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GITS/Batman crossover story

World's Finest in Ghost City

CHP 1: Evil Beings

A woman opened her eyes having blurred vision, lying out on her back feeling completely drained. She had no idea of where or even what took place. She stayed down for a few moments longer, attempting to move becoming aware she was bounded by her legs and wrists to a bed. A piece of cloth was tightly tied around her mouth. She struggled to free herself, but didn't have the strength to do so. She presumed she might even be drugged due to how she felt. She then tried sitting up, and in the process her vision began to improve. In moments she realized how bad the circumstance was! Tears formed in her eyes spotting her husband tied up in a chair a few ft away! He looked over to her with tears in his eyes, unable to move.

"Good to see sleeping beauty has finally woken. Now we can proceed."

She looked to her left spotting a man dressed in all black with a trench coat, wearing a ski mask over his face. He carried with him something that resembled a baseball bat. He lifted it upward swinging it twice at the head of her husband! His neck snapped on the second swing. The individual glanced down at his own arms, and was impressed with the strength of his newly acquired prosthetic body! Turning to Liz Totsukoe, he licked his lips. Blood spilled from the head, mouth and nose of her husband.

"Sorry about that sweetie! I don't think he would've wanted to see what I'm about to do next. I'll remove the cloth from that pretty mouth of yours, but you have to promise not to scream. Sound fair?"

More tears ran down her cheeks as she became overwhelmed by what was happening. Liz nodded her head, and in the next second he removed the cloth.

"Why are you doing this?" She asked in a whimper.

She never imagined something like this could ever happen to her. He didn't answer and instead reached into the side of his jacket pulling out a pocket knife. He removed his jacket from himself and set it onto the ground. He put a gloved finger to her lips, "Ssshhhh." With the knife in his other hand he started cutting through her shirt down the middle revealing her bra. Once he reached her stomach he confirmed she was 100% human/non prosthetic.

"I love live victims; it's hard to get the same rush with someone in a prosthetic body. But I'm not complaining, I go both ways…it really depends on the mood." He said reaching down and rubbing a hand over the side of her face.

"What are you going to do to me?" She asked in terror.

He removed his hand from the side of her face, ripping open her shirt! She cried and began struggling to free herself! She had an idea what might be on his mind! Over a couple miles away outside a mall was an armed individual. The person fired off at civilians transforming his right arm into a machine gun!

"Hahahaha…yes! The Doc said I'd love this new body and its major updates but this is fantastic! Now to test the strength of this thing," He thought aloud wanting to know his limits.

Various civilians laid in a bloody pool, having been shot down by the unknown who stood at 6'9" wearing black shades, along with a green cap turned backwards, light brown hair and dark green tank top and blue jeans. His muscular frame was most noticeable. He transferred his arm back to normal, walking in the direction of an SUV. He figured that it would give him an idea of how much strength the prosthetic body truly possessed.

"Oh my goodness, has anyone contacted the police?!" Someone yelled.

There were at least eight dead and another twenty injured. The Muscular brute walked in front of the vehicle, bending down and placing his arms beneath it. Positioning them in exactly the right place for balance, he lifted the vehicle over his head, feeling its weight travel throughout his veins. He smirked broadly and used all his strength to throw the vehicle into a nearby pickup truck!

"This body is amazing! The Doc was right when he told me I'd have super soldier like strength!" He had no idea it'd be of such proportions, and was thrilled it was.

He placed his right arm in front of him transforming it into a missile launcher. With precise aim he shot one missile into a nearby parking lot. Everything went up in flames in a single explosion. Police vehicles quickly started surrounding the area. He clinched his fists, taking a brief look at the moon, knowing he was about to face his biggest challenge.

"Put your hands in the air Atsushi Grivez, we know it's you!" One of the police officers demanded pointing his weapon at the fugitive.

Atsushi scratched at the side of his head, wondering how they knew his name. When transferring from his previous body, he had changed his appearance quite a bit. To him none of that mattered, because from what he could tell they lacked the weapons necessary to successfully bring him down.

"Look Atsushi we aren't going to ask again. Now put your hands behind your head and get down on your knees!" The commander of the unit called out over a megaphone.

Atsushi thought it over and came up with an idea, deciding to play along with their orders. He took a knee, placing both hands behind his head, giving himself up. In seeing this, the commander signaled for several of his men to move in and make the arrest. As they got in close a smirk formed on the face of Atsushi. He jumped up from his position knocking them all over and snapping one of their necks in the process.

"Son of a bitch! Take the target down, and try your best to not hit any of our own!" The commander ordered.

