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Naruto/TMNT/DC crossover story

Story description: A new villain has come into the picture with a plan to conquer the ninja world gathering the most powerful rogues and villains to make the revelation a reality. Naruto and the ninja world will have their hands full. They'll receive help from the most unlikely allies. TMNT/Naruto/DC crossover. Includes Batman and several others.

Moterock's Den of Devastation

CHP 1: Spies among Leaf

The sun ascended over the engraved faces with on the mountain tops. These were the faces of the great passed leaders known to the Leaf as the Hokages. The village was in a time of peace following the great ninja war. Tsunade was in high spirits feeling the cool breeze blow across her face. She gazed over the village from her balcony thinking about numerous past events, most of which included the early days with Hiruzen. She never imagined things would turn out the way they did with her becoming Hokage so many years later. She enjoyed the view for a little while longer before deciding to head inside.

Inside a home down below a young girl awoke sitting up in bed. She placed her hands over the tops of the sheets yawning. Giving herself a few seconds to fully awaken she got out of bed stretching. She caught a glimpse of herself through a mirror in a corner of the room. When seeing this she ran a finger through her shoulder length pink hair. With a yawn she stepped out of her clothing strolling into the bathroom taking a quick shower. She got dressed into her pink/red combination ninja attire tying her Leaf village headband over the top of her hair exiting out of the room.

When walking down the road she waved at some of the villagers who did the same. She exchanged a few greetings continuing on. It was yesterday that she had been informed about the C rank mission she'd take part in. After meeting up with the others assigned to the mission, they'd speak with and get the details of the mission from the Hokage. Jogging down the street she ran up a set of stairs slowing as she stopped in front of a door.

"Naruto open up!" She called out.

Knocking a few times over she waited to see if her teammate would answer. After minutes of waiting, she reached out grabbing hold of the doorknob. She was slightly surprised the door was unlocked. She slowly entered calling out his name. Tip toeing onward she hoped he'd be dressed. Noticing that his kitchen area was close to spotless shocked her. She came up to his already made bed resting a hand over it. She had no choice but to look elsewhere for her spiky haired teammate, sighing as a result.

Once back on the road she thought hard about where he could be. She highly doubted Naruto would meet with Tsunade before grouping with the team prior. It was times like now she didn't mind strangling him till he passed out. Tsunade made it clear in advance the team would be meeting with her first thing after sunrise.

"How're you doing this morning Sakura- neechan? You wouldn't by any chance happen to know where I can find Naruto?"

Off to her left Konohamaru walked up to her side.

"Hate to say it but I'm looking for him as well, he and I are supposed to be in lady Tsunade's office no more than thirty minutes. Naruto has a nag for running off at the most inopportune times. Anyhow what do you need him for?"

"Ah it's nothing really…just something to do with a jutsu I've been working on."

She crossed her arms glaring down at him.

"Mind sharing the details of the jutsu?" she asked.

With a guilty smirk he ran off, "I have somewhere to be." He moved at top speed keeping his eyes out in front of him. She kept a close look on him as he disappeared into one of the alleyways. Not thinking much of it she focused on locating either of her two assigned squad members. A couple others in the area greeted her before she took off up the street. When making a right she bumped into one of the two.

"Sai I'm glad I ran into you…where is Naruto? Or what I should ask is if you've seen him."

Sai smiled having no clue where Naruto was. This agitated Sakura even more, and Sai's grin didn't help. Grabbing hold of his left arm she pulled him forward alongside her demanding he wipe the smirk off his face, "If you don't I'll be happy to do it for you." He pulled his arm away from her, "We'd cover more ground if we split." Sai suggested.

"Sounds good to me, but we should at least check and see if he isn't already waiting for us in Tsunade's office."

He followed her to the building in the center of the village. Traveling up various steps they walked down the hall. Sakura knocked at the door while Sai stood behind her. The assistant to Tsunade invited them inside after opening the door. Both greeted the Tsunade realizing Naruto was nowhere to be seen. Sakura looked passed that "We're ready to hear the details of the mission my lady."

"Where's Naruto?" Tsunade asked.

Sakura clinched her fists holding them close to her sides, "Neither of us are sure where he is at the moment."

"I see," Tsunade paused for several seconds which made Sakura gulp, "If you can't find him in the next fifteen minutes I'll be assigning a replacement member to your team for this mission. In the meantime I'll enlighten you both with the info of the mission. Your replacement member will be waiting at the main gate if you don't find Naruto in time."

"We understand," both two shook their heads. Shizune opened a window in a far corner of the room letting in some air. Sai and Sakura paid close attention to the instructions given to them. Following the briefing they bowed down exiting the room. Neither had much to say but knew the first thing they needed to do was find Naruto, "I could use my beast scroll to try and find him." Sai suggested." Sakura shook her head, "That would waste unnecessary chakra of yours."

They went their separate way beginning the search for Naruto. Sai came across several villagers asking if they'd seen the boy who dressed in orange. All of them had not yet seen him that morning. Continuing on he searched in several other locations. In the passing of those fifteen minutes neither he nor Sakura found him. They regrouped at the main gates, where Naruto's replacement awaited them.

"Captain Yamato what a surprise. I had no idea you'd be the one assigned in his place." Sakura said cheerfully.

"I agree…this mission hardly calls for someone of your status. Sakura and I can handle this alone, but you're more than welcomed to join us." Sai added.

