi: I do not find cartoons sexually attractive, with that said anything with that as the sole reason for existing I'm not interested; if there is actually other stuff going on I won't mind it as much.

--Sports: Never saw any unless Blazing Transfer Student counts. Anyone recommending this I'd appreciate to know a little of said sport and how relevant it is.

--Supernatural: I know some bits of Japanese mythology, but I would prefer watching something that doesn't require me to hit a textbook on ancient Asian culture if you get where I am coming from. I'm open to suggestions, although I'm not entirely interested in historical settings.

--Comedy: No otaku humor. Please just.... No. Aside from Akibarangers I have never found it entertaining (or even understand it 95% of the time).

--Action: It is a plus, I'd rather there be some details on this pertaining to how often it occurs and what type of action is involved (brawling? gun fire? sword play? magic?).

--Magic Girls:.................




Lets just say I'm open, but just about every one I ever came across was horrifically bad.

-Shojo: Really not interested in this genre, but if someone can make a very good case I'll look into it.

Here is my (now former) MAL profile in case someone recommends something I have already watched.
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I'm going to suggest five shows that are not on your MAL list. Our tastes are quite disjoint since I'm not a mecha fan. Nevertheless, these are all shows that you might like, and all of them are streamed legally with English dubbing. Other than Monster they all have 23-26 episodes.

Black Lagoon - A Japanese salaryman is taken hostage by a crew of modern-day pirates operating in Southeast Asia and leaves his former life behind to join them. It's an anthology, and some of the arcs are better than others. The beginning and ending arcs of season two, (episodes 13-15 and 19-24) are my favorites.

Monster - A Japanese neurosurgeon practicing in Germany saves the life of a young boy who becomes a serial killer. Monster is set in Central and Eastern Europe soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Very lengthy, though, at 74 episodes. I found I couldn't stop watching.

Noein - A riff on the many-worlds perspective of quantum theory. Two other universes are battling for survival and our universe becomes embroiled. Naturally the pivot point for all of this is a 12-year-old Japanese girl. (I don't like this dub much at all, but there is no legal subtitled stream available.)

Oh! Edo Rocket - A strange, anachronistic and often hilarious science-fiction story set in 1843-44 Edo. The Shogun has banned "useless" activities like entertainment making it illegal for aspiring fireworks maker Tamaya Seikichi to ply his trade. One day Seikichi comes home to find a strange young woman in his house who asks him to build her a firework that will reach the moon.

Nodame Cantabile - My only officially "romantic" suggestion is this story about two young adults in a Tokyo academy for classical music. One is the haughty but talented Chiaki who yearns to become a conductor like his idol Viera. The other is the ditzy but equally talented pianist Noda Megumi, or "Nodame" for short, who has no idea how talented she is. The romance generally takes a back seat to the real story about the aspiring young orchestra professionals who populate the show.

I'm going to add one show that only streams with subtitles. I have no idea whether you will like it or not, but it's one of those shows everyone should try. That's the Asian epic Seirei no Moribito. The first episode is one of the best, so you if you don't like that one, you probably won't like the rest either.

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I look into those soon, thank you Seiji Sensei. I should have mentioned that I don't mind subs, I simply prefer dub.
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