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Old 2013-03-13, 16:59   Link #1161
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Originally Posted by HandofFate View Post
more of a mangaka question, but nowadays, is it still common for most manga artist to draw by hand with a bunch of assistants?

Since with technology advancement in the past 20 years, there's drawing tablets and such now. Noticed in Sakuarasou, the girl drawing a serialized manga there uses a drawing tablet.
The vast majority of mangakas draw "by hand" as you say. I'm not sure if any renowned artist uses tablets and such. It may give off an artificial look that the big magazines avoid.
And yes, they usually have many assistants. Especially for weekly series or ones with more detailed backgrounds.
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Old 2013-03-19, 15:54   Link #1162
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Episode 23

Spoiler for plot:

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Old 2013-03-20, 02:39   Link #1163
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Final Page 23: Mic and Script

Finally, I got the chance to watch the twenty-third episode.

Basically, they did follow the manga with the audition, the odds against Azuki, the rest of the other voice actresses' ambitions, and Azuki's performance. However, they took lots of creative liberties with this episode, and I understood why.

For various reasons:
1. To keep the pacing tightened; neither dragging not rushed.
2. The focus had to give special emphasis upon Azuki's performance as the main spotlight, so as the impact would carry on towards the conclusion of the episode.
3. Since it's been one year since the manga ended serialization, the audience for the Bakuman anime is dropping, as viewers are seeking other things. Therefore, the studio wants to end everything solved in one go.

The major differences are:
1. In the manga, Kana and Azuki share a very close relationship to that as seiyuu sisters. Kana was responsible to keep Azuki company while waiting for their respective turns to audition. She did that so as Azuki wouldn't feel nervous and down due to the widespread rumors circulating against her by the other competitors. Kana behaves adult for her age but still open. Kana auditioned after Azuki did, and she found out that Azuki's script notebook had nothing written.
In the anime, I believe it's clear that their relationship is more of the traditional sempai (Kana) and kouhai (Azuki) relationship; there's a bit of a competititve gap between them, and clearly Kana felt pressured after listening to Azuki's performance, and she reacted surly to the news from the Director about the mistake from the studio did with the line that read "Weiss" instead of "Schwarz" that Azuki clearly got it right all along. Kana has a klutzy personality just for the sake of remarking that she being the most popular voice actress in the world of Bakuman must be "cute" for the sake of the fans. Kana auditioned before Azuki did, and someone else noted that Azuki's script had no marked anotations.

2. In the manga, it is Nanami that scoffs at Azuki for preparing the audition stage for her to make her catapult towards glory, while Gouda kept those thoughts private for herself.

3. I believe that in the manga the congratulations reception Azuki received, for having won the audition, from her fellow seiyuu peers happened offscreen. However, what happens onscreen in the manga following the end of the audition is that as Gouda is leaving Azuki catches with her and thanks her for competing in the audition, and that she (Azuki) respects her (Gouda) much as both a person and a seiyuu.
In the anime, Gouda becomes more thoughtful of her loss against Azuki, and she ends up viewing Azuki as her equal in professional terms; in fact, Gouda went on Azuki's defense when she overheard other competitors accusing her that Azuki got the line right from the script before the audition, and, they suspected she got that preferential treatment from Ashirogi Muto.
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Old 2013-03-20, 08:22   Link #1164
Azuma Denton
Join Date: Oct 2006
Love the performance of Hayami Saori in this episode. :thumbup:
And at 23th episode of season 3, finally the trio dream comes true...
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Old 2013-03-21, 10:36   Link #1165
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Big Tori = Victory!? www

Wow, episode 23 was awesome, definitely more impactful than the manga, especially with Hayami Saori's voice acting within a voice acting. Looks like we might have an ending that looks more like an ending compared to the manga, given that we have one full episode left.
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Old 2013-03-23, 19:50   Link #1166
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I didn't mind that the anime rushed through the Azuki arc, because they got rid of a lot of the over-the-top unpleasantness that went on after her so-called fans found out about her and Mashiro's relationship. I haven't watched episode 24 yet, but since there are only 4 manga chapters left to cover, I think we're set for a nicely-paced conclusion, and maybe there will be room to add some stuff to the ending after all.

I was also very curious to see who would play veteran seiyuu Takami Gouda in the audition. Kikuko Inoue would have been the obvious choice if she wasn't already voicing Azuki's mom, and I was pleasantly surprised that they picked none other than Fumi "Lum" Hirano.
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Old 2013-03-24, 00:51   Link #1167
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Episode 24

ROFL, Bleach and One Piece seems to be still around, judging from the posters and cover pages.

Great, seems like there's one more episode to tie things up.
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Old 2013-03-25, 08:35   Link #1168
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pacing improved a lot during S3.
Personally, I skipped S2 altogether because i wasn't feeling it. But S3 turned out nicely.