He was more than confident they'd get the job done, but decided it best to travel alongside them. They briefly went over the information of the mission one last time. Following that they discussed the formations they'd use in case they found themselves in battle. Settling all of that they headed out on their way.

Armed individuals walked through the forest bordering the Leaf. They carried with them swords, daggers and paper bombs. In total there were seven of them and for the most part they had different strengths. Three used taijutsu, while two used Genjutsu and the remainder specialized in weaponry. They were stopped in their tracks by two Leaf Shinobi ninjas. The group was asked to identify themselves. One of them stepped forward clearing his throat.

"We're here from the hidden mist. We've got something important for the Hokage to look over," He handed the two Leaf shinobis each a map, "Just take a look at the marked areas."

Both shinobi lifted the maps in search of the marked points. They were killed immediately by the unknown person! He used two separate knives stabbing through the maps and into their necks slicing them open. One of the ninjas behind him used an earth style jutsu to quickly get rid of their bodies.

"Let's move along now, I feel we're closing in on the great one." The leader of the group spoke.

They made sure to stay concealed using the surrounding trees as best they could. The leader of them could feel they drew closer to the one they had been ordered to locate. The amount of chakra he possessed was unmistakable. They watched a group of children pass by and stopped. The team waited for the young ones to be out of sight. Re routing they traveled throughout the small forest area bordering the Leaf village. The leader again stopped the group grinning beneath his mask.

A boy sat over a large rock with his eyes closed and legs crossed. Immense chakra resonated from his body. They kept their attention on the boy wondering what he was doing. Moments later his eyes of bright blue sprung open. Jumping from his position he stood atop the rock looking out in the distance. The wind blew his hair as well as the back of his ninja headband from side to side. The ninja cracked his knuckles leaping high into the air performing a front flip and landing perfectly.

"Is this him? I feel a lot of chakra coming from that guy, but how could someone of such youth contain that amount of Chakra?!"

"Yes that's him alright…Naruto Uzumaki! I shall contact our leader and see what he wants us to do from here."

Using a small earpiece the main ninja in charge contacted the head guy giving him a small report of what they'd done so far. Asking if the team should try and apprehend the boy, the speaker on the other side told them not to do such a thing. All he wanted for them to accomplish was to observe and calculate what goes on in the Leaf. They weren't the only group with such a mission, he sent similar groups to the hidden rain, sand, mist, sound, land of waves and several others! None of the groups are aware of what his ending plan will be. For now they take orders and relay as much info to him as they can.

"You're not to engage Uzumaki…I will deal with him and others of his status at a later time."

Hearing a clicking sound, the leader of the group turned back to the rest of his team sharing with them what he had just been told. Putting away some of their weapons, all of them understood what was asked of them. "Shadow clone jutsu!" All of them turned their attention to the boy who spoke aloud on the field. When the smoke cleared there were over thirty copies of the boy surrounding the area. The clones partnered up in groups of three. One clone in each group stood while the two others helped form a ball of energy in both hands.

"What's going on? What exactly is he doing?"

"It's called the Rasengan, it is a jutsu that was created by the legendary fourth Hokage. The boss man has his reasons for doing things a certain way, but I don't see why we can't get our hands dirty. I'd like to test my skills on this kid." The leader of the group said.

All of them remained in place watching Naruto train. He did some things that impressed them, but at the same time the entire group felt it would be an easy victory for them if they engaged him in combat. Aside from the mission the thing that had them a bit spooked was the reality none of them had ever met the one they took orders from. Even worse they had a clue of his name. All missions were assigned through his two spokespeople. No one had questioned the unknown being and the three who did were unheard from again. Executing one move after another, Naruto finally grew relatively tired, deciding to lie out over the grass. He glared up at the sky sighing. It was moments like that when he felt most relaxed. A butterfly landed on his nose reminding him of something.

"Oh that's right! I'm supposed to be going on a mission!" He shouted flipping up.

He sprinted in the direction of the village knowing he had to get to Tsunade ASAP. Some tried to call out to him as he passed by, but he had no choice but to ignore them. He entered the main building dashing into the office of Tsunade.

"Sorry I'm late grandma Tsunade…but I'm ready to get going! Sakura told me we'd be heading out on a C-rank so tell me the details, don't leave me hanging," He could see her face showed signs of disappointment, but had no idea why, "What's wrong."

Shizune stepped forward answering for the Hokage.

"Sai and Sakura were dispatched without you. A replacement was sent in your place due to you not being present." Shizune said as cheerfully as she could.

Naruto looked at them both tightening his fists. He demanded to know which direction the group went.

"Come on I'll be able to catch up to them in no time, I don't want to sit around and do nothing. All I've done for the past few days is train! I want to get in some action!" Naruto complained.

"Don't you raise your voice at me I'm the Hokage," Tsunade stood slamming her fists over the tabletop. Taking a few deep breaths she looked him in the eyes, "If anything else comes up I'll let you know."

Turning away from her Naruto headed for the exit.

"Whatever you say granny."

He exited out resting both hands over the back of his head with nothing but dissatisfaction. Once outside he bumped into a familiar face. Usually he'd say hi but he continued to walk without a word. He was grabbed from behind.

"Hey you don't look so good, do you want to tell me what's going on; how about over a bowl of noodles at Ichiraku?"

"Not now Shikamaru. I really need to get back to my training." Naruto said with a lot less energy than usual.