The group commenced by firing off at the target that showed great quickness and flexibility. He effortlessly dodged their bullets. A few were successful in getting a shot off on him, but the bullets did nothing. Atsushi glanced down marveling his immense potency. Coming up with another idea, he surprised himself again. He easily ripped a door off the car he hid behind. He threw the door out toward the police officers like it was a boomerang knocking over a couple of them.

"Damn this guy is really good, but he's beatable." One of the rookies' said moving in alone with a bit of cockiness.

The commander demanded he stand his ground! Atsushi converted his arm back into a machine gun. He then shot the rookie down before any action was taken. Atsushi ran at another officer who shot at him. Even in close range the bullets only pierced the skin and nothing more. He Grabbed hold of the policeman by his neck, smashing the officer's head into the side of a windshield which KO'd him on impact.

"Really…is this the best you've all got? If so, than I think I'll be leaving; but you need not worry, you will all be seeing a lot more of me in the near future!"

He looked to his right, jogging in that direction and lifting one of the police vehicles tossing it in the vicinity of the commander. The backside of his abdomen opened ripping through his tank top with a booster pack forming.

"See yah later losers!" Atsushi said blasting off at speeds similar to a rivaled a jet.

It wasn't known to the police that a specific structure fabricated inside of him wouldn't allow them to track him using any form of radar. The commander stood from his slouched position. He shook his head in dismay. He cringed at the view of so many of his men hurt and others even worse. The clutters of sirens closed in on them from all directions. He knew this would be one defeat that would hurt for awhile.

"It's alright sergeant Masaaki, we can't win them all." One of his men emphasized, patting him over the back.

The question he'd of liked answered was who the creator of the prosthetic body was? None of them had seen anything like it in their line of work. Whatever the case, he felt it had to have cost a couple million just to construct. In the thick of time the ambulances arrived, collecting all who needed medical attention.

Miles Away

Over an hour passed. The time sat at a little past one A.M in the morning. Someone slept deeply not being awakened by the loud vehicles passing by down in the city. The phone off to the side of the bed rang. A woman awoke almost immediately sitting up and catching a glimpse of herself in a mirror positioned over a dresser. Completely nude, she reached over answering the phone.

"Hello Major, I'm just calling to inform you to come in along with the others an hour early tomorrow or actually today…however you want to think of it."

"Is there a problem Chief?"

"I will update the whole group on the situation when you all come in."

Having nothing else to say, he apologized for disturbing her at such a late hour. Both hung up afterward. Yawning aloud, Motoko Kusanagi lied back resting her head over a pillow wondering why the chief didn't just contact her through their cyber brain link. Closing her eyes, she tried not to think much about it. That was something she could ask tomorrow. Sleeping fully through the remainder of the night, she awoke to the sun ascending over the mountains out in the distance. Checking and seeing that it was a little after six in the morning she got out of bed and entered the bathroom taking a shower. Elsewhere at the police station, the senior officer Ryan Sho had been handed an envelope.

"May I kindly ask what's inside?"

"I'm not really sure sir; the guys downstairs didn't give me very many details. All they told me was that this particular case now belongs to your unit."

Ryan asked the deliver guy if there was anything else he had for him, "I have nothing else for you, but if anything else comes up I'll let you know." Once the officer exited out of his office, Ryan opened the envelope trembling at the face which stared back at him. He recognized the person as Aoi Sanhall! In the past two month's he killed over twenty three people. All of which had been couples. According to what he heard this man gained the trust of innocents, and then killed them at an opportune time. What he found to be the most disturbing about this person was that recently he had begun raping the women and killing them after. What scared him the most was the convicts past championships! He had been one of Japan's top material artists, and also a top secret agent spy for a couple years back.

"Hey commander, the guys need you in the conference room. We will be starting the meeting in ten minutes."

Giving him the thumbs up, Ryan closed the envelope with all Aoi Sanhall's information. He placed it inside his desk and stood with a sigh. He shook his head realizing that he and his unit would be going after the type of monster he had dreaded since getting the job. Out on the highway Togusa was the first of his team to arrive. He parked his vehicle entering into Section 9's headquarters. He leaned forward for an eye scan.

"Hhhmm, I could really use an energy bar or something."

Traveling up a few flights of stairs, Togusa stopped in front of a vending machine getting himself something to snack on along with a drink. Continuing down the hall he walked into the boardroom. He was a bit surprised to see someone beat him to the punch.

"Chief Aramaki! I mean…I didn't expect to see you here this quickly."

"You can take a seat wherever, I'd rather not get into anything until everyone else is present."

"That's fine with me." He took a sip of the orange juice peeling the wrapper off the candy bar. Waiting for over another ten minutes Batou was the next to arrive and the major shortly after. The entire group was in attendance before the next hour came around.

