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Old 2013-03-15, 15:33   Link #1161
Aqua Knight
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Now I consider Kai one of the best high-school male MC.
Not an idiot/pervert/overpowered/too shy/etc. - just plain awesome and confident, witty enough and funny in his own way, unlike the 90% of male MC.

Definitely the biggest plus of this show - the most adequate main character.
It's a pity that both Psycho-Pass, Zetsuen and RN end on the next week.
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Old 2013-03-15, 16:51   Link #1162
Spherical Cow
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Old 2013-03-16, 05:22   Link #1163
Deadpan Rambler
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Originally Posted by Gundamx View Post
Furugoori: Die, normal flags!
So I guess she's jelly now, huh? Besides, this show, as well as S;G and C;H, have harem elements to it... maybe!
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Old 2013-03-16, 09:47   Link #1164
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Comparison of kisses VN and anime
Spoiler for pics:
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Old 2013-03-16, 14:46   Link #1165
Aqua Knight
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2009
Age: 25
VN looks much better, but anime version is also sweet nevertheless.
I can’t sleep tonight…fish girl, sing me a song!
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Old 2013-03-17, 00:01   Link #1166
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I want to say it was a good episode, but as a Frau supporter, I can't. Well okay, everything except the confession scene was good.

Not that Frau ever had a chance, not being the main heroine and all. But still, normalfags can go DIAF.
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Old 2013-03-17, 02:36   Link #1167
The Chaotic Dreamer
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I think the anime version of the kiss looks better, personally. The lighting and coloring is a lot more fitting. (Something about the proportions and/or perspective of their bodies in the VN image seem kind of off, too.)
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Old 2013-03-17, 21:16   Link #1168
zutto soba ni ite ne
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At firist I posted in cosplay thread. Then I thought they should belong to Robotic;Notes discussion thread. Robotic;Notes cosplays.

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Old 2013-03-18, 05:53   Link #1169
Pleased to Meet You
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Originally Posted by Benigmatica View Post
So I guess she's jelly now, huh? Besides, this show, as well as S;G and C;H, have harem elements to it... maybe!
Yup. I am now happy.

Let's see if GunPro can keep up with Kai's reaction speed.
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Old 2013-03-21, 16:27   Link #1170
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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Spoiler for Final episode:
Rize and Kaneki
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Old 2013-03-21, 19:34   Link #1171
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Good ending. Would of been nice to have an epilogue and what they plan to do from here.. But at least it was a good solid ending not leaving you wondering like many anime
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Old 2013-03-21, 20:26   Link #1172
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It's not a series finale I was expecting, but I am still really happy how it turned out.
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Old 2013-03-21, 21:02   Link #1173
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Could have turned out worse, but I can see why the game reviews weren't so grand now.

Spoiler for Finale Thoughts:
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Old 2013-03-21, 21:17   Link #1174
Hiding Under Your Bed
Join Date: May 2008
It never really exploded into an epic, so it's hard not to feel a bit..let down now that it's all over.

Oh well. I still enjoyed many moments within the series, even if the overall verdict I'd give it is a step above 'meh'.

And, it did have an epilogue. They became astronauts and went into space. It just wasn't a long epilogue.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.
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Old 2013-03-21, 23:13   Link #1175
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
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eh so what about monopole? Gunvarell's Ending? Frau Bow's Mother?

Originally Posted by trinitem View Post
Spoiler for Finale Thoughts:
being an astronauts mean you have speciality and excel on a certain area that will be useful in the space exploration

and with all that control and electronic related stuffs inside the space ship, I don't find anything weird for robotic engineers to become an astronauts
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Old 2013-03-22, 00:17   Link #1176
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The Good (mostly characters and their interactions):

* Kaito is a likeable alpha male protagonist. He acts uninterested but is actually always helpful, and is pretty good at getting things to go his way, without coming off as a jerk.

* Akiho has an pretty good backstory to explain her obsession with robots: she has an inferiority complex regarding her sister. As a character, she's pretty good at passing along her enthusiasm and slightly desperate optimism and ideals. The relationship between her and Kaito is built up and concluded well.

* Frau/Kona was obviously written to appeal to the otaku audience, but I found her oddly likeable compared to pandering characters from other shows. Maybe because she was written to be a nonsocial slob, rather than a perfect miss goody. She also has her own part in the storyline, which unfortunately did not get a conclusion. It would really be nice if she took more action to find out the truth, considering that she had a strong connection to the conspiracy side of the story.

The Bad (mostly the story):

* I marathoned Steins;Gate (as well as Chaos;Head), and that was very tightly written, with everything revolving around time travel. This show on the other hand, had too many elements in the plot.