Scratching at the back of his head, Shikamaru wondered what was bothering his best pal. He watched him walk off, and could tell by his body posture something unsettled him. Deeming it best not to bother him, Shikamaru turned away walking in the other direction. Outside the border of the Leaf two more ninja groups approachd. They were associated with the first. Amongst them they conversed had no idea who was in charge of their group. All they knew was his/and or her vision. If they were successful in completing their part, it' would bring them one step closer to conquering the ninja world.

"We're getting closer by the second. All of you remember not to encounter any of their top shinobi, especially not the copy ninja Kakashi Hatake."

To Be Continue

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Moterock's Den of Devastation

CHP 2: General's revealed

Marching down the street with crossed arms, numerous people waved at Naruto. So deep in his own train of thought he didn't even realize it. Starting to feel his lost energy from the disappointment return to him from earlier he smiled. Naruto changed his body posture running down the street trying to avoid running into people. Some of the villagers became curious as to where he was headed to in such a hurry. Looking to his left Naruto waved to Ino who passed by a flower shop but didn't see the guy in front of him. He bumped into the elder, causing the basket of green apples he carried to fall. Villagers of the surrounding area glared at the spiky haired ninja, who nervously laughed. Quickly helping the elder recover and place the apples back into the basket Naruto apologized and quickly ran off, not hearing Ino calling out to him. She watched him progress down the road and eventually out of sight.

Naruto arrived on the training grounds where he had previously been. He stretched out getting back to work on what he had been doing. He quickly realized two individuals in particular would be of great help. Biting at his thumb and drawing blood he used his summoning jutsu. With the clearing of the smoke two toads stood in place looking directly at him.

"Hey Naruto how's it going, do you have any good snacks on yah?"

Getting ready to answer the question, Naruto noticed the toad become distracted by a group of flies buzzing around the area. Instead of trying to get his attention Naruto watched and waited. The toad stuck out his tongue devouring the flies in one gulp.

"My my, that sure was delicious."

The other toad wearing a dark blue grayish sweater knocked his younger brother over the shoulder.

"Stop getting off task Gamatatsu, Naruto called us here for a reason," The orange toad turned to the Leaf village ninja, "What can we help you with?"

Changing his posture Naruto liked the straight to the point attitude of Gamakichi. Clearing his throat Naruto took a step forward, "I've been thinking for awhile about creating a few sets of combos that the three of us could use in battle."

Gamakichi scratched at the side of his head, "We'll have to put that on hold I'm afraid." Arguing back Naruto wanted to know why.

"We're due to take part in some meeting back on Mount Myoboku in the next couple minutes. When you summoned us here we figured it might be something that we could help you with quickly and return home."

"Come on guys forget the stupid meeting, you can ask one of your pals later for the important stuff! I really want to string together a couple team combos!"

Gamatatsu and his older brother looked at one another and then back at Naruto.

"Sorry Naruto but father said we had no choice but to be there. We'll certainly help you out later if you're still interested. Until than see yah later" Gamakichi said.

The two disappeared in a cloud of dust not hearing a word Naruto yelled attempting to keep them from leaving. Resting a hand over the leaf village symbol on his headband, Naruto sat back over the grass. Upon waking earlier in the morning things had not gone his way, but he fully intended on changing that. Thinking to himself he wondered what he could do first to start turning things around. He badly wanted to be on a mission, and sitting around without anything to do drove him crazy.

"I thought I heard voices over here."

Naruto looked over his shoulder spotting the women that freaked him out most in the village. He pretended not to hear her as she called his name, closing his eyes. He felt her tug at his ear and reacted by jumping up and opening his eyes.

"What do you think you're doing snake lady, what was that all about huh?!" Naruto complained pointing directly at her with his right index finger.

"No need to go on the attack I was just passing by and thought I'd say hello. I've got a mission to take care of anyway so I won't be wasting any more time hanging around."

As Naruto watched her take off, he couldn't stop himself from running after her and grabbing hold of her right arm.

"What kind of mission are we talking, can I come along? Well I guess it does depend on what type of mission it is, but hey anything is better than doing nothing." Naruto said backing away from her.

Turning around and facing him, Anko rested her left hand over her waist, "I'd like to take you along but I can't. I'm sure something else will come up." She again walked away, but could feel him following. Stopping and turning to face him she put on a forged smile, "Get lost!"

"Come on don't be that way," Naruto watched as she walked off paying him no attention, "Fine be that way…I hope your mission fails."

Hearing his words she turned around giving Naruto a death glare.

"Haha I was totally kidding, have a safe journey and make it back safe. When you get back you can tell me all about it." Naruto said trying his best to make peace hoping she wouldn't come after him.

Immediately looking from him she journeyed into the forest bordering the village. Naruto sighed with relief thankful nothing else became of that.

Sneaking around close to one another a group dressed in the same attire as the intruders of the Leaf snuck around inside the Hidden Mist. One of the groups worked their way onto the rooftops. Using a set of binoculars one of them looked through a window to the building where the Mizukage supposedly lived. After confirming the target the person made contact with one of the spokespeople to their master.

"I've got Mei Terumi in sight. What would you like us to do from this point on Miss Mila?"

"You will do nothing but observe. There are separate groups that will be used to infiltrate the village from within. Just as the other ninja villages, we will destroy them from within."


Jumping from tree to tree Anko stayed extremely wary of her surroundings. She was told by the security people suspicious activity was taking place in several locations on the outside borders of the leaf. Five minutes into her travels someone blindsided her from one of the trees tackling her to the ground for a twenty foot fall. Struggling with all her strength Anko kicked the person off asking for them to identify themselves.

