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Old 2013-02-21, 15:56   Link #1061
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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What's going on?

Spoiler for 18:
Rize and Kaneki
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Old 2013-02-22, 01:08   Link #1062
Hiding Under Your Bed
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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
What's going on?

Spoiler for 18:
Well, the comments Misaki made during the early episodes at Robo-1 made it clear that while she works for Sawada (and presumably, by extension the Committee of 300), she doesn't see herself as particularly aligned with them. So, her joining them has always seemed like an infiltration of sorts.

Furthermore, it seems obvious that Misaki and Mizuki knew something about Kimijima when they were high school students, and we see a major outward shift in Misaki's attitude at that time.

The easiest answer is she stumbled upon something so big, that she felt she had to put on an act and single-handedly save the world.

I've never been too comfortable with that though, because to be quite frank, Misaki gives off evil end-boss antagonist vibes way too much (especially when you remember this is based on a video game). I mean, I do think she must have stumbled on something big with the whole Kimijima stuff when she was a high school student, but perhaps it was something so big that it crushed her idealism and instead of infiltrating the Cof300 to save the world/be the good guy, she did it because whatever she found out so disillusioned her that she's decided to be the power player, rather than the cog (and would explain why she suddenly decided building robots was child's play).

Sawada's attitude and the short interplay at the end of this episode further seems to shed Misaki in more of the end-boss role, than secret champion of justice.

Other thoughts:

* Glad to see them state straight out that Kai has thought Tagringer was Misaki. I always thought so, as there were too many coincidental clues, but glad for confirmation. Though, I'm still completely pulling a blank as to what the fighting game has to do with anything (or the AIs for that matter).

* While I do think Misaki is shaping up to be the end boss, so to speak, I don't think she's completely lost it to evil. Her silent, but very physical, reactions when Kai confronted her in the parking lot with Mizuki's death would insinuate that beneath the cold exterior and whatever master plan she's been working on all these years, that she's not completely lost her emotional connections to her childhood self.

* Operation Wyvern, in the context of how near genocide is supposed to be one of the plot threads in this show, seems a bit ominous, seeing as the Wyvern can be symbolized as an evil creature that feeds on the souls of the unsuspecting.

* Could we (or, at least, I) have been under a red herring/false assumption over the Cof300? What if they were never intending to wipe out most of humanity, but were actually trying to avert it, and it's Misaki who's subverting them to do the dasterdly deed? Though, regardless of who's actually trying to kill off most of humanity, I still can't fathom a very good reason for doing so. This isn't Power Rangers, so presumably there's a seemingly rational reason that will eventually come to light.

* Throwing a bottle at someone on a ladder, and them falling, and then the crowd just standing lame. Sure, we hear stories of public apathy, and I guess I'm just lucky that I've never actually personally experienced such a situation where people would simply let such douche bags walk away. Good to see Mr. Space Candy take them in tow, at least.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.
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Old 2013-02-22, 02:12   Link #1063
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Ok my hypothesis of what happened in this episode...

When Kai first met Misaki she told him to go.. But after he repeated Mizuki's words to her basically Mizuki was thanking her for the legs and did not blame her for her death but was in gratitude as she was not bound to a wheel chair.

Knowing this she could not keep up her coldness and took a ride with Kai. Another thing I noted she keeps stressing that being normal I think that is a clue to Kai they are interested in him because he is not normal she stressed that too much.

So it appears her discussion and Mizuki's words she probably betrayed The Committee of 300 and now they want her dead. Again I notice that she asked about there parents and again stresses the launch. I expect again another clue to them if she is still alive she will plan to be there for the launch of the Rocket. A meeting said in casual words while still acting cold towards her sister and Kai to protect them.

Now it does not bold well to see Exoskeleton create a spider robot that can absolutely be for nothing but killing. That design has no purpose but to kill.. They enter the giant robot expo with a robot that is designed for killing.

Misa's most likely been cold to not let The Committee know she has any feelings for her sister so that they would not attempt to use her sister against her at anytime. Misa after losing her friend by The Committee and than hearing her friends last words from Kai was too much for her and she could not continue pretending to be cold and continue to go with the plans of the Committee.
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Old 2013-02-22, 03:47   Link #1064
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Maybe she act as if she don't carse so that they don't us Aki and Kai as hostage?
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Old 2013-02-22, 04:47   Link #1065
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
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DAT repeated and empty words...

