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Old 2013-04-18, 11:38   Link #1
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Why do delinquents in manga and anime wear surgical masks?

For example in Yu Yu Hakusho one of the thugs at 2:58 is wearing one

Also in the crows manga series, alot of the delinquents wear the same type of medical/ surgical masks. I just never understood, is it supposed to symbolize something?
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Old 2013-04-18, 12:06   Link #2
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To be honest I've never noticed this before. I'd expect that it would just be to cover their faces so that they're more 'anonymous'.
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Old 2013-04-18, 12:46   Link #3
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You can also see that in the Beelzebub manga (which is all about delinquents). Some of them (especially the girls) have such masks...
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Old 2013-04-18, 13:34   Link #4
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It's the symbol of the protests in the old days: 'to be anon'

Dang it Avalon, you c(XD LOL)-block Shirou and Reinforce, but don't protect his mind in other ways? What is wrong, you woman?
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Old 2013-04-18, 13:48   Link #5
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Japanese wear them in transport when they have a cold to not spread the illness to others. Delinquents wear them for the same reason bank robbers wear masks.
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Old 2013-04-18, 13:56   Link #6
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This is mostly a stereotype associated with female delinquents to my experience.
A notable example is Aoi Himezaki from Project Justice.

The reason why this stereotype came to being is hard to explain, but it isn't much different from the pompadour=delinquent for males that you can also find in Yu Yu Hakusho.

Generally speaking it's probably a sign of rebellion, a way to show that you don't conform to society which especially for the old styled Japanese culture equal to delinquency.

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Old 2013-04-18, 20:38   Link #7
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Aside from the weird mask, another thing that i dislike about female delinquents in manga/anime is their tendency to wear bandage-like cloth around their chest. seriously, are they not wearing any brassiere if that's the case?
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Old 2013-04-18, 20:46   Link #8
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Its a sarashi; go wiki 'breast binding' and learn a bit about history.

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Old 2013-04-19, 02:00   Link #9
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It has to do with the rampant substance abuse (paint thinner) in the 80s... do you need a full explanation?
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Old 2013-04-19, 02:42   Link #10
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Why do delinquents in manga and anime wear surgical masks?

Either... to hide their identity (cowards...) or they're just ugly....
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