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Old 2011-02-21, 01:44   Link #21
ronin myael
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Originally Posted by yakumo-chan View Post
I have a feeling that revealing one piece will be lame ^_^
that's probably why oda won't reveal it any time soon. but he did claim that he already knows what it will be and how he will end one piece. it's the journey that he prolongs (by writing more and more chapters) not the destination.
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Old 2011-02-21, 02:17   Link #22
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The closest thing I've been able to come up with is that the 'One Piece' is nothing more than some kind of info, the finder gains knowledge of whatever he found; say that it is something that everyone has but is not aware of it.

In fact, it may be the key to 'True Haki'
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Old 2011-02-22, 16:28   Link #23
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WB seemed very sure though that whoever finds it will wage war on the WG and it will engulf the whole world .. or at least he will spark it .. and Rayleigh said that they found out about the lost history .. so that's gotta be there .. One Piece itself though may be something else
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Old 2011-03-13, 09:04   Link #24
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I have a feeling that one piece holds several things that gold d roger considered of value. It would be like something that everyone on his crew would hold a particular liking to and a mix of these items (ponygryph maybe a magical sword, treasure, their very first ship ect.) all under his pirate flag. The war white beard predicted b4 his death would more than likely be fought over the ponygryph which contains the truth of what the world was b4 and after the forming of the world government. Reasoning behind the war being over the ponygryph is that we all saw what the navy did against an island of people who could read it... merciless slaughter... but once it is found it would easily be the WHOLE navy attacking because of the importance of this stone. The reason its called one piece is because everyone on gold d rogers crew had a piece of this treasure to contribute, weither that treasure was the reason they set out to adventure or if it was their longterm goal. The reason everyone wants this treasure is because of how different a ships crew must be in order to have the ship survive through the grand line, thus giving everyone something to want out of the treasures of a ship that conquered the world!
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Old 2011-03-25, 00:21   Link #25
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One piece has to be something related with the void century and the world governement...

And it must've been something really really bad since there were two indicators...

1st WB Speach saying that once op is found it will lead to war against the wg...
2nd Rayleigh said to Robin he could tell her the story but as they were right now they wouldnt be able to do anything.

So my guess... it has something to do with the Will of D. and somehow the WG is trying to supress the will of d. whatever it may be... and may even be related to the ancient weapons like pluton.

Im almost 100% sure that Rio Ponyglyph will be in raftel too...
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Old 2011-03-30, 01:15   Link #26
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One piece is a piece of paper that says 'One Piece is in everyone's heart'
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Old 2011-04-06, 06:40   Link #27
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It is treasure cause Luffy can never get any
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Old 2011-04-06, 12:25   Link #28
Poetic Justice
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Didn't oda already confirm that the treasure isn't something intangible?
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Old 2013-03-13, 10:29   Link #29
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I think that one piece is a place a place deep inside raftel where everything is wonderful for a true adventurer,"I left everything i owned in ONE PIECE"
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