"Now that everyone is here I'd like to jump right into things. I don't know if you all are aware of what happened last night with a single individual taking on and getting the better of the police force. Rumor has it they fired several rounds at him, but their attempts did little to no damage."

"So what you're telling us is the police were dealing with some tough guy, equipped with a high end prosthetic body? Doesn't sound like anything we can't handle." Batou emphasized.

"Yes you could say that, but whenever any of you are able to get a glimpse of the news again you will find it to be one of the top stories. Not only does his body have exceptional durability, but he showed strength out of the ordinary. He was able to lift police vehicles in their entirety with ease."

Leaning back in his chair, Togusa's mouth opened. That was something he believed to only be doable in movies! Togusa thought further into what the chief told them and got a few ideas. He strongly believed there was a new more advanced prosthetic body on the market. It baffled him that their unit or the police wouldn't have caught onto it sooner; if that turned out to the case. Saito crossed his arms rubbing a finger over his chin really putting some thought of his own into it.

"Before any of you ask…yes the police do have a name, he goes by Atsushi Grivez . He was born here in Japan, but has done a lot of traveling spending some time in Canada and even Berlin. Atsushi has since returned home over a month ago. It is unknown where he currently stays."

"Why are you telling us this, sounds to me like it's the police's problem?" Motoko declared.

Pacing back and forth, the chief informed them the Police wanted the assistance of Section 9 to try and bring him down and into custody. Ishikawa had a good feeling the individual could be testing the waters with a prototype. It could have simply been a test run as far as he was concerned. Ishikawa also believed a lot of people and money were involved.

"Now that we've got the small briefing out of the way, I'll let you all get to work; try and get as much research on this man as we can. The easiest way to have success with this is to understand who we're dealing with." The chief notified.

Fully understanding what was asked of them; the entire group headed for the lab. Paz was the first to exit. Motoko didn't follow any of them. She instead sat in place with an expression of emptiness.

"Is everything ok major." Batou asked, just before he left the room.

She moved over looking into his eyes, "I'll be right behind you." Taking her word for it, he smiled skipping off and following the others. Motoko wouldn't say a word of it, but she had her mind on Hideo Kuze and the events surrounding his death. That was close to over a year ago, but the thoughts crept up on her now and then.

To Be Continue
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World's Finest in Ghost City

CHP 2: Another Day and Night on the Job

Atsushi spent most of the night planning in addition to assessing the limits and strengths of his innovative body. He watched one of the news stations conclude seeing that he was the number one story. He smiled at the reality he could be on the police forces most wanted. Scampering down the hall Atsushi looked around confirming he wasn't being followed before proceeding. He knocked at the door feeling ok about his surroundings. He waited for an extended period before the Doc answered opening the door.

"Well look who made it back in one piece and made the top headlines," Opening the door fully, the doctor invited him in. Atsushi doing just that walked past him, with the door closing, "Give me feedback…how did the body handle?"

He gave a thumbs up, and went on to say it had been much better than he was expecting. Dr. Tetsei liked what he heard from Atsushi entering into a back room with another of his coworker's coming out. The woman that approached Atsushi introduced herself as Mei Lin. She shook hands with him giving her praise. Mei informed him she'd been working closely with an undercover agency that had been designing advanced weapons, with the main purpose being to outclass the police. She added the prosthetic body he currently stood within was the first of many to come if his success in battle were to continue.

"Our objective is to create an army of super soldiers. I've spoke with some of our closes dealers and stock holders. They'd like a lot more of these bodies created and distributed. Problem is these deals will have to be off the map, and most importantly it costs between forty to sixty million to construct just one."

Atsushi wasn't surprised by anything she said; mentally comparing his previous body to the one he had currently. He knew everything was vastly upgraded; which included vision, strength, speed, smell, reflexes etc. He could go on all day, but knew no one was invincible.

Section 9 facility

Over three hours passed, with the team digging deep into the past of the new public enemy. They found nothing apart from him playing soccer beginning in middle school all the way through college, but never tried for the pros. Paz tightened his fists, agitated with the amount of dead ends and seemingly clean past of Atsushi.

"I'm assuming we'll be taking along with us tachikomas?" Togusa asked looking in the direction of Motoko.

Major Kusanagi stood behind Ishikawa looking over his left shoulder at the data. She saved it to her cyber brain considering it valuable information that would get them closer to Atsushi. After doing so, she backed off giving her attention to Togusa asking him to repeat his question. He placed a hand out in front of him telling her to forget about it.

