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Old 2006-01-30, 22:48   Link #1
Reverend K-Rist
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: America's Wang.
Age: 34
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Looking for anime like Hanaukyo Maids

Anyone got any good harem animes like hanakyo maids?

With lots of fanservice comedy and what not.
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Old 2006-01-30, 22:58   Link #2
Blue Dawn
Join Date: Jun 2004
Age: 38
Girls Bravo (both seasons), He is My Master, DearS, Futakoi, the obvious Love Hina series, and Ai Yori Aoshi series. You can also give Green Green a whirl.
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Old 2006-01-30, 23:01   Link #3
Reverend K-Rist
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: America's Wang.
Age: 34
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Blah, I should have listed what I've seen in the genre.

Seen GirlS Bravo, Seen he Is My Master, Dear S and Love Hina, and Green Green.
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Old 2006-01-30, 23:04   Link #4
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Age: 32
Originally Posted by Komataguri
Anyone got any good harem animes like hanakyo maids?
That's got to be an onxymoron or something...

But you might try:
Ah! My Goddess
Ai Yori Aoshi
Da Capo
Hand Maid May
Happy Lesson
Love Hina
Saber Marionette J

Just plug them into the search here for details.

Ooh, two posts beat me.
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Old 2006-01-30, 23:09   Link #5
I am mowing clowns
Join Date: Dec 2005
Hmmm...well, the two that comes to my mind are Mahoromatic and Hand Maid May.
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Old 2006-01-31, 22:39   Link #6
Boss of AnimeLessons
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: 23 minutes from Otakon!
Age: 30
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I wrote this in the ecchi thread and it can easily apply here. Cheers!

Love Hina ~ Never had I thought getting smacked around could look so funny
Happy Lesson ~ living with 5 sexy teachers as your moms? And no sexual gestures!?

DNA2 ~ 1 man, mega-playboy, need I say more?

Hand Maid May ~ Fantastic maids! This show doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

Chobits ~ Great show, some disliked it, but it had some fantastic good moments.

Please Teacher! ~ Hilarious teacher student relationship with a mix of sci-fi elements.

Video Girl Ai ~ A girl coming out of the TV!?! Yes we all know just the coolness factor on that alone!

El Hazard ~ Loved all three series, it mixes fantasy elements as well as harem elements.

Tenchi Muyo
~ Love triangle! Great characters and animation, loads of laughs! (P.S. Don’t forget to check out the movies, there really good.)

Steel Angel Kurumi ~ Super “cute” series but still fighting sexy robots win in my book.

Please Twins ~ Personally not as good as the first one but still a solid watch. The incest deal didn’t bother me at all, just I felt there should have been more character interactions.

Oh My Goddess! ~ Wouldn’t you love to call up a number and a Goddess come to you? Hell I know I would! Great series!

Burn Up Excess ~ Huge breasted cops! Nothing heavy (no surprise!) but fun to watch.

Nurse Witch Komugi ~ Magical girls! Silly but very fun to watch! Had some surprisingly good moments.

Angel's Tales ~ Pets coming back to life as sexy females? All are willing to serve there past “master”? Great series!

Hanaukyo Maids ~ I can never get enough of maid stories, and this is no exception! Love it!

Popotan ~ Unlike most harems, in this series the male protagonist only shows up about two times in the entire show… This show is unlike most harem titles… It is very unique. It’s not every series that girls travel back and forth through time talking to dandelions!

Ichigo 100% ~ Fantastic series! Its got very sexy ladies as well as decent story. Even if it is left open ended a bit! Be sure to check the 5 OVAs they are simply amazing! (Should be seen after the series)

He is My Master ~ Great series! This girl is working for the master of the house and each day she breaks more and more things and therefore her debt keeps going higher and higher. Its really fuuny!

Golden Boy ~ Great OVA! Its short and its just awesome to watch! Its just hilarious till the very end. The ending is just very fitting for the series and I have always wished for more to come. Maybe one day there will be ^^.

Green Green TV ~ This series is a bit much more some people. Its not every day a character likes to smell younger girls and eat rice! Sure I thought some of the episodes were a bit extreme and a bit to much for my taste but on the other hand, I found some to be quite enjoyable! The first OVA can be watched either prior or after the series. As for the other OVAs they are much more ecchi then the series so you are warned! (check the OVAs for even more good stuff!)

Mahoromatic ~ Fantastic series! Solid plot + harem themes = Perfect Anime
Najica Blitz Tactics* ~ Panty heaven! In almost every waking moment in each episode you will see panties. But underneath all that, there is a solid story and some great action as well. (The movie is amazing, check it out as well, a lot of porn magazines!)

Amazing Nurse Nanako ~ Great Nurse series! Super Robot! She’s a bit slow but it makes for some hilarious moments and it being a short series who can pass it up!?!

Futakoi - A city full of twins. Just imagine! A bit on the lighter side, no real fanservice but the general theme is.

Iketeru Futari - Great series, fantastic OP song. 16 episodes, 5 minutes each.

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase - This is kind of a ecchi show, leaning towards more of loli content.

Battle Programmer Shirase - Great series with some fanservice ^^

This list should keep you occupied for a while
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Old 2006-02-01, 16:56   Link #7
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: London
Age: 29
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How about the Hanaukyo Maids "remake", Le Verite (sp?). If it was that one you saw in the first place, then watch the original?
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Old 2006-02-01, 18:05   Link #8
"super lemon"
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Canada, BC, vancouver
Age: 28
I second Chobits, it's good. Very good in my opioin. The ending couldn't have been better.
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Old 2006-02-01, 18:07   Link #9
Blue Dawn
Join Date: Jun 2004
Age: 38
The only problem with Chobits is that it's not fitting the's not quite a harem show.
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Old 2006-02-02, 05:08   Link #10
Daniel E.
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Monterrey N.L. Mexico
I cant believe that Shuffle is absent from this thread. The show drops the comedy element in the later episodes, but the fanservice remains for a little bit longer than that.

I mean, one guy surrounded by lots of pretty girls counts as harem anime right?

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