I think the best couple this series was takagi and kana. That guy got it made. Got a job, wife, friends. While Mashiro is just there getting stressed out the whole time 24/7 lol.
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Old 2013-03-25, 11:12   Link #1169
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Oh my God, episode 24 acknowledged that Shiratori and that dumbass Nakai still exist. I thought Nakai was killed on his way out of McDonalds or something since that was the last scene he was ever seen. Most shocking moment of the second half right there.
Panel taken from here (NSFW-ish). Translation/type by some /a/non.
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Old 2013-03-25, 16:11   Link #1170
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Those two were totally in a daze.
It was about time for their dreams to come true.
They worked so hard for all of it.
Hattori was pretty fired up this time!
Reversi's build up to the grand finale had everyone itching for more.
It got pretty much everyone fired up.
Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They surpassed Niizuma!
And this is why I love Bakuman!

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Old 2013-03-26, 01:56   Link #1171
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Final Page 24: How It Should Be and How It Ends

The highlight of this before-last episode came at the climax of Hattori facing the Editor-In-Chief about allowing Ashirogi Muto to end Reversi rather than continuing; "If both the company and the editor are at odds with each other, the editor stands by the author".

This is the line that packed so much punch to me, that I ended up delivering a whole new level of respect for Hattori. This is the man who first interviewed Ashirogi when they were rookies and newbies in the manga business ten years ago. This is the same man who watched over their growth as mangaka with their successes and failures. Now, this is the same man who made sure that Ashirogi Muto reached the top spot of the best-selling and number #1's mangaka in Jack.

I also went to the manga to confirm that, indeed, in both media:
1. Ashirogi Muto surpassed Niizuma Eiji in both the questionnaires and the number of sales per released volumes.

However, the only record that they didn't mention, and that the boys weren't to overcome was the following:
1. Niizuma Eiji ended CROW being Jack's #1 top spot manga for 20 weeks in a row.

2. Ashirogi Muto ended Reversi being Jack's #1 top spot manga for 9 weeks in a row.

Unfortunately, Eiji still holds that top record.
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Old 2013-03-26, 03:07   Link #1172
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This has become one of my favorite animes! What a great story and true love.
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Old 2013-03-30, 23:36   Link #1173
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episode 25

wow I really love the ending episode. it's 10x better than the manga!
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Old 2013-04-01, 10:00   Link #1174
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And then Togashi & Takauchi never draw manga again.
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Old 2013-04-01, 12:06   Link #1175
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^ haha, that quite a jab to both mangaka.
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Old 2013-04-02, 07:55   Link #1176
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Just saw the episode, and...


I don't know how many years it's been since the manga ended, but this damn well nearly brought a tear to my eye. THIS WAS EXACTLY WHAT WE ALL WANTED.

So, yeah. Because of this anime > manga. Also, I am immensely happy.

Such a good, good ending. 2 minutes to wrap everything up. That's all I wanted. What a glorious 2 minutes that was.
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Old 2013-04-02, 11:18   Link #1177
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Btw, there was one scene not properly translated in the subbed version. When Kaya looked at Jump Jack SQ and said "he's working hard", she was referring to Nanamine, who had a new serialization in the magazine.
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Old 2013-04-02, 11:58   Link #1178
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Originally Posted by larethian View Post
wow I really love the ending episode. it's 10x better than the manga!
Basically this. I really couldn't get over the lame manga ending and they just went and completely fixed it. Bravo!
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Old 2013-04-02, 14:41   Link #1179
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After 3 seasons the end is finally here.
It was a really good anime with a fair amount of drama and excitement.
Flashbacks were a nice reminder of how it was in the beginning.
Three seasons we were waiting for their dreams to come true.
Now that it has finally happened, it's kinda surreal because I can't imagine it's over.
It was nice they let us see some part of the their Reversi anime.
Watching Azuki and Mashiro being awkward together was so sweet.
Nice final episode!

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Old 2013-04-02, 15:04   Link #1180
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The Last Page. Dreams and Reality

I waited three years just for this moment, and it did not let me down.

It's reassuring to watch that neither Mashiro nor Azuki have changed their personalities over the course of ten years within the timeframe of both the anime and manga.

The animators deserve my praise for letting in us on to the highlights shown for the very last episode: few tidbits and segments of the REVERSI anime, thoughts about Fukuda and Eiji aspiring to continue excelling at being the best mangaka, and the best came when Mashiro finally picked-up Azuki for their very first-time date going according to what Kawaguchi Taro posted in his journal.

The dream was not as easy as it sound, but they kept pressing on to move forward. They did not entangled with the past but learned from it in order to move forward. Nevertheless, even if that dream has been achieved, those four still are moving forward to reach a new dream.

I was hoping that the animators would include Azuki and Mashiro's wedding in the anime, but I get myself content with the epilogue showing Yuri and Hiramaru's wedding, followed with Azuki catching the bride's bouquet to follow on with the wedding tradition.
In the epilogue I also saw:
1. Iwase finally getting the editor that will understand her mind by being paired with Kosugi.
2. Miura and Takahama are still paired as both editor and mangaka, and the latter is getting a film adaptation of his current manga.
3. Hattori and Ashirogi continue to be a team, and the boys finally delivered their next manga story, hoping it will be long-running series that will change Jack.

At the end, the animators did troll us with the very last screenshot (after the credits) showing both Miho and Moritaka as newly-weds cheered on by Kaya and Akito.

With this I can finally see to end and say good-bye to Bakuman, conclusively. A ride I began four-and-a-half years ago when I came across the manga. It's good that they ended the anime with such a high note.

This is the last show with which I concluded the past 2012 Autumn Anime Season.
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