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Not to rain on the parade, but synopses are the easy part. Realize the manga by writing a short story. Even without pictures, a compelling story is a good read.
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Old 2013-01-23, 19:49   Link #22
Xion Valkyrie
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If you read Bakuman and know about 'names' then you can try turning your short story into a name. You don't need any drawing skills at all to do that. If it's good you might get an artist to actually draw it for you and start collaborating from there.
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This story bout Guy name ichigo hisana who two names boy and girl last name was pick on in middle school until high school as he become fighter his word where if people pick on weak are weak them self. But later on in meet girl of his dream who loved him back then suddenly he got into car accident hit his head he does not remember his name or age or who his parent is he claim to be someone else name ren asukruba but as his gf try to figure out who this guy name find out his loving teenage father of 2 who died saving his daughter life find out soon down line find out that gf is in fact his daughter she took her mother last name not her father.

comedy drama

its bout Body swapping comedy romance where experiment with dark magic swap soul with 2 people who destiny not to be together cause they simple did not go well they both from different cycles one popular nerdy Girl and other popular frighting delinquent who body swap and during this destiny they where at first bickering with each other then turn into love hate relationship then turn into love then turn into death when girl died (boy body) her spirit get sent to heaven only temporary but as she died he was carrying the child at time which broke him down until he had baby now he moved away cause her folk where already in another part of japan on farm so he decided to take himself and his daughter there to raise

comedy romance drama

its bout story that revolve around 6 student are 3 girls 3 guys 2 who liked each other few other where bf gf anyways they chip in western type hotel but when they get on train then bus but some how bus drop them off at wrong stop tries to get another wait for another but futile it was they enter this town to only find it deserted they call hello anyone here nobody answered they go into people house find nothing but which was odd enough fone line where dead but problem is that shinji main character decided to leave he told them not to move he go check out something he goes back to where they first drop off but something weird happen they shinji goes to the bus stop but somehow come from south side while they question how did shinji get there the all puzzled i went north why did i come south while each of them try go west and east still come back to same spot..

find out that newpaper clipping show town been under a curse by witch craft but no people in town as they try to find break curse while to escape the not alone in town the witch who hiding in town

other people find grave yard but what made 2 girls scream in terror is fact the grave stone had the names on it all 5 of them and look like the grave stone been there for 40 yrs find out something odd until they find shinji older version who tell them that the each of them going to die here then suddenly vanish from grave yard then ayaka turn notice shinji grave next to hers

find out that this town is under curse which separated from time and space which changing while they in the
supernatural horror drama

Another one is unsual high school where all student are not who they seem to appear the not zombies not supernaturally creature in manga akira read no boys and girls Are not boys are girls and girls are boys...
gender change school thinks if u could walk amoungs student as other gender u achieve learning...... But its not entirely true each person the has had the souls switch around boys are girls and girls are boys and some girls are othere girls

how is akira going to survive his school days when his soul get sent out of him into body of girl who kinda always felt better knowing that she her own woman who has not had her soul switch now she had her soul put in body of guy now how is she going to progress.

But find out this school is quite large and live in dorm when akira leave school grounds he can still be her but if he goes with rukia her souls return only thing is mystery is that they could only be themself if the other body goes with them....

but akira goes alone still remain as girl hows is his brother and sister going respond when the brother is in body of woman and brother body is in use by rukia who does not know who they are...

comedy romance drama gender bender

Its bout this guy name ichigo he been rejected by every girl he ever meet until he said had yelled in class after hearing girls in his head saying i am sorry i cant date you, i wish can be friends then even hurting his two friends who he know when his was kids then when he left they did not hear from him until he comes back he know someone who could help him but next day his friend rina and akira where at school they all look at empty chair look depressed then suddenly new transfer student come to class name Hisana suzukita said i am new transfer student i am from Australia transfer here i am happy to meet everyone here all guy started blushing and girl saying oh she cute then suddenly later in class hisana did move that ichigo does smile with that smirk then suddenly she said no way then what sealed the deal with that ichigo got tattoo on his back which is friends name said oh no ichigo while akira fawning over hisana rina slap him said that ichigo wait what? when hisana was alone they confronted her then said they knew it was ichigo then she said who? i dont know him rina with tears slap hisana i know it u ichigo hisana look down said yes it me ichigo then ask why did u do akira said did u have sex change operation he look down said no friend of mine she scientist i went to her she mad scientist who used her machine that change gender but in return she wanted one thing.......... both said what? my sperm she wanted to conduct experiment on em dont ask but i am woman now girl who rejected me i dont know what i done wrong at least i know something diffrent is that i am now woman and ichigo is dead as hisana/ichigo walk way said ichigo we still are friend we never going to judge you on this

hisana turns around with tears said thank you but as that pass the scientist was conducting experiment which ichigo sperm in her she wanted a baby as well trying to conduct experiment on em............. but with blood and tissue of ichigo she was able to create male ichigo....