Don't tell me they modified Misa-nee's body into some sort of cyborg/android because I'll find both Noitamina shows overlapping with each other to some extent
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Old 2013-02-22, 12:47   Link #1066
Last Engage
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R;N 18 - A Hero Awakens in the Heart

Episode 18 of 22, and the expo has finally happened. Probably less eventful than Aki planned it to be, but if she got that kid interested in Gunvarrel, than everything might have worked out. One person's smile can make up for all the hardship she went through. Not that said hardship is over. Nearly everything with Misaki so far has been vague as it is, so the way she acted in this episode could very well be in everyone's best interests. That the camera never focused on her face during the interrogation scene at the end was also an interesting directorial choice. She's been hiding something this whole time, and I don't suspect her "mediocre" dialogue is all there really is. Even if the club is reduced to just Kai and Aki, the rest of the club is there in spirit, and I hope they (and Airi) have their roles to play in the future. Airi may have been deleted, but her real self is still there, and has info that may have been thought lost forever with Mizuka. I'm looking forward to seeing where these final episodes go, and how all these various plotlines can tie together.
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Old 2013-02-22, 15:56   Link #1067
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So, Kimijima reports are out.
Kai feeling serious remorse about Mizuka.
Aki & Kai at the Expo with GunPro-2.
Seems like it's all connected to Aki's sister and her company.
It's a shame people didn't appreciate their robot as much just 'cause it's Gunvarrel.
It was cruel how Misa treated Aki...
This episode sure was interesting!

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Old 2013-02-22, 16:26   Link #1068
One-Eyed Dragon
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Lol Mitchie getting a single room for Kai and Aki, how is this guy a teacher? Good thing Mr. Space Candy took the guys with him, how do they even get by with doing that. Liked how all four striked the pose when the kid asked for Aki to do it again. So Airi is awake, but doesn't know about anything after she was put to sleep, wonder if she's completely healed now. Misa may be acting cold all the time, but i liked the slight tremble of her hands as Kai was saying Mizuka's last words. THough i agree that she is being a bitch to looks out for Kai and Aki. Honestly the wyvern can't be useful for anything but harm. They said it was operated by a glove, but it looked like Misa was inside the thing. I guess Sawada found out about her plans and that's why he's after her. It was good that Aki finally met her sister, but it couldn't be at a worse time. Misa's cryptic words might hold another meaning.
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Old 2013-02-22, 17:19   Link #1069
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Just when I thought we could have a romantic mood..... God...
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Old 2013-02-22, 18:34   Link #1070
Cinderella Gang or Die
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Old 2013-02-23, 18:26   Link #1071
Arturia Polaris
Good OP Hunter
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I'm just going to say that Aki is literally the best girl of the season. She's basically what you could say my "ideal"

That said, is anyone willing to make me an avatar of her?

4:51 of episode 18.

Thanks a lot to whoever works on it! ^^

Arturia's Writing Den

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Old 2013-02-24, 00:07   Link #1072
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first off Aki-chan with hair down and so sexy slim, her usually hyperactive & boisterous nature tends to cover that but well

That SUMERAGI robot sure looks like enemy boss material, highly doubt anyone will make something look like that IRL robotics, PR wise, if only because decades of video games have shown the same form as enemy bosses My immediate thought when it was shown was a Battle Royale between it and Gunspro2, caused by the same malfunction like with those exoskeleton. Of course with Kai and his reflexes at the helm Gunspro2 would have a bit of a chance thereby saving the name of gunvarrel making it a hero once again.

But it was so cool with the kid & the whole team including Kai & the space candy boss doing the gunvarrel pose and those two who threw that bottle man they're really gonna get something from me if I was there, that's practically frustrated homicide at that height.

and that end, I've always felt Misa-nee was just forced to with that sawada guy's company. well we don't really know what she's planning to do now, looks like she's wearing a full body version of her exoskeleton. looks powerful, she might have been able to deflect that bullet. I'm more concerned with Kai & Aki they're in the way although Kai can move fast enough to disarm the guy. operation wyvern sure sounds ominous enough, and it's gonna happen in less than 90 minutes...

BTW I thought when Mizuka died there seems to be something more to that "tell misa thank you for the exoskeleton" like it's some sort of code between the two of them. Could it be why Misa is now acting against Sawada & the exoskeleton co. now? or it's just remorse due to what happened to Mizuka.

Anyhow next episode seems to be where the action really's hoping Gunspro2 gets into the action vs that lumbering Crab ;p
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Old 2013-02-24, 01:20   Link #1073
Arturia Polaris
Good OP Hunter
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I'll hereby outline what I believe will happen next. This is all mere belief on my part and It'll be interesting to see it later.

I'm working on the belief that this will somehow work like Steins;Gate did, in which there is notable contributions from "side" characters. First of all, Frau. Frau, is going to be vital in the outcome of the whole anime, albeit indirectly. We all know that she programmed Kill Ballad and Gun-Build2 works with it's system. Her software will have to be top notch if Gun-build 2 will in fact be in a battle. Remember back when the robot attack on tokyo happened? Power outages?

