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Originally Posted by Mr. Johnny 5 View Post
IF Orochimaru didnt interfere maybe Gaara would've found them.
We all know that it would almost certainly mean the end of team 7 at that point.

No miracle Sharingan or chakra Kyuubi outburst would've saved them (unless an explosion of tails..) Gaara was at that point probably at a level to compete with some jounin.

Another thing... if Tobirama wanted to leave why make such a scene?
He also has a space-time jutsu right which he can use to teleport? Just like Minato.
Who can still teach Naruto sealing techniques and Hiraishin. But then... would Sasuke stand a chance?

One last thing...
Is it true or did anyone notice that the power of the Sharingan has been greatly decreased since before the timeskip?

The Sharingan was at that point able to copy anything.
Allowed the user to dodge anything. (Sasuke was so much better vs Naruto after the 3rd dot, in the manga we saw how he could predict his movements)
But... somehow it seems to have no effect anymore because...

Sasuke didnt or couldnt predict that his MS genjutsu wouldnt work on Killerbee (his neck got sliced)
Hashirama and Tobirama fought and his Sharingan didnt seem to give him the upperhand. (Short battle)
Sasuke barely survived his battle against Deidara and mister cripple ANBU.

Instead of just using a Sharingan which Oro dreams of... Sasuke still makes Oro horny. Anyways as i mentioned the prediction thing... of the Sharingan seems to have reduced abilities during the series. Is this also a shared conclusion?
If they hadn't encountered Orochimaru, they'd still have the Heaven Scroll. I'm pretty sure the Sand Trio had the Heaven Scroll as well. I think that if they didn't provoke Gaara, Kankurou and Temari would have convinced him that it's a waste of time and to leave them alone.

But anyways, all of that is pure speculation. I don't think Team 7 and Team Sand were even remotely close, because they didn't seem to hear the loud screams of agony from Team Shigure.
The betrayal you can see is trivial. What is truly fearsome, is the betrayal you don't see.
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Chapter spoilers ahve been released early. New thread is now open.
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