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Old 2006-01-24, 17:19   Link #61
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Originally Posted by Xess

As for Paradise Kiss, that's really good as well. But I don't consider it a romance anime. It's more like, it's a show about the glamour life of being an upcoming model and living in the surreal world of fashion. something like that.

Well this thread has really stretched the definition of romance...whenever people are saying titles like EVA, Love Hina, Futokoi Alternative, and FMP! are romantic animes...

You don't think the relationship of George and Yukari has any romantic overtones?? Hell even George and Isabella's story has it (I must admit this is the only thing I didn't like about the anime...not that I had major problems with it, but I don't think we needed to see the scene where George makes that dress when they were kids, the fact they showed this scene thru the eyes of children troubled me somewhat)...Anyways it's defanitely a look into the fashion-world, but that's not what this anime is's about "choices" and the paths we take in life...Other than the superficial stuff we barely venture into the inner-world of fashion...
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Old 2006-01-24, 18:59   Link #62
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I thought Lamune was very romantic but it seems to be geared toward an older audience (i.e. most of the people whom I know that love it are older -- as in 30+).

I would say Shuffle! was pretty romantic but people have fairly mixed opinions on the writing quality.

LH was more slapstick than anything else ..... If I could select specific episodes it might be good (like their Christmas special or some of Motoko's episodes)

The movie version of AIR is romantic ... but only if you have some clue about the workings of Buddhism and Shinto -- otherwise it might be just confusing.

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase is actually pretty romantic ... but its hard to see sometimes beneath the silliness and vampires. And Futukoi Alternative was very romantic to me (again the comedy can mask it).
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Old 2006-01-24, 20:56   Link #63
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I read through all pages and just about every good romance series has been covered.

A few romance animes I really enjoyed:

Hana Yori Dango
Ai Yori Aoshi
Kimi Ga Nozumu Eien
Kimagure Orange Road
Maison Ikkoku
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Old 2006-01-24, 21:09   Link #64
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Hmm sorry if someone already posted this anime. I didnt see that anyone did, but a while ago I requested a romantic anime suggestion and many people said I should check out Revolutionary Girl Utena, but as I did a little more research on it I think it's more of a drama. Even so I'll check it out or if anyone else has seen it they can explain it maybe?
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Old 2006-01-25, 02:28   Link #65
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hard to pick the 'best' romance story.

my current favorite is full moon sagashite, but thats newer to me so i am biased.

marmalade boy is a classic. many parts will bring you to tears.

snow fairy sugar is also classic, but its a friendship love so maybe it doesnt count.

i would like to say that Pretear is a strong contender, especially in the magical shojo genre. the knight of sound does a superb job of bringing out many emotions; even causing you to question whether doing what is wrong is the right choice.
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Old 2006-01-25, 12:08   Link #66
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koi kaze. I am totally serious about this.

You know that scene where they're in the ferris wheel at night, when the amusement park is closed? That's such a perfect analogue with their situation ... there they are, in the ferris wheel together, but it will never move. They love each other, but they can never be accepted by society. The bit where they say the nenju was so touching ... maybe they'll be reborn together in Amida's pure land.
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Old 2006-01-25, 17:12   Link #67
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Originally Posted by wingdarkness
Well this thread has really stretched the definition of romance...whenever people are saying titles like EVA, Love Hina, Futokoi Alternative, and FMP! are romantic animes...
I don't see why people don't like putting FMP series in the romance category. If you watched the ending scene between Kaname and Sousuke in FMP:TSR and weren't moved by it, then I don't know what romance is. Sure, the whole focus of the story isn't love drama, but it has very good romantic overtone throughout.
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Old 2006-01-25, 18:22   Link #68
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Well I haven't seen TSR so thanks for spoiling me....Anyways a show having romantic overtones isn't always a romantic anime IMO...FMP! is an action series with some harem stuff...Fumoffu is a comedy series with some action and harem stuff (The same as Love Hina but I would consider it romantic morso than any of the other titles I said)...Just because you have 2 characters being sweet or falling for each other in random episodes doesn't mean the series is romantic...The series should atleast be 50% romantic if you want to call it that which means Futokoi Alternative can be thrown off this list aswell...

Hell I think Futari Ecchi is far more of a romantic anime then anything I've heard here, but because it's ero it understandingly won't get consideration...

I think it's just your perceptions of what romantic anime is....But to me 2 characters having a crush on each other or what not doesn't make the anime romantic, especially when every episode is mobile suits killing each other and scientific intrigue (BTW what the hell happened to Chidori being a weapon or something??...that just dissapeared in Fumoffu, maybe TSR picks that angle back up)...I would say Paradise Kiss and Saikano (eventhough it was a bit of an overkill of a series) fall into the romantic genre much more that FMP!..I wouldn't even say KGNE is romantic anime (where was the romance in that series? It was all self-loathing), I consider it relationship anime...

I just started watching Shuffle a few weeks ago and am so unimpressed by this series so far (on ep 8), but it does seem to be a romantic type...Although it has to be the most harem harem I think I've ever seen in my life, that show needs comedy like a hole in the head...You could replace the main character with a wooden board and the series wouldn't miss a beat...
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Old 2006-01-25, 19:07   Link #69
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For best romantic anime, probably Kimi ga Nozomu Eien or Fushigi Yuugi

Best romantic manga must be Venus wa Kataomoi, shame its not very well known, its a really great romantic manga. Being slowly translated into english now i think
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Old 2006-01-25, 19:13   Link #70
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I think that this thread was intended to give suggestions for romantic anime to watch. We've gone on so long that I have trouble realizing this isn't a discussion thread. Anyway, time to put it to bed.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.
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