"I'm sorry team, but I'm going to ask that most of you hold off on this. There has been a bombing downtown, and there are a few city officials being held hostage." Chief Aramaki said rushing into the room.

"Since when did this happen? How much time has passed?" Batou asked.

The chief exited the room asking for them to follow, notifying that he'd explain on the way. None in the group questioned his instructions, following him down the hall and into their vehicles. Ishikawa and Borma were the only two that stayed behind. They had some work to finish.

"Chief do you know the severity of this…has it up till now reached the top news stations?"

"I can't say for sure. Whether the public knows anything or not isn't what's important. Our objective is to make sure there are no more casualties, and too get the hostages out safely."

Motoko andChiefAramaki conversed back and forth through their cyberlink. She ended the conversation after a short period tapping further into her cyberbrain linking to several of the news channels. She opened separate windows for each minimizing them. This allowed for her to monitor them all at the same time. She found it astonishing how quickly news of that caliber could spread! She closed all windows coming back to reality getting into her vehicle leading the way for the rest of the team. While in the back of a patrol vehicle, Togusa, Saito, Batou and Paz suited up into their battle gear driving off and following the major.

"Be ready guys, I'm sensing this will be a stealth mission more than anything. I kind of like it that way, it presents more of a challenge." Batou said, sitting back with his weapon against his chest.

The others stayed quite having nothing to say. All of them had their focus entirely on the mission.


Ryan Sho followed a crime scene investigator into a house with the rest of his squad. It was taped off from the public. The group journeyed up a flight of stairs. They entered into a bedroom where one of the Rookie members to Sho's unit left in search for the nearest bathroom.

"What were their names?" Ryan asked with clinched fists.

Lying out over the bed was a woman with her wrists and ankles tightly tied around the posts of the bed. She had been stripped of all that she was wearing, and slowly killed by some type of blade. Off to the side sat another corpse in a chair, having bled from his head. Blunt force trauma to the head is what killed they believed killed him. The Police had not yet determined which of the fatal blows killed the woman. They agreed to leave it to the crime lab to determine that.

"Their names were Jay and Liz Totsukoe…in other words they just got married over a month ago."

Ryan stepped forward slamming his fist over a countertop. He couldn't figure out how Aoi seemed to always be one stride ahead of them! He treated it as if it were a game! Placing his anger aside for a few moments, he tried to figure out how Aoi chose his targets and how he gained their trust, if even. Ryan believed he got the trust of the victims and then backstabbed them whenever his first opportunity arose.

"How soon will you be moving the bodies?" Ryan asked.

"It shouldn't be much longer; we've got a few more things to take care of as far as are protocol goes."

Off to the side were a few investigators snapping photos using cameras and others with prosthetic bodies used the lenses of their eyes saving the photos to their cyberbrains. Motoko Kusanagi came to a stop parking her vehicle a few blocks from where most of the activity was taking place. She slammed the door shut holding her small firearm close to her body going into camouflage mode.

"Batou report…where are you guys?"

"Don't worry Major, we'll be there in the next minute; we just got caught up in somewhat of a traffic jam." He replied, through his cyberlink.

Moving from her position, she let them know she'd be progressing without them. None of them had a problem with her decision. A lot went through her mind as she sprinted down the sidewalk; some of which had to do with the mission and others not so much. She came up closer to what now was a battle ground between the Police and bombers. There was a lot of exchange in gunfire from both sides. Motoko came out of her camouflage bending down and sitting next to one of the officer's.

"Can you tell me what happened here? How did all of this start?"

"Who're you supposed to be?" He asked turning and facing her.

"My name is Motoko Kusanagi, I'm part of a public security group called section 9."

He introduced himself adding that no one was clear what started the violence, but that it was something they intended to figure out, "Once we successfully get everything under control, we'll figure that out." She noticed him staring at her chest, paying no attention to it.

"I'm going in. Stay here with the rest of your men and make sure none of them get away."

"Wait are you crazy?! You can't go in there alone, you'll be killed!"

Camouflaging herself once more, she got up from her position taking a look at the building. She made sure she wasn't in the line of fire as she moved in.

"That is one crazy bitch." He whispered to himself.

"Chief I'm entering into the building now; which floor are the hostages being held on?" She asked.

"They should be on floor three, but I strongly advise you wait for the rest of your team." Chief Aramaki replied.

She entered through one of the side entrances moving slowly without making a sound. She knew the enemy wouldn't be able to see her, but she didn't want to take any chances.

Worlds Away

A limousine traveled down the streets of a city consisting of various lofty buildings and successful businesses. It arguably had the highest crime rates. Three men sat in the back of a limo. One read a magazine, while the others glanced out the window.