comedy romance gender bender yuri
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Its story of ichigo kuromarki his 16 yr old guy who suddenly was experiment by his grandmother to stop aging in there tracks kinda like make em forever youthful but experiment prove to be bad when it never work but when ichigo came home went to bed woke up went to school with his friends and child hood friend when ichigo is ur typically smart kid he in class when teacher called what xy = 2 when he answered right his hands where small and his voice sounded cute he look at himself said what the hell everyone surprised. they said ichigo what happen i dont know what happening to me when ichigo run out he call his grandmother who did not know his voice until she remember voice from many years ago then when she see him again she goes all gaga over him hugging him treating him like kids so she can go fix machine but suddenly he turn back into guy whats happening i dont know body but sume how he turn back next day..............

school knew bout instead ship him off to kindergarten now with kids in the 6 9 yrs old he hated it he was introduce as new transfer student but make little friends which found to be cute but he wanted to return to his real age but could not.... but until he meet his teacher beautiful 21 yr old woman who was teaching class he found him self being in love with her but soon he tries everything even valentine time he sent her rose from secret admire but then when he become his age again start liking teacher after he know bout her anyways when she rejected him she turn away when kids notice something wrong called to miss shenikiya something wrong then she turn see him in tears then when she notice that when he told her rose he gave her on valentine remember ichigo as kids but what happen she notice his man voice changing into voice of kids she knew and his student then notice smoke turn him into a kids again but collapse little friend and teacher rush him to hospital do some test......

ichigo legal guardian is grandmother who rushed in because she not old she look like 25 yr old woman but is only 50 she rush in said what happen they said we dont know ichigo was man he was confessing to me i had rejected him he cried turn into my student how?? hana said ichigo was experiment on project of mine which was result of freezing aging processes which did not work but some how reverse the aging to child with adult mind ichigo which we sent him here but some time he can regain his teenage form he was never 8 yr old his 16 yr old guy.... A student doctor said his heart something wrong in xray showed scar on it which was unknown but hana knew it was from his rejection....

he woke up said ichigo its grandma teenage form but his voice was like of kids and his mind 2

guy turn into child hood form only to go back to kindergarten fall in love with his teacher in kindergarten class only to reject his feeling but since then he mind and that of child and adult body

comedy romance drama

Story bout Tv Family 16 yr old shinji mirosaki decided to throw his hand at acting and took the role of riku suzukia who is heartful character strong willing and fighter and student so acting he produce thru his role with all his tv family all friendly. They where like Karadasian american realistic tv show but japanese version but he become so popular long with his tv sisters and mother but behind the camera was deception betrayal romance...... which was felt on camera & off camera

shinji was in bind when media took story of on set romance with his on stage mother which happen to be fling which soon happen later on in series his on stage mother falls pregnant which end of season 2 which happen to be shinji child because she separated from her husband but during off screen he was kinda dating Reiko asuhikyia who was his on screen sister. but during the tablots got hold of it spewed that on screen fling between shinji & maya hitsugikya who expecting the first child who are these names they play mother and son on hit show

comedy romance drama betrayal

The not really family the all actors and shinji first role in acting
Those who can't see the mirror of the own reflection cannot Reflect the one true self
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There are a lot of ideas up on here XD.

Well for me I have many but the one i am putting my brain to work on is this.

The Demon Sword: Sorataki

Well this is a branching story from a story i was making years ago called The Demon Sword. The name itself i think sucks since i just made it in a hurry but anyways i digress.

Sorataki is a story is set in a little far off future where the world is on it's last legs. A young girl aged 16, scared by her past is on a quest to find and kill the ones that wronged her known as the stars. Natalie (The main character.) travel’s the vast dying world along with Andrew (her childhood friend.) and armed with a strange power that is believed to be from an angel, Natalie faces the cruel and dying world of corruption, demons and death with nothing but vengeance in mind. This leads to making lost of enemy's and some friends along the way some of which join her in her quest. She thanks to Andrew and her new friends soon relies that even in her state it is never too late to live a normal life. And the path she is taking could very well end in tragedy.

Now this is a story set in a vast world with a deep history that if was put in the main plot point would make the story feel more like a history lesson so it is told through the characters point of view making for a more character driven story telling.

The plot consists of a group known as the seven stars of halo who have found a way to gain and power of angels. they did so by kidnapping children and using them as lab rats. this plot starts there but the more the hero's find out about there plans the more it becomes less about revenge and more about doing what is right.

So far i am almost done the first half of the story and as for weather i want it so become a manga I am kind of split on it. As a light novel it will be two books and as a manga it will maybe last for four five years. I would like to do both first making the light novel since i can wright and cant draw and if someone is interested in making a manga out of it then im all in.

I have put up the first chapter but I have not gotten any comment as of yet. I would like to hear peoples torts on it and give me CC.

EDIT: Oh and it is a action, comedy, romance, sword fighting, Si-Fi story
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