* multiple plot devices and deus ex machina:
1) Magnetic monopoles randomly falling out of the sky and conveniently into the hands of the protagonists, who use it for their own ends and don't reveal it. This is used to solve problems relating to the robots' weight and lack of mobility, rather than the robotics club coming up with something new on their own.
2) The Noah IV conveniently ending up in Kaito's hands, and the club being able to modify the machine they've never even known existed to decoy missiles and trigger Kai's ability.
3) Aki's attacks contribute nothing to the storyline.
4) Brainwashing never sits well with me, especially when used haphazardly rather than consistently. And in this case, said brainwashing is accomplished via a computer ghost with no good explanation of how it's actually done.
5) The protagonists also get a lot of lucky breaks when faced with gun-wielding enemies (or for almost everything in the story really).

* There's nothing wrong with Kaito being tricked into helping out Kimijima all along, but all the time he was obtaining the memos was basically a separate storyline until the final third of the show.

* The conspiracy makes no sense, and felt written for the sole purpose of having an antagonist to defeat. What was the point of getting Kaito to find all the memos, instead of Kimijima leaking them himself? What was the rest of the Committee of 300 doing while he was clearing the conditions (hopefully they have a backup plan in case the kid decided to give up)? And when they finally do get underway, the manpower they have is too little compared to their (insane) ambition. If SERN was able to build a black hole bomb in secret, then they should also have been able to build their own rocket too. Oh, and there's also Kimijima showing up to explain his entire evil plan, which got uploaded to the internet for everybody (other than cops and military) to see.

* Based on how much the protagonists got from the conspiracy, it feels like the conspiracy had a greater contribution to its failure than the actions of the protagonists.

* Junna felt like the weakest of the protagonists, since she's only there to help develop Fujita (and take out Subaru and the robotics club).

* Subaru was slightly stronger with his rebelling against his father's wishes, but that plotline is not developed at all. His father showing up to support the completion of Super Gunbuild-1 was basically out of nowhere.

* Service robots are obviously prevalent, but despite that they aren't shown in the show that much.

* The epilogue needed a bit more, like the rest of the conspiracy collapsing, its members being arrested, Frau's mother being vindicated, meeting the real Misaki, that giant AR tower disappearing to symbolize the end of the villains' plans, etc.

Final score: 7/10. The characters are likable and fit their assigned roles in the story. The plot needed more focus, less devices, and less obvious favoritism toward the good side.
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Old 2013-03-22, 00:45   Link #1177
Keep on keeping on
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That showdown was much less serious and more anticlimactic than I expected. The atmosphere came off to me as resembling the Robo-One Tournament instead of a final boss battle. It wasn't a bad ending, but it could've been much better. I think if R;N had 24 or 25 episodes instead of 22 it would have enough time to wrap up some loose threads, e.g. the monopole, Frau's mother and the Gunvarrel issue, and they could've given us a more satisfying epilogue.

So, Kai and Aki became astronauts in the end? I don't have an issue with them becoming astronauts, but the way it was inserted made the scene feel a bit random and out of nowhere.

While the series has some holes and plot issues, the characters are definitely something else. At the beginning of R;N, the main cast, Kai, Aki, Subaru, Jun and Kona-chan didn't come off as particularly likeable to me, but by the time you get close to the end it's hard not to be attached to them. The characters are, overall well-developed, as we get an insight into their own inner conflicts and problems, and Aki's 'genki~' spirit becomes rather contagious over time!

In all, R;N's not as tightly-written or superb as Steins;Gate, but it was still decent - much better than the C;H anime, imo.
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Old 2013-03-22, 01:33   Link #1178
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Spoiler for ep22:

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Old 2013-03-22, 03:29   Link #1179
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That was one of the lamest endings I've seen in a while. Deus Ex Machina + all of the over-used troopes. Yeah, 2 episodes ago, one seizure knocks him out, but now he can take 3 in a row, and still run after. That's bullshit. 5/10 for the whole thing, for having been 50% filler. Why were Jun and Subaru even IN this show? They could have been replaced by... anything really.

1 point for having the decent twist of Kou being evil.
1 point for Airi at least being cute.
1 point for having the robot fall on Subaru.
2 points for Frau for actually being interesting.
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Old 2013-03-22, 04:39   Link #1180
The Colour of Magic
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Disappointing. So many things left introduced then untouched and a lack of real closure to the whole thing that was badly warranted.

Not to mention episode 21 - oh my days. I don't mind the tender moment between Kaito and Akiho, even if it felt ever so slightly shoehorned in (because at the very least there was character development for their relationship). What widdled on my chips, however, was the three stooges popping in, gushing that they'd loved one or the other all this time - but of the three, only Frau had an arc that insinuated as such. Subaru and Jun were just...there.

Many things in this anime didn't make the slightest bit of sense and felt as detached from the rest of the plot as it would splicing a scene from Saw into Clannad. Mizuka's death - why? The business with the 300 - i.e. an 'antagonist' who we never actually fully SEE: stop being so pretentious, especially when it's just Kou pulling the strings. The monopoles - total plot device, never explained.

All in all, it's a poor to relation to it's older brother Steins;Gate. The moral here is if you make something that is mindblowingly popular, make sure it's the last thing you ever do
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science fiction

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