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Old 2013-03-05, 19:12   Link #141
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Didn't somebody here say that Doflamingos base would be in Wano?
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Old 2013-03-05, 20:14   Link #142
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Wow, you really wanted to bait me into another of your b@#crap don't you...

It was a theory based on what we had at time, besides Oda filled in the missing link exactly as I mentioned as Kinemon and Momonosuke were shipwreck during a journey.

Besides, Kinemon still haven't mentioned why they are heading to Zo or why they were being chased by Dofla's men.

But that's all I going to say to reply to that bait, because I should know by now what this could lead into...
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Old 2013-03-05, 22:48   Link #143
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Uh, wow. I kinda wasn't expecting anyone to follow up on my silly little nutsack joke, but lo and behold.

Anyways, spoilers (and of course, the new thread) should be out in a couple hours' time.....

Edit: 701 thread is up!

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Old 2013-03-09, 08:51   Link #144
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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
It would be kind of sad if Luffy was Roger reborn and he still couldn't save Ace. To have a brother and a son die? That seems pretty awful, at least for current events (the past has always been depicted as being worse than the present).

That being said, it doesn't really add anything to the story to have Luffy be the reincarnation of Roger. In fact, it could potentially detract from what little character development there is in the series if Luffy was simply repeating the actions of the past.
repeating the past...all over again with no knowledge of having done it b4...only the will to want to do it far luffy as done everything the way roger done bad guys...garp = coby....i bet luffy gets his own shanks wabby on deck that he will teach...then find one piece and do it again...i bet even shanks has the will of d to the point where i think he is a bad guy on the sly..waiting for luffy to find one piece just to see if roger was telling the truth...ONE PIECE kills you but brings you back some how with no knowledge just the will to carry on
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