"Any word from James? He said he'd call soon as his people were finished."

"I'd wait as long as tomorrow. He's recently been answering to some guy calling himself Professor Crane. Ever since that, James has really been paying great attention to detail making sure everything is perfect. I wouldn't worry about it too much Travis; after all this is our night to relax."

The Limousine came to a stop in front of a club. One of them opened the door with the three of them getting out together. Ken gave the driver a small tip for his services informing they'd be about an hour or two.

"Alright…I'll see the three of you then." He said driving off.

Coming up in front of the entrance, the three showed ID. The place was more crowded than Ken was expecting, but was certain it wouldn't take away from their fun. The music was boomed to a point that it'd be difficult to have a conversation with someone across the room.

"You seem tense Travis my man. But don't worry; I've got just the thing to settle your nerves."

Harold asked for them to keep pace and follow, which they did through the crowds of people. Advancing toward the middle of the room, Travis smiled at the sight of women pole dancing. Ken pulled out a chair for him. Travis didn't think twice, taking a seat in the front row! When they told him it would be boy's night out, he had no idea it would turn out the way it did! Ken got the attention of a brunette, waving cash in her face.

"What is it you'd like?" She asked.

Travis observed Ken speaking the women on stage, but couldn't hear what they were saying due to the loud music. A strike of electricity traveled up his spine noticing her looking in his direction displaying a seductive grin. Hopping off stage she took the few bucks from Ken walking over to Travis, taking a seat in his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Just sit back and enjoy, you don't have to say a thing." She said starting off at a slow pace.

Both Ken and Harold gave each other a high five laughing together. Travis had no idea what was coming his way, but he'd thank them later. Out on the dance floor, a woman winked at Ken. He Patted Harold over the shoulder, "Be back in a few." Ken informed.

"Have fun pal. Take as long as you want."

Harold walked clear across the room, taking a seat in the bar area ordering himself a drink. He sat in place for over ten minutes having a few drinks. He then looked out onto the dance floor spotting Ken with the same person. He saw no sight of Travis or the dancer that was with him. A smile grew on his face guessing Travis might have gotten a little something extra in one of the back rooms.

"Not a bad night so far; I think all of us needed this."

He took another sip from his glass, almost wetting his pants perceiving glass shattering from above. The music died down just as quickly. Everyone looked up to see a caped individual gliding down in the middle of the dance floor.

"What in the hell! It's BATMAN!" Someone yelled through crowd.

The light in the darkness to the city of Gotham, donned the symbol of the bat putting fear into all criminals. Batman set his lenses to detect mode looking around and identifying two of the people he came in search for. He walked toward the bar area as everyone hurriedly cleared a path. He reached out grabbing hold of Harold by his shirt collar!

"Where's Scarecrow?! Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about; I've been on your trail for the last few nights." Batman demanded pulling him out of his chair.

The music came to a complete halt, with everyone's attention on the caped crusader. Harold's mouth dropped open with nothing coming out, wondering how he found them.

"Let him go or I'll blow your head off." Ken said walking up behind Batman, with a pistol pointed to his head.

Batman steadily set Harold back into place, catching Ken off guard spinning around and knocking the weapon out of his hand KO'ing him in one punch. Harold tried to grab hold of Batman from behind but was backhanded in the face falling unconscious. Much of the crowd cheering found it to be entertaining. Seeing the Dark Knight in action first hand was rare. He threw Harold onto Ken, again scanning the area through his lenses, finding Travis wasn't far away.

"Excuse me." Batman emphasized running past the huge group that applauded him.

The communications piece within his cowl began to beep once again. That was the seventh time in the last hour. Batman kicked a door open leading to a back room. A woman sat in the lap of Travis who was tied up, both with locked lips. The woman immediately hopped off him screaming at the sight of Batman.

"Leave now, your customer and I have something to talk about." Batman demanded.

Not needing to be asked again she ran for the door terrified! Travis realized just how bad a situation the act he had been performing put him in. All tied up and unable to reach his weapon, made him feel completely screwed.

"I'm going to ask you once…where's Scarecrow?!"

Travis gave in quicker than most criminals Batman interrogated. Pulling out his grapple gun the caped crusader exited the room and club through the way he entered. He then returned to the cave using the bat plane. He removed the cowl from his face stepping in front of the bat computer logging into his criminal files. In the next instant, a huge light appeared behind him dying down soon after. Someone stood in its place.

"It's nice to know you're alive Bruce. Why haven't you been answering your Justice League communicator?"

He turned around to the familiar voice glancing at the princess of Themyscira A.K.A. Wonder Woman.

To Be Continue
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