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Old 2013-04-13, 17:01   Link #161
Flying Dagger
Join Date: Dec 2003
Just watched ep1: its better than what I had expected. Pacing feels just right below the speed limit. At first I was worried that the relatively slower start in the LN would hinder my enjoyment of the anime but they managed to fit a lot into ep1.

Effects of the cat statue is made more apparent in the anime via neko-head special effect, this is a nice change from the LN.

Ep1 lived up to my expectations.

Spoiler for novel character:
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Old 2013-04-13, 17:51   Link #162
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: 42 10' N (Latitude) 87 33' W (Longitude)
Age: 39
I've yet to start -- but already -- I'm getting a heart attack. Hnnnggghhh!
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Old 2013-04-13, 19:13   Link #163
Idol Power!
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Middle of nowhere, center of everywhere...
Spoiler for dat skirt:

Spoiler for dat shirt:
Mirai from Kyoukai no Kanata
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Old 2013-04-13, 19:39   Link #164
Easy Muffin
Join Date: Jan 2013
Age: 24
I loved it. The MC is fantastic, not to mention hilarious. And with Tsukiko and Azusa, it should be twice as funny. I remember back when the manga started, now I wish I kept going instead of forgetting about it.

I like the color palette, bright, along with bright lighting which adds to the light-hearted mood. Also liked the art and animation. Great first episode overall. Can't wait to see more.
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Old 2013-04-13, 19:45   Link #165
Marcus H.
Toji Affairs Secretary
Join Date: May 2009
Location: the Philippines
You gotta wiggle that wee body of yours, Azusa-chan. I can't see anyth- *smacked by a traffic cone*
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Old 2013-04-13, 20:00   Link #166
God General
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Jan 2008
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Age: 24
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I'm loving the adaptation already

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Old 2013-04-13, 20:52   Link #167
Osana-Najimi Shipper
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Mt. Ordeals
Wow, completely forgot about this. I thought Hataraku Maou-sama would be my favourite light novel comedy of the season since Brain Base doesn't seem to using OreGairu to its full potential, but HenNeko has as strong a pilot as the former.

Yes its YOU childhood friend - source of BERZERKER RAGE since forever
Childhood Friend couple STATISTICS(spoilers abound though)
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Old 2013-04-13, 21:03   Link #168
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: East Asia
Age: 25
Oh man, i'm liking this show already! The MC is fucking hilarious, and i giggled whenever seeing his reactions towards several girls (But why he's voiced by Yuki Kaji!? Just voice another whiny characters dammit!). Oh, and the scene with the ponytail captain was completely funny and became my most favourite one
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Old 2013-04-13, 21:14   Link #169
Eye'm the strongest
Join Date: Sep 2008
Ah ponytail, my absolute favorite physical feature. Tsukushi is already my favorite.

I'm not shipping her with the MC because it's so obvious he will ends up with Tsukiko.
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Old 2013-04-13, 21:27   Link #170
♪~Deculture~♪ (✿◠‿◠)
Join Date: Dec 2010
Location: Various Pocket Dimensions
Age: 23
So it is finally upon us at last. The wait for this wasn't too painful actually. Ah~ Tsukushi is just so wonderful~

... I liked Azusa & Tsukiko a lot before, but seeing them now animated... something broke that shouldn't of c-curses. ;_;

I don't think I'll live through seeing this show, it just might kill me in numerous ways.
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Old 2013-04-13, 22:48   Link #171
Join Date: Mar 2012
Location: At the end of the abyss
Is J.C. Staff getting back their skills? First episode was highly enjoyable. Best confession line EVER. I wanna take Tsukiko and Azusa home. -gets shot-
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Old 2013-04-13, 23:01   Link #172
sleeping shana :3
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: In the reality
Age: 27
How enjoyable this was, I'm looking forward to seeing the next episode.

I won't miss this.

Mou dare ni mo tayoranai
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Old 2013-04-13, 23:16   Link #173
Arturia Polaris
Good OP Hunter
Join Date: Jan 2012
Location: Argentina
This was out of the left field for me. Thought I was going to have a crappy ecchi anime and I got way more than that.

I got a precious little black haired girl that's cute enough to put inside a muffin and a precious little blonde ojou-sama that's also extremely cute.

And a bit of prevyness up the side (really? did you have to grab him and throw him on top of you girl? still I loved that...)

I'm definitely keeping tabs on this.

Arturia's Writing Den

My fanfiction works include:

Tari Tari: Past and Present, As the Gentle Breeze Blows
Little Busters: Bird's Song
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My own works include: Social Fact
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Old 2013-04-13, 23:16   Link #174
Homo Ludens
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: Canada
Age: 28
These were probably my least favorite chapters, so I'm glad they got them over with quickly.
Also, who is the -other- girl with the ponytail? I don't remember her...
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Old 2013-04-13, 23:28   Link #175
The Opened Ultimate Gate
Join Date: Dec 2011
Age: 23
omg! this anime is too cute, too funny and awesome in so many way, now I'm addicted and watching the OP over and over! HHHNNNNGGGGG!
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Old 2013-04-13, 23:39   Link #176
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: Take a wild guess

It's an okay episode I guess? I should've not read the manga/ln to fully enjoy this...
They also destroyed Kantoku's designs!!! T.T
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Old 2013-04-13, 23:45   Link #177
The slacking one
Join Date: Apr 2012
Well, that was a surprise. It's colorful, it's adorable, and Tsukiko, with or without emotions is essentially a chirpier Toki (see Saki: achiga-hen), which alone is enough to guarantee me following this. The best part, though, it's all the cartoony touches, it's as if they were saying "nah, don't take this seriously, just have fun". Sure, it could get serious later, given the circumstances, but for now, it's best to just relax and enjoy the fireworks.
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Old 2013-04-13, 23:57   Link #178
poor man
Join Date: Oct 2007
Episode 1 Anime version forgot to emphasized on facade of Hentai Ouji.
In manga version and LN , we learned clearly why he don't want it and pray for it to gone.
What worse is rori used PR for his facade/good luck act make it so confused.

Other than this overall are good.Nice draw,animation,sound effect,soundtrack,etc.
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Old 2013-04-14, 00:09   Link #179
Spinning round and round~
Join Date: Mar 2012
Location: Singapore
Age: 25
Oh man, this first episode just about ties Hataraku! Maou-sama for top pilot of the season. It was all crazy fun and animation was really nice. Is this really the J.C. Staff I know?

Looking forward to more, and I'm glad my expectations weren't let down.
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Old 2013-04-14, 01:51   Link #180
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: Dai Korai Teikoku
Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
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ecchi, harem, romantic comedy, seinen, supernatural, tsundere

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