"You won't be asking the questions leaf scum, you're outnumbered."

Looking in all directions more of them made themselves visible from the surrounding trees and bushes. She stood her ground counting those of them that were in her line of sight. She put up her fists ready to fight but was knocked in the back of her head. Anko fell to the ground with clinched fists grabbing and pulling at some of the grass beneath her fingers. Attempting to get up she was kicked in the stomach and had her faced shoved into the ground by another of them. One of them grabbed hold of her hands tying them together. This was their way of making sure she couldn't perform any jutsus. Pulling her up two of them set Anko on her knees.

"I take it you people are the ones related to the suspicious reports that have been coming in. What is it you want?" She asked.

Slapping her across the face the one standing in front of her demanded she keep her mouth shut until she was asked a question. Several of them moved out of the way creating a path for who she believed to be the leader of the group.

"If you cooperate with us, things will go a hell lot smoother and I'll even consider letting you live. A new era approaches for this entire world…soon our all mighty leader will rise to power! All of the great nations will have no choice but to fall in line or be destroyed. His power will grow with the fear and destruction of the many souls of this wretched land."

"Who is this leader of yours dammit," Anko struggled to stand being shoved back into place. Paying extra attention to their uniform she realized the group was one she had never seen, "That's a pretty big claim you're making there, I think you're bluffing. You won't get anything out of me; you people are nothing but spies trying to get information through fear but I won't say a word."

She stuck her tongue out at them as a way of taunting and was kicked in the face for her insolence. Falling face first into the turf she was instantly pulled back up into her previous position. The one in charge became a bit impatient with her bending down and grabbing her by the neck. Squeezing at her throat made him feel his power over her increase. He believed physical punishment was the best way to get someone to talk. Forming a slight smirk Anko opened her mouth spitting over the face of his armored mask.

"Bitch!" He shouted slapping her across the face.

Standing fully he took a few steps back looking down on her.

"Last chance; are you ready to start talking?"

"Go screw yourself." She replied smiling.

Turning and walking in the opposite direction he gave his men the order to beat on her for a little while hoping it'd soften her up. Two of them held her steady while another of them began beating on her. This went on for a couple minutes. Hanging in strong she took the blows not allowing herself to fall or give in to the pain. Reaching out he grabbed hold of her head kneeing her in the face drawing blood from her nose. With another blow to the head she fell to the ground seeing stars.

"What are you doing sweet stuff; we can't have you falling asleep before you start talking. Come now it'll make ours and your life so much easier if you just talk. You can start by giving us all of the security codes to your village. So what do yah say? Are you ready to start talking?"

Turning her head and looking up at him, she felt somewhat weak.

"Go to hell!" She whispered.

Having one of them pick her up the same individual continued punching at her face. Off to the side the leader of the group received a call through his ear piece. Others standing around could tell it was important by the way he spoke. He immediately called a stop to the beating of Anko during his conversation with one of their superiors. All of them stood around waiting for him to finish speaking.

"Change of plans gentlemen, we're heading back to base. Mila wants us to retreat ASAP and said everything will be explained when we get there. It must be something big; from my understanding she's calling back all units including those in the other villages."

"What about the woman? Should we kill her or take her with us?"

The leader implied they'd do neither, explaining she knew nothing about them and wouldn't be able to return to the Hokage with any relevant information regarding their group. The ones standing behind Anko released her letting her fall to the turf. Walking over to her side the one in charge bent down.

"It's your lucky day little lady you get to live. Aside from that I'd like for you to pass on a message to the Hokage," Reaching down he grabbed hold of her chin with a gloved hand forcing her to look up at him, "Tell her that the destruction of the ninja world as you all know it draws near. Those who're adaptable will survive while the rest will die!"

Removing his hand from under her chin he stood walking over to the rest of the group. All of them formed a circle around him. Anko looked up watching him punch in a code on a high tech armband over his left arm. A bright green light formed around the group and they vanished without a trace. Anko wondered if it was some form of Jutsu but at the same time had her doubts.

Re appearing inside the fortress, the team leader followed by his squad bowed down to Mila Lihua, who stood next to another person who went by the name of Kian Hwaungel. The two of them together were the spokespeople to the unknown leader none of them had ever set eyes on. Only Kian and Mila had the pleasure of coming face to face with the being. All groups were present except for the six squads that were dispatched to the hidden sand. Soon word came back they located the Kazekage Gaara, but were asked to return immediately. All of them waited patiently for the squads to return. Once they did Mila took over the floor. She stood at a little over 5'6" with long raven colored hair around her lower back and light brown eyes.

"I'm glad you all made it back in one piece, and from the reports all of you were successful in locating the five Kage. The reason you have all been called back is for a different reason however," Mila looked over to Kian taking the scroll from out of his hands, "Our master has updated information for you all."

Standing inside the large space was over three thousand of them, but they planned on increasing that number by a lot.

"I've brought you back to inform our master selected generals to lead his upcoming war. Unfortunately none of them are in this room presently. All of you will be divided evenly among these groups, and we plan to add more of you in the near future."

Before going any further she asked if any of them had any questions. The room remained silent which told her to continue.

"Alright than I guess I'll get right into it, so not to waste anymore time. I'll start off with the four that are currently deceased…but they won't be for long."

Everyone in the room began whispering amongst each other wondering what that could mean. All of them were positive once someone died they couldn't be brought back.