Well, That's where the monopole engine comes in. Gunbuild 2 will probably be one of the few things that will be able to resist the EMP effect depicted circa ep 15. (although it is a blatant writer's license in my opinion) props to Doc for making that monopole engine.

Subaru and Jun. Their role... is kind of bogus on the whole ordeal. Subaru was stated as having robot knowledge, but besides that he's been just filler for me, it's like an extra "boss" around. He was vital in the construction of GunBuild2 however. Jun provided the moves for the robot, but besides that I predict she won't have much impact (hehe) on the later developments.

Michi. I predict his death will come soon. I hope I'm wrong, but today's (ep 18) "saving" of Akiho is a huge foreshadow for me, and he will die in a similar fashion. And him knowing the older Senomiya will somehow kick in effect later on.

This is where things start to get messed up...

Frau had deciphered the gunvarrel last episode's message. And it depicted the house in which Airi was found. Kai went in and saved Airi earning him the close eye of this "bad" character whose name eludes me right now. The key is in that message. it showed the building, and Airi was in cryo down there. But what if that's not what Kai was meant to find? I believe that this place will come in to bite him later for not checking properly. Why do I believe this?

Kimijima Kou. I don't know if he's alive or not, or who he is, or what he wants, but at the start of R;N we see a 1.04XXX implying that we're in the S;G universe right?

Spoiler for S;G content and speculations linking R;N:

What we're seeing, ladies and gentlemen, is the butterfly effect sneaking into the game again. Kimijima Kou managed to somehow slip a message.

A) To his past self
B) To the AI called Geji-nee that he had created.

However, if he had not taken certain precautions on to who got the message it could all go for nothing, so he created a minigame in his IRUO application to ensure that the message would remain hidden until Airi contacted someone she saw as good person or somesuch, and ran him through a LOT of tests to ensure that he was "dedicated" enough.

Thanks to this, he prevented a HUGE shift of timeline, he prevented a mass chaos, but told the people who could do something about it.

And thus Gunvarrel was formed. A robot anime and such telling people that robots would be the solution to the problem robots presented (I know it sounds weird, but it's like saying there's good people and bad people) However the whole cast was brainwashed by the comitee of 300, and once Frau's mother snapped out of it... well you know what happened.

The whole thing kind of makes sense when you see that Kai got a gibberish message from Geji-nee at some point early in the anime.

We now move on to the older Senomiya. In my opinion, modest as it is, she's the big good in the whole story. She sacrificed herself by making herself famous in the robot environment and infiltrated as high up as she could in order to start stalling the progress of the comitee of 300, but in the process she had to learn to lose her feelings, or to stop showing them.

She has to feign allegiance or she'll be brainwashed, or probably murdered. What use is a brainwashed consultant?

She keeps telling Akiho that she's useless because she absolutely does NOT want her involved in the robot environment otherwise she might as well end up getting dragged into the whole mess, which Akiho of course, just went ahead and did. (Nice job breaking it hero)

The last scene of the last episode shows that Senomiya was really the good one in here, she evidently put a huge wall ahead of what was the plan for the expo and was about to bail before Akiho caught her.

Well... I think this is pretty much all my thoughts for the moment. Feel free to point at me and laugh for bothering, but I thought I had to share my thoughts for this anime at the moment. I actually wanted to do so circa episode 16 but I only just recently got time off my hands.

In any case, Cheers.

Arturia's Writing Den

My fanfiction works include:

Tari Tari: Past and Present, As the Gentle Breeze Blows
Little Busters: Bird's Song
Sword Art Online: Vanquishing of the Laughing Coffin

My own works include: Social Fact
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Old 2013-02-24, 05:12   Link #1074
~defying fate
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I need the next week's episode now.
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Old 2013-02-25, 07:55   Link #1075
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Just asking, is it possible that we get to see more Steins;gate Characters?

Just wondering seeing as I find it a nice coincidence that Mayuri has been reaching out in the sky and the sun so often, we have Nae, the same Antagonists and
Spoiler for Not sure if spoiler or not but just to go sure I tag it.:
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Old 2013-02-25, 09:48   Link #1076
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Originally Posted by GenjiChan View Post
Just when I thought we could have a romantic mood..... God...
No kidding...

In any case, I really get the feeling that Kimijima Kou is really not the good guy here as we all lead to believe.
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Old 2013-02-26, 05:46   Link #1077
zutto soba ni ite ne
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Originally Posted by orpheus2 View Post
No kidding...

In any case, I really get the feeling that Kimijima Kou is really not the good guy here as we all lead to believe.
The guy who make the little girl to hibernate in the fridge for years is for sure weird even if he seems to be good.
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Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
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Old 2013-02-28, 15:44   Link #1079
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Spoiler for RN19:
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Old 2013-02-28, 16:01   Link #1080
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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Spoiler for Episode 19:
Rize and Kaneki
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science fiction

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