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Old 2006-01-29, 01:19   Link #1
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Browser won't work even when internet is connected

Ok, Iím having weird problems. Well, with my browser, I mean. You all know that I have weird problems otherwise.

AnywayÖ The other day when I was using AIM, it suddenly disconnected me. Then a friendly little bubble popped up telling me that my wireless adapter was not installed. That was weird enough, as I hadnít uninstalled it. I tried restarting to see if that would fix the problem, but it didnít. So I installed the software to make the computer happy. Seemed to work at first. Yay. Happy smiley computer, right?


Ever since then almost every time I try to use a browser, it acts like it isnít connected to the internet. However I know it is because I can still use other programs that use an internet connection like AIM and Azureus. But the browser wonít work. Iíve tried both IE and Firefox and itís the same for both. And at the bottom it always says, ďConnecting to siteĒ When the browser actually does work, itís only for a few minutes before it starts messing up again. (took me forever to get this posted because of thatÖ)

Iíve done a virus/spyware/adware/chinchillaware check on it, as well as checking the drive for errors, but nothing has come up. Does anyone know what the turnips is wrong with it? The computer and the browser got along ever so well before. Perhaps they had a fight and arenít speaking to each otherÖAny help would be appreciated, as always.

*gives out free hugs to whoever knows whatís wrong*
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Old 2006-01-29, 01:30   Link #2
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Make sure you're not using weird DNS servers and that c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts has no routes other than localhost

Make sure you don't have a proxy enabled in your browser

Make sure your scanners have up to date definitions

Make sure your drivers are current

What brand is your wireless stuff? Also, why are you even using wireless? If it's not a laptop, then wireless is a terrible solution.
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