"The first four are Fuka, Fudo, Fuen and Oroku Saki. The first three were natives to this world, but Saki is from an entirely different dimension. Next is, Deathstroke, Poison Ivy, Sasuke Uchiha, Circe, Killer Frost, Clayface and last but certainly not least… Madara Uchiha!"

If it wasn't silent before, it was now with the mention of Madara. Most of them had no idea who most of the people were that she listed off.

"I can see that some of you look confused, I'll clear it up for you a bit. Besides the first three deceased members I mentioned you should only be familiar with Sasuke and Madara Uchiha. The others aren't from this dimension quite frankly."

One of them in the crowed spoke asking why they were resulting to such drastic efforts of collecting/gathering help outside of their world. Many of them agreed saying it could complicating things.

"Don't you people worry about a thing, just let our master do the thinking. This is something he has thought out for a long period of time, and has looked at it from every possible angle. His reasoning should not be questioned, plus I'm sure we'll all be impressed by what these unknowns will bring to the table."

Dismissing all of them ending the meeting, Kian grabbed hold of Mila asking to speak with her somewhere private. Following him into one of the back rooms they closed the door. She could tell just by looking at his face something was bothering him.

"I don't have any complaints but…Sasuke Uchiha is the biggest question mark. I'm not sure he will join us. I've even heard rumors that he resurrected that Orochimaru person! Not just that but the choice of Madara bugs me as well, he seems to have his own agenda!"

Coming in closer to him, Mila placed both her hands over his shoulders.

"Stop worrying so much, it might take a little convincing here and there to get some of our general's comfortable, but it'll all work out in the end."

"Yeah I guess you're right. If it all pans out like it should, there isn't a single person in this world who will be able to stop us. Even the great Minato Namikaze's son of the leaf carrying the nine tailed beast will pose no threat. Until we've got everything in place we can't move forward, and once the war begins the fear of the people will give our master power unlike anything the ninja world has ever seen!"

To Be Continue

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CHP 3: Enlisting

Inside one of the back rooms Mila deliberated with Kian on which squads they'd put together to handle the important task. Going over the list of their most skilled and disciplined recruits they put together six teams of five to locate and bring their assigned targets to base. By order of their master they had no choice but to go about doing things that way. After leaving Mila's side, Kian informed he'd gather the ones they decided on. She took a seat in one of the chairs waiting for him to return. Her eyes caught sight of the burning flames of a candle positioned over one of the walls. Outside the room Kian made an announcement, "If you hear your name called, I need you to come with me." He then called out the names of the individuals after getting everyone's attention.

The selected persons traveled up the stairs following him to Mila. They were divided into six groups once inside the room. The most skilled of them were appointed captains for the task. Team 1 and 4 were given the task to track down Madara and Sasuke, with team 2 in charge of Deathstroke, and team 3 Killer Frost. Team 5 was given a little bit extra to track down both Clayface and Poison Ivy. Team 6 was given arguably the most powerful individual to recruit…that being Circe.

Each group was given a biography of the person(s) they'd be going after. Vital info concerning their targets personality types and how to approach them was given. Kian and Mila gave them plenty of time to go over the information, neither wanted to send them on a mission without sufficient information on their subject. They received several questions from the group, answering as best they could.

"What about Oroku Saki, Fuka, Fudo and Fuen? If the four of them are dead, how will they be able to join our league? Also which of our teams will be responsible for them?"

"That is something you need not worry about, Mila and I will handle that personally. Just focus on the task you've been given," Kian looked away from the person and at the group as a whole, "I must warn you all this task will be a lot harder than it may seem. Some of them won't join willingly and will need a little convincing. We've added a brief description at the bottom of each profile of effective ways to lure each of them. Do whatever it takes to get them back here, our master doesn't tolerate failure."

Understanding what was asked, the group promised they'd get their assigned jobs done. Some were nervous while others were eager to get going burning for the opportunity to get complete their first official mission. Upon going over a few extra details each group was given a small device which would enable them to return to the facility once they located their target. Each team member was given a separate radar/tracker with their assigned target's energy signature, "Teams one and four are to stay here. The rest of you will follow Kian."

Kian escorted the other squads to another room, "What is this place?" One of them asked looking at the sophisticated equipment surrounding the area.

He smiled at the expressions most displayed, getting a clear view from the corner of his eye. Quickly giving them insight he got straight to the point. All of what they saw around was a part of the machinery responsible for sending them to another dimension where they'd face their job of tracking their assigned targets. Kian typed a code on one of the computers off to the side, "Team two please step onto the platform in the middle of the room." Doing as he asked the squad got into place. Before doing anything else he made sure to give all of them in the room the return frequency for when it came time to return.

"Good luck gentlemen, I'll send you as close to your target as I can." Kian informed.

With a few clicks the group was beamed in a blinding flash of light. Following that the next group stepped onto the platform, being sent away. Soon all teams were dispersed to their locations. On his way out he locked the door relocated to Mila. Surprisingly she was the only one that remained.

"I see you already sent them off, that's great. The sooner we get our leader's chosen captains the real fun can begin. Would you like to take care of resurrecting Saki?"

"I'll leave that to you, dimension jumping was never really one of my things. I'll take care of Fudo and his two acquaintances." She replied.

Having no problem with her suggestion he headed for the exit. She wanted to wait till everyone was gathered before taking care of her part. Kian returned to the previous room he had been in readying himself for the faraway trip.

