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Old 2013-03-16, 10:01   Link #61
Join Date: Sep 2006
Loved the Sasami-san reference in the title of this week's episode.
Funny that Kyousuke and Kaede had picked up a kind of faux-Osaka accent without knowing it. That's one of those things that happens!

I think I shall miss having another episode of this next week, it was the epitome of short and sweet.
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Old 2013-03-19, 15:33   Link #62
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Join Date: May 2009
The animation wasn't the greatest, however it does fit this anime's style and the comedy it have was awesome.

Now... how many people would love to have a little sister with Osaka accent and personality? LOL
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Old 2013-03-19, 23:04   Link #63
Spinning round and round~
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This series shows you can keep things simple and still deliver. I enjoyed this throughout, and it was a fun experience.
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Old 2013-03-22, 12:47   Link #64
Lord of Fire
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This ended up being one of only two shorts this season I ended up liking more than anticipated (Yama no Susume being the second). It's hard to make a short anime really funny, but Kana Asumi's energetic performance as Namika made me enjoy this show a lot, even more so as I read that she's not from the Kansai region herself, yet can pull off the dialect pretty convincing. That takes skill.

I don't really recall there being a dull moment in this show, especially when Namika became bolder with each passing episode.
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Old 2013-04-27, 16:57   Link #65
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Late to the party, but the Bass - Kakefu - Okada reference in the ending of ep. 5 made me watch that video again.

April 17th 1985, Koshien Ballpark, Hanshin Tigers against the Gomiuri Giants, the "legendary 3 consecutive backscreen home runs".
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Old 2014-07-05, 10:25   Link #66
Kimi no na wa?!
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Even later to the party, but what an awesome short series this has been. XD

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Old 2014-07-05, 13:59   Link #67
Beyond the Fringe
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Originally Posted by s07195 View Post
Even later to the party, but what an awesome short series this has been. XD

Definitely better late than never! This is one of the few shows that I re-watch regularly. Namika is still my favorite imouto!
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