Loose grass and fallen leafs blew all around in through the rough wind surrounding the area. With his departure from the open field Naruto walked alongside a road with both hands behind his head. At the particular moment he wanted to find something to do before dying of boredom. He whistled to himself getting lost in his own train of thought. He so badly wanted to be on a mission loathing over him being denied the opportunity because he was late assembling with his team.

He glanced forward removing both hands from the back of his head. Seated beneath a tree with long lavender hair was someone that caught his attention. Jogging in the direction he had a good idea of who it was.

"Hey Hinata what are you doing over there alone." He called out hoping it was in fact her.

"Oh hi Naruto," Hinata spoke timidly. She didn't know what it was but for some reason when around him she almost always became nervous. Questioning if her love for him was the cause made her blush, "I thought you were on a mission?"

Smiling widely with closed eyes he chuckled a little. When around her he felt comfortable and able to speak his mind. For him opening up to just about anyone was easy. Deciding to share with her, Naruto started from the beginning giving a short version of what led to him being withdrawn from the mission. She was all ears listening to every detail. Removing his hands from behind his head he noticed a book in her left hand.

"What's that you're reading?" Naruto asked pointing to the book.

"It's nothing really." She quickly retorted.

Observing a grin form on his face, made her worry not sure if that was good or bad. Bending down Naruto reached out trying to grab hold of the book but she pulled her arm away not allowing for him to do so, "Come on Hinata let me see…pretty please!" Naruto struggled to grab hold of it, grinning the entire time. Dodging his attempts she tried to stand but instead lost her balance falling backwards with him falling on top of her. They looked into each other's eyes having nothing to say. She quietly whispered his name feeling a shock of electricity travel up her back. Similar to her he felt his heart increase drastically, feeling butterflies all over.

"What the heck are you two doing?!"

Without even looking Naruto immediately knew who spoke pushing off Hinata turning to face Shino. Standing beside him was Kiba who couldn't help but smile. Naruto gulped feeling the intensity rise, wishing he was someone else.

"Guys that was totally not what it looked like, it was an accident! I just wanted to see what she was reading is all!" Naruto argued trying to dismiss the whole situation.

"Yeah I bet. It's strange how someone can end up on top of another person over something as simple as a book. Here I was thinking Sakura was the one that interested you, but I must say you and Hinata make a cute couple." Kiba laughed trying to get under Naruto's skin.

Tightening his fists with narrowed eyes Naruto stood punching Kiba over the shoulder. Of all his friends Kiba was the best at aggravating him whenever he really wanted.

"You idiot I told you nothing was going on, it was a mistake! Ask her if you don't believe ME!" Naruto raised his voice getting into Kiba's face.

She blushed feeling embarrassed, except not by what happened but more so Shino and Kiba witnessing it. None of them noticed Ino standing a few yards away. Becoming annoyed with Kiba's snickering Naruto turned away, making up a story that he had somewhere to be. Running off quickly he looked over his shoulder giving Hinata a quick smirk making her feel even warmer inside. Recovering the book to the side of her she closed it standing. As expected her two teammates questioned her about what happened with her giving similar answers to that of Naruto. Taking her word for it they asked if she'd like to accompany them on relocating supplies. Agreeing to help she followed close behind. Without it being said she suspected they were skeptical of what she and Naruto told them.

"So you're sure nothing happened then? The expressions on both your faces suggested otherwise?" Kiba asked looking back at her.

Shino placed a hand over Kiba's shoulder, "Give it a rest," Deep within the forest one of the most respected Jonin's was on his way back from a small mission. Leaping from tree to tree he noticed something disturbing below stopping in his tracks. Before making another move he identified the injured individual before fully moving in. A strike of fear ran through his body knowing he had to do something fast!

"Anko can you hear me?! Are you ok, what happened?" He called out bending down coming next to her.

Extending his left arm he placed his hand over her neck hoping for the best. There was one thing he hoped wasn't the outcome. Using what strength she had, she looked up at him.

"Kak Kaka…Kakashi," She struggled to say attempting to get up but fell forward with limited energy, "I don't know who they were, but th…th the ll…Leaf might be in danger. We mm…must warn the Hokage."

Advising her not to say another word he grabbed hold of her arm lifting it over his shoulder helping her up. Holding her in his arms he leaped back into the tree tops making his way to the Leaf village. Taking a quick look at her he knew her injuries weren't too serious. Once they returned to the village he knew she needed someplace to rest before answering questions. Notifying the Hokage would be his next priority.

Worlds away

Examining their surroundings the group as a whole was astonished by the size of buildings compared to those back in the ninja world. It rained heavily, but they weren't bothered by it. They didn't know how to explain the various moving objects that had lights shining in front of and behind them. Quickly realizing humans sitting inside of these strange objects they figured they were the ones controlling its movements. None of them had ever seen any form of vehicle such as a truck car etc. This was something new to them all, but they stayed focused and on the task.

Their small radar devices given to them showed one of their targets being very close. Leading the way the squad member made it clear they'd stick to the shadows. Aside from acquiring their targets he wanted to avoid confrontation with the people of the unknown world. Huddled up close to one another the atmosphere had a slightly different feel to it in comparison to their home world. Stepping into one of the alleyways three of them spotted something shinning bright in the sky. None of them could confirm what it was, but it greatly resembled a bat. It glimmered in the night sky. One of them contemplated if it was some form of search light. They went over the information of their two targets once more arriving in front of a large gate. The radar showed one of their targets was inside the place.

"Arkham Asylum," One of them read from the sign, "Looks like we might be getting in a little action after all. The name of this place suggests are target is locked up as a patient and or inmate. One of you will go in with me while the rest of you wait here."

The captain of the squad used the device transporting him and another of them into the Asylum. Re appearing in the middle of a hall on both sides of them were yelling inmates through caged and glass window cells. The squad leader instantly identified their target without looking at the radar thanks to the photos given to them. The design of her cell was much different than the others, telling them she was of high profile. The alarms in the building went off in the following seconds.

"We must have been discovered! Let's act quickly."

Ignoring the other inmates they stopped in front of the one holding their target knocking at the bulletproof glass window. Her appearance was much like in the photos, dressed in all green with a couple of vines wrapped around her arms and long red hair. She was even prettier in person.

"Pamela Isley is it? Or do you prefer Poison Ivy? It doesn't really matter, what is important is you're coming with us."

Standing from a corner, Ivy moved toward the front of her cell. Down the hall from both sides security officers entered the space pointing weapons at them, "Identify yourselves!" They ignored the guards. Annoyed by the distraction the captain used one of his earth style jutsu's creating a huge wall on both sides of them which had a length of five feet both ways. That left them one on one with Ivy.

"Once we get you out of that cage we've got a proposition for you."

Remaining silent for a few moments she glanced back and forth at the two. Never before had she seen either of them, and she found their dress style to be odd.

"What if I say no?" She spoke.

"Trust me my dear…you won't turn our offer down."

To Be Continue
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CHP 4: Ravagers of the Den

Poison Ivy eventually agreed to travel with them, "I'd like to hear all details before I make a final decision." They used a form of teleportation re appearing outside. The rain continued on, but didn't bother them. Ivy looked around noticing three others, dressed exactly as the two that freed her. From where they stood, the emergency alarms from inside the asylum were heard clearly. Ivy knew the security officials of Arkham would soon do a sweep of the premises in search for her, "We better get going." She informed.

"By the way, where are we going?" She asked.

The only info given to her was they still had one other to track down. Instead of asking who, she remained silent knowing they'd eventually answer her questions…though she was curious as to whom they were in search for. Running off crossed her mind, but she wanted to know the story behind why they freed her. Through the dark shadows of the alleyways all members in the group aside from Ivy held small radar devices. All at once they located the next appointed target. They could see it was a good three miles from their position.

"What is that thing in the sky," One of them tapped at Poison Ivy's shoulder pointing to the sky, "It's kind of freaking looking."

"You're better off if we don't cross paths with him," Ivy glared at the bat signal sparkling bright. She knew it wouldn't be long before he became aware of her escape if not already, "Can you boys tell me who else you're in search for? Or is that top secret as well?"

None of them answered the question, thinking more about who she referred to as someone they didn't want to cross paths with, "I'm going to teleport us closer to the target. We'll cover a lot more ground if we do that." All in the group made sure to have a hold of someone. The captain used his teleportation technique relocating them all. Re appearing in front of an abandoned theater closed years ago, Ivy became confused, "Who're you looking for in this part of town?"

"You four wait here while the two of us go inside. After we've finished here its back to Murky Mountain," The captain entered alongside the one that assisted him in freeing Poison Ivy.

According to radar the one they sought was inside. From Ivy's backside two of them whistled marveling her body. She tightened her right fists frowning, but eased with a smirk. Their actions were to be expected, any man that set eyes on her couldn't help but fall in love.

"What is this Murky Mountain your boss spoke of, it sounds like something out of a cartoon?" Ivy asked eyeing the three.

"I'd rather not ruin it for you plant woman. You will soon see it for yourself, and at that time your questions will be answered."

She didn't like the answer given, but didn't mind waiting to see the place. She didn't fully trust them, nor was she sure teaming with them would be long term. That would be determined once she knew why they chose her.


Kian arrived on what was known as earth three. He had a few supplies with him, all items that would help with the task. With his eyes closed for several seconds Kian took a deep breath making his way to the corpse of his target.

He arrived in front of the tombstone, slowly running a hand over it. He pulled a book from the small sack he carried, flipping through the pages. Setting the manuscript over a stone Kian began a chant from the open page. At the same time he gathered up energy from his surroundings using a special technique. The thing he was most thankful for was the area was relatively hidden and secure, which meant the chance of interruptions by civilians would be little to none.

Closing in on the last few words he increased the flow of energy amplifying it. Within the surrounding area shadowy clouds formed. Lighting stroke several times over a precise spot just a few feet from where he stood. Patiently standing in place he hoped his efforts were a success. A grin formed noticing there was movement from the turf below. Subsequently the area lit with massive amounts of energy. Kian watched someone rise from the ground in full nude. The energy soon vanished leaving only the resurrected being.

"Welcome back Oroku Saki! Let's get you something to wear and then I'll explain what's going on. As you should know you were dead, but have been brought back."

The one known too many as the Shredder had nothing to say. More than anything he was perplexed by the reality he was back in the world of the living. Something else that needed answering was why he was revived. He had no clue of the person standing in front of him? There was much he wanted to know but didn't know where to begin. Another detail that lingered in the back of his head was how long he was dead for. Thinking down that line brought back the memory of the battle which led to his death! It was the leader and most skilled of the four that ended his life. Anger rose within as he reflected on the past events which ultimately resulted in his demise. Pondering the final blow which led to his beheading caused him to clinch his fists with rage.


Kian loved the hatred he felt coming from Oroku. He had no doubts Saki would join alongside them in their quest to conquer the ninja world. He had just the thing to lure him.

"If you agree to join by my side I can assure you the four turtles will be disposed of. Getting rid of them will be child's play for our group. Our power is far beyond anything you could imagine!"

It seemed the research by their master really paid off. Kian wouldn't have known anything about the four turtles if it weren't for his leader. Straightaway Kian could see the desire and dedication in the eyes of Saki. He knew there was no way he'd pass on the offer.

"How do you know of the turtles? What is the name of you group?" Oroku Saki asked.

Though Kian was responsible for bringing him back Saki had his skepticism. Trust was something that could be very hard to come by. He had his share of attempted backstabbers in the past.

"That isn't important; all you need to know is that they're good as dead. That is of course if you agree to join us in our crusade. As for a name, we're called Ravagers of the Den."

Shredder didn't know what he meant by we, but he had a feeling Kian was telling the full truth. After all he was the one to resurrect him; that in itself said a lot. Taking a few steps forward Oroku Saki put his hand out, "Consider me in." Kian covered his eyes with the palm of his hand. Oroku Saki didn't understand the meaning to his action.

"How about we get you dressed before we continue further," Kian removed the hand from his face, "Mila put together something I know you'll love."

"What about my clan of ninjas?" Oroku asked.

Kian shook his head, "Your hideout had was destroyed and taken down over a year ago." Kian informed. What became of the surviving members was a mystery.

"Is there anything else you'd like to know before we get going?" Oroku Saki simply shook his head. With nothing more he grabbed hold of Saki transporting them to Murky Mountain in the click of a button. Disembarking on the platform which he used to travel to earth three, Kian was satisfied with how things turned out.

"You wait here. I'll be back with your uniform," Kian stepped off the platform leaving walking toward the exit, "It is totally your style bud, I know you will like it."

He ran down the hall entering the planning room. Surprisingly enough Mila wasn't alone. Squad three was also present with their assigned target sitting over one of the tables. One leg crossed over the other.

"Killer Frost I take it? I must say you're even prettier in person." Kian complimented being grabbed from behind.

"Now isn't the time to flirt. Why are you back so soon?" Mila asked roughly.

Still with his eyes on frost he grinned, "I need the suit you constructed for the Shredder. I've got him waiting in the other room." She pointed to a far corner of the room, "it's covered by a sheet on the table with four wheels beneath it. So is he anything like what the reports read?" He ignored her question working fast and grabbing the table. He pushed it out of the room, wanting to get acquainted with Killer Frost, but knew he'd have to wait.

"I'm back," Kian pushed the table into the middle of the room removing the blanket off the suit, "Now is that not amazing or what?!"

Oroku Saki looked down at the armor and couldn't help but smile. It was almost exactly as his original armor, except in gold. It was certainly different but he felt he could get used to it. Coming forward and giving it an even closer look his smile widened.

"As you've noticed the color scheme of silver has been changed to gold, but that's hardly what you should be thinking about. The most significant detail about this armor is the fact it'll allow you to control chakra, and in turn means you will be able to eventually perform jutsus."

He could tell by the look on Saki's face he was clueless as to what Chakra and jutsus were. As of the moment that was to be expected.

"I'll explain it to you later. For now just get suited up and meet me in the hall after you're done. Heck maybe I'll even give you a tour of the place if we have time, but we'll see about that. Mila always gets pissed off when I don't do things by the book."

Without another word Kian closed the door on his way out. Even he didn't know the full extent of their leader's true power. The five Kage wasn't something to worry about, but for some reason it had been on his mind. He went back and forth with several what if scenarios. The two Jinchuriki of the Hidden cloud and Leaf could prove troublesome as well. Taking his mind off it, he thought only about what they needed to get done within their own organization.


Naruto walked through the market struggling to think up something to occupy his time.

"How lame…there's got to be something I can do," He watched a few guys walk passed him with a few logs of wood, stopping in place. He wondered where they were headed to with all of it, "Ghee I should at least be training, but with Gamatatsu and Gamakichi busy there's no point to that."

Taking off in the opposite direction he began walking with both hands in his pockets. Recently he had thought up a few formations that would involve the three, but just like everything else it had to be put on hold. Without realizing it he found himself at the front gates to the village. Just as he got ready to turn, he noticed someone familiar approaching from the trees landing in front of him.

"Kakashi Sensei! Boy am I glad to see y…" Naruto stopped in mid sentence noticing him carrying someone in his arms.

Recognizing it as Anko, Naruto gulped. It wasn't long ago that he crossed paths with her when out on the training field, "If memory serves me right she said something about going on a mission." He thought. His fists clinched remembering back that he offered to go with her but she denied him.

"Wha…what happened to her?" Naruto asked.

"She was attacked, but I don't know by whom. Right now I need you to alert Lady Tsunade on what has happened. She isn't in critical condition but I'm going to take her to the infirmary just to be safe. Get going Naruto, I'll catch up with you as soon as I can and speak to the Hokage myself."

Naruto shook his head traveling at top speed in the opposite direction to Kakashi. While in stride Kakashi's heart raced looking down at Anko, "We'll figure out who did this and get back at them." The thing that worried him was if the attack wasn't random. If there was a secret group attacking, the Leaf security would have to be heightened immediately.

